12 Advanced Body Language Techniques To Improve Your Success With Girls

Last updated on : August 06 2021

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You already know that body language plays a big part in interactions with women. Still, we often forget how to leverage body language to attract women or our crush towards us. 

As a result, this article tackles 12 advanced body language techniques that will up your attraction game and better your chances with women. 

It explains how to add body language into your armory of strategies that pull your crush in and push her away in line with the push/pull technique we've covered numerous times before. 

If you've forgotten what the push/pull technique is, here's a reminder. 

The Push/Pull Technique - A Reminder

Attraction is a dance around the perfect balance of pushing your girl crush away and pulling her back in. 

You pull her in when you show her interest, reward her, give her appropriate compliments, smile at her, make her laugh, and touch her. You push her away when you remove your interest in her or challenge her, tease her, are challenging to get, and even feign dislike. 

You can't only push, and neither can you only pull because doing only one or the other is an attraction killer, making you either too much of a douchebag (push only) or too needy (pull only).  

You need to balance the two behaviors, rotating between them to generate the attraction desire you want. It would be best if you used all the flirtation principles to do so, although we only focus on body language in this article.  

12 Advanced Body Language Techniques To Attract Women

When you first meet a girl or during your first few dates, be careful how much attention you give her through your body language. Because what you say with your body can work both for and against you. 

Here are 12 techniques to add to your attraction game. Use them to balance pushing and pulling your flame away, in line with the push/pull technique - the correct use of body language can make a lot of difference in your life. 

1. Face Her To Show Interest

Man facing a woman

During the first few conversations or dates, you want to show a healthy level of interest, but not too much that you chase her away.  

You can achieve this balance by standing or pointing your feet to your date's side at the beginning of the conversation. And then, as the conversation progresses to move yourself more front on to your date. 

Although it's best to face her when you're talking to her, you don't have to turn your whole body and feet towards her until you are happy to show more interest - usually when she starts to show interest in you. 

So turn towards her as she shows you more interest and away from her as her interest wanes. She will subconsciously notice this shift in your body language and adjust her interest levels to get you facing her again. 

Try it because you'll be surprised how well this subtle technique works. 

2. Hold A Strong Posture When Pushing And Pulling

Man displaying a strong posture

No matter what body language tactic you are trying, it's best always to hold a solid and confident posture. 

Women are naturally attracted to strong, confident men and will initially gauge a man's strength by his posture and exterior. So stand tall and look confident.

Always hold your posture and stand straight, and take up as much room as you can. Manspreading is an excellent way to take up space confidently.  

And ensure you don't slouch or hunch and seem too relaxed. Slouching gives off a sense of defeat and anxiety to the woman like you've given up. 

3. Your Shoulders Talk Too

Man with strong shoulders in suit

An essential aspect of your posture is your shoulders. 

If your shoulders are slumped, you might look bored, uninterested, nervous, or scared. None of these behaviors is attractive for a woman and could turn her off you. 

Push back your shoulders, and you will instantly look confident. Also, turn them towards the girl you are talking to or away from her to demonstrate approval and engagement.  

Turning your shoulders towards and away from her as you converse is an excellent way to activate the push/pull technique to your benefit. 

You can also try raising your shoulders from time to time when you want to show her how sweet and sensitive you can be.

4. Hands In Pockets Push Her Away

man with one hand in pocket

As a general rule, it's best not to put your hands in your pockets, although you can do so to initiate a push technique. 

But be careful because, although putting your hands in your pockets can be a sign of confidence, it can also make you look untrustworthy and slovenly. It can also ruin rapport. 

If you choose to put them in your pockets, try leaving your thumb or fingers outside as this is more relaxed and even cool. Then, to pull your crush in, set your hands where they can easily be seen and close enough to your girl for her to touch them. 

If you're balanced in your overall approach, she might feel a strong desire to touch or take your hand. 

5. Eye Contact Is Powerful 

Man showing strong eye contact

Good eye contact is a turn-on for many women. You don't want to stare, but you want to hold contact for the right amount of time. 

There are three techniques. 

1. In general conversation, you want to look your date in the eye when either of you is talking, but do it in an engaging, exciting way, not a threatening one. 

2. When there is silence, you can hold eye contact for a few seconds longer, then look away just before she does and smile. This intriguing eye contact trick will get a girl's attention and put her at ease. 

3. Then, an advanced technique is to understand when you are being challenged or tested with a stare, and under these circumstances, you don't want to look away first. Hold eye contact for longer than her, and do not flinch. 

It might feel uncomfortable holding eye contact while you are staring her down, but it's better not to look away first when you know it's a test of how strong you are

When she looks away, smile, and use the opportunity to take her hand gently. 

Under no circumstances do you want to stare creepily. If you're going to catch a girl's attention with your eyes, then keep her within your gaze, but look away from time to time. 

If she catches your eye and smiles, try approaching her and introducing yourself. 

6. Stand Your Ground

Strong man in suit standing his ground

During a conversation, if she leans forward or takes a step towards you, don't back away. Either move forward in her direction or stand your ground. 

If you move back, she may think you're not interested, or you're a bit closed, and she might withdraw after seeing your interaction. 

7. Eyebrows Are A Give Away

Man showing interest with eyebrows

Your eyebrows play a big part in how women perceive your body language. Use them to push and pull as follows:

When you raise your eyebrows too high while conversing with her, you will become over interested. If they're raised too low, you might seem annoyed or less interested in what she is saying. If you don't raise them at all, you'll come across as bored, especially when combined with a stoic expression on your face. 

It's best to raise them enough so she knows you're genuinely interested in what she's saying. But, at the same time, be aware of how you can use your eyebrows to display the emotions to pull her in and push her away effectively. 

8. Smile Just Right

Man with engaging smile

Smiling is a simple yet compelling technique. 

If you want a girl to smile at you, try catching her eye and smiling genuinely at her first. You'll come across as interested, and if you get a smile in return, it's often an invitation to approach and introduce yourself. 

When you're conversing with a girl you like, then regularly smile when you are talking. Smiling will ensure you keep positive and engaging and keep the girl you are talking with focussed on you. 

And smile too when she is telling a story or displaying interest in you. Smiling will make her more confident in her storytelling and help her relax and have fun with it. 

However, don't ever fake a smile because most women can easily pick up on this, and it will backfire on you. A genuine smile or a laugh lights up your eyes, while a fake one won't. 

Equally, don't smile too much and too broadly, as doing this might show you are nervous. It's best to focus on a cheeky, confident grin than a broad wanting smile showing off too many teeth. 

Your smile should demonstrate confidence and not be one that seeks to pull in attention or display you as being nervous.     

9. Lips Are Sexual

Man with sensual lips

If there is undeniable sexual chemistry between you and your crush, use your lips to initiate the first kiss. 

When you touch or lick your lips subtly, she instantly gets drawn to them. Discreetly test this out on her while in conversation and see what happens.   

Lips are the first sexual connection you'll have with a woman, and you'll know if she's interested simply by her reaction. If it's positive, try a gentle kiss, or if you're unsure, politely ask if you can kiss her. Yes, asking is a cool thing to do under the right circumstances. 

However, be discreet about touching your lips, and don't do it too often because too much is creepy. 

10. Adjust Your Hair Or Clothes

Man adjusting collar

When you adjust your hair or clothes, she'll naturally know you're interested in her since you're taking the trouble to groom yourself in front of her. This behavior is a pull technique.

Grooming yourself also shows her that you care about your appearance and like taking care of yourself. 

So if you get a chance, fix yourself in front of her. Try adjusting your tie or your hair. But don't do it too often. Any more than once is too much, but do make sure she is looking when you do.

As an advanced technique, you can try removing a piece of fluff from her clothes. 

If you do this, it's best to touch her above the elbow and below the shoulder. And to do it quickly enough to be noticed only for what you are doing - caring about her appearance.

If she likes your touch, she'll smile and maybe make a positive comment, or she might touch you back. These are good signs. 

11. Check The Time

Man checking wristwatch

This body language trick is subtle but conveys a huge message. It's a push technique.

By checking the time on your wristwatch, she will subconsciously think you have another better place to be. And because, just like everyone else, she wants what she can't have, she will unconsciously want you to stay.

When done subtly and with purpose, checking the time on your wristwatch will invoke a primary psychological reaction that we humans can't prevent.

12. Mirror Her

Man mirroring a girls stance

You can pull a girl in by subtly mirroring or mimicking her body language or movements. Because when you mirror or mimick her, you subconsciously build familiarity and make her feel more comfortable around you. 

Try crossing one leg when she crosses hers or fixing your hair when she fixes hers. Keep it natural and not too apparent to make a fantastic impression on her.


Learn these 12 body language strategies to improve your attraction game through the push and pull technique. When done well, you'll be pushing your girl away with a quick look at your wristwatch, then pulling her back in with your smile. 

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