12 Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

Last updated on : September 19 2022

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Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

Thick hair is a double-edged sword. On the good side, men with thick hair have the liberty to style various haircuts, both high-profile and low-profile cuts. Unlike soft-hair-headed men, we, with thick, voluminous hair, can even fix hair-tightening braided cuts without risking hair loss. 

However, coarse hair gets unruly incessantly and becomes out of style faster. So, if you have thick hair, you should opt for haircuts that will last longer and fresher without weekly visits to the barbershop. 

That's why we have created a roundup of 12 stylish hairstyles for men with thick hair. See the list below.

1. Low Textured Crop

Getting hair cut

Keeping your coarse hair under control can be an additional struggle if you're leading a busy lifestyle. To this end, many men opt for low-profile cuts that take away their worries. Unfortunately, most low-profile haircuts are bland with no style at all. 

But guess what?

A Low Textured Crop Cut is perfect. This Textured Crop variation is edgy and gives all face shapes a professional, stylish look. It is a low-maintenance haircut for men in the corporate world. After fixing this haircut, your hair maintenance routine is simplified to washing your hair, combing it, and spraying it with sea salt every morning.

2. Textured Crop With Disconnected High Fade

Textured Crop With Disconnected High Fade

An easy way to tame thick wavy hair is to style it into portions. And that's what a Textured Crop with disconnected High Fade does. Just as the name implies, this haircut features a well-textured Crop cut disconnected from a High Fade with the use of a parting line.

Do you get it

It is a casual but stylish haircut for house get-togethers, club parties, and other unofficial events. Most men rocking this Crop cut variation dye the top hair or bleach it to achieve a rebellious look. However, if you want to recreate this style to look gentlemanly, encase your hairlines in lineups and avoid bleaching or dying your hair.

3. Undercut Textured Crop

Undercut Textured Crop

Since roundness is associated with femininity, men with round faces are often advised to opt for haircuts that make their faces appear masculine. And an Undercut Textured Crop fits that job description.

Here's why:

A Textured Crop features an edgy and tight fringe that adds angular highlights to the forehead. The Undercut trimmed to the sides and the back of the head gives the face a military appearance (and that's just the height of masculinity if you'd ask me).

4. Undercut Faux Hawk

Undercut Faux Hawk

This haircut is for you men with thick, straight hair who like to dare to be different. Styling a Faux Hawk could boost your confidence and make you look more elegant than you would without it. And when you pair a Faux Hawk with an Undercut, you get a modern, trendy style that brings the other gender drooling.

An Undercut Faux Hawk has the hair at the top of the head (from the hairline to the end of the crown) kept longer and styled upward. The hair at the back and sides (from the temple to the nape) is shaved uniformly short. 

This haircut can be paired with any beard of your choice, depending on the looks you want to achieve further.

5. Spiky Faux Hawk

 Spiky Faux Hawk

If you aim to achieve a goth and rebellious punk rock look with your thick hair, this is the style you should recreate this weekend. 

A Spiky Faux Hawk has a lot to share with a Death Hawk, the signature haircut of deathrockers.

Let's compare:

A Death Hawk is a gothic haircut featuring a thin and spiky hair strip to the midline of the head while other hair regions are shaved to the skin. On the other hand, a Spiky Faux Hawk is described with a wide midline hair strip that's not as spiky as a Death Hawk. Also, the sides of a Spiky Faux Hawk are trimmed into either a Fader, an Undercut, or a Taper.

6. Bleached Mid-Fade Faux Hawk

Dyed Faux Hawk

Here comes another way to rock a Faux Hawk. And this time, you'll come across as a trendsetter because not many people have been spotted with a bleached Faux Hawk on. And that's your advantage, especially, for instance, at a house party where you want to be in the spotlight.

But here's the more significant plus:

The Medium Fade of a Bleached Mid-Fade Faux Hawk adds edginess, youthfulness, and sexiness to your looks. Also, when recreating this Faux Hawk variation, most gents prefer to shave their sideburns to give more highlights to the Medium Fade.

7. Classic Quiff

Classic Quiff

A Classic Quiff is one of the best professional haircuts for men with square or heart-shaped faces. This haircut has backward-brushed voluminous long hair to the top of the head while the sides and the back are slightly tapered. This way, the hair length appears uniform throughout the head.

Pro tip:

Applying a considerable amount of high-hold-rated hair wax to the backward-brushed voluminous long top hair is essential. By so doing, you'll never need to carry a piece of comb around or stress over restyling unruly hair back in place.

8. Temple Fade Quiff

Taper Fade Quiff

This modern take on the traditional Quiff haircut is all the rage now and will be so for years to come. A Temple Fade Quiff is (yes, you guessed right) a Quiff paired with a Temple Fade. 

As the name implies, a Temple Fade is a type of Fade where the hair is trimmed so that the hair length starts decreasing from the temple until it fades into the skin above the sideburns. 

If you have a round, square, or triangle face shape, this is how to rock a modern-style Quiff haircut.

9. Fade Edgar Haircut

Fade Edgar Haircut

When the Edgar haircut first hit the mainstream, it was met with a lot of love and hate, especially on Instagram, where it became an object of funny memes. Today, the number of new modern Edgar haircut variations is fast-rising, and many men are rocking them.

So, what's an Edgar haircut?

Simply put, it is a bowl-shaped haircut with an edgy fringe reaching midway to the eyebrows. Modern variations are created by shaving the sides of the head (a Fade in this case) after completing the style. 

10. Classic Side Part

Men's Side Part haircuts have been popular since the 1940s. They are some of the earliest adoptions of men in the corporate world due to the gentlemanly looks associated with their classic variations.

So, what's a Classic Side Part?

It is a haircut characterized by voluminous long top hair with a parting line. This parting line is situated close to the temple, where it divides the hair into two unequal portions. The less voluminous portion is brushed to the left, while the bulky part is to the right.

11. Mid-Fade Side Part

Undercut Side Part

Style this modern take on the traditional Side Part if you want to rock a trendy, chic look for a date with a potential girlfriend or a time out with the boys over the weekend. This Side Part version is best paired with a scruffle beard.

And in case you're wondering:

This Side Part features a nicely-trimmed Fade that starts above the ears and ends where the sideburns begin. You can style it with a glossy look (apply a high-shine gel) or a matte finish. Call it a Mid-Fade Side Part when asking for it from your barber.

12. Curly Temple Fade

Curly Temple Fade

Men who style their hair into curls are perceived as sexy to the other gender. But aside, there are other benefits to styling curly haircuts, such as a Curly Temple Fade. For instance, this haircut's curly bangs help hide a prominent forehead and receding hairlines.

But there's more to it:

Curling up your thick hair is an escape from constant hair brushing. By effects, you can finally save money on hair straightening products. A Curly Temple Fade is a perfect fit for all types of settings, formal or informal.

In Conclusion

One good thing about having thick hair is that you'll have a lot of hairstyle possibilities. Unfortunately, since thick hair is tough in texture, it quickly gets unruly once styled. Therefore, as a man with thick hair, you should always opt for styles that can withstand pressure when picking out haircuts. These are ideally haircuts that are finished with high-hold wax or gel. 

However, if your scalp is sensitive to these hair products, you should always go for haircuts that do not require a change in the natural direction of your hair growth. 

For inspiration, we have shared 12 haircuts for men with thick hair. Which of them are you interested in recreating this weekend? 

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