Top 15 Concealers and Makeup Primer for Everyday Wear

Last updated on : June 13 2016

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Makeup is not only trending nowadays - it is a movement and way of life.

Whether you stumble upon a tutorial on Instagram or search for instructions on how to apply the perfect smokey eye, finding the right concealer and primer is the foundation of a “pancake free” look that is natural, flattering, and balanced.

According to Augusta Falletta at StyleCaster, “You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t use concealer as a part of her daily beauty routine these days.”

In this article we scour the web for insights into the best concealers and makeup primers on the market today.

The right concealer hides blemishes, tackles dark circles under your eyes, and gives you the appearance of flawless skin as you complete your look. The everyday concealers that make our list are lightweight and packed with various vitamins to promote healthy skin.

We are not endorsing or recommending any of the concealers mentioned on our list. If you are completely satisfied with your concealer, check out our post on How to Choose the Right Lipstick for Your Skin Tone.

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MAC Studio Finish Concealer

If you are looking for a highly concentrated formula that offers a creamy and opaque texture, the MAC Studio Finish Concealer is one of the best options out there.

This is an emollient lightweight concealer that offers an opaque coverage that also doubles as a sunscreen with SPF 35 protection. Owing to its highly concentrated formula, you need to use very small amounts of this concealer to cover discolored areas on your skin to visibly minimize imperfections and blemishes.

The final result is a light finish that looks natural and matte.

Chockful of anti-oxidants, this concealer provides the skin with derivatives of vitamin A and E. It also absorbs excess oil and is water-resistant which is ideal if you live in more humid climates like Florida and South Carolina.

The MAC Studio Finish Concealer is available in 15 shades so you are sure to find a decent match.

Price: $19

Makeup For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette

The Makeup For Ever Camouflage Cream Palettes are ideal if you like to customize and personalize your concealers to correct specific issues.

Designed to suit all skin types, this concealer offers a palette of five shades that combine to give you the perfect match. This allows you to layer multiple shades, focus on reducing the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles, pigmentation, scars, and other blemishes.

Choose from palettes for very fair complexion, Asian complexion, light complexion, and dark complexion, depending on your skin tone. It is also available in professional corrective shades for professional makeup artists.

Hide the imperfections you would like to hide or just use it to highlight and sculpt your best features for contouring.

Price: $40

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer is a creamy, stick-type emulsion formula that blends effectively and expertly to conceal areas of the skin that you feel need more attention. It is recommended for women with dry or sensitive skin.

Whether you want to hide dark circles, spots or any other imperfections in your skin, this concealer boasts an absorptive yet light formula. Not only will it get you through the day, but it also offers complete coverage that makes your skin glow from within This innovative Japanese powder technology camouflages imperfections while brightening skin.

What’s in it? Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer contains Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid and green tea extracts. These ingredients help in maintaining the skin’s moisture levels, while also making it smooth and supple.

This concealer must be applied after liquid foundation but before applying any compact powder. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer is available in 6 shades: ivory, almond, beige, ocher, honey, and mocha.

Price: $70

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

If you are looking for a lightweight concealer that lasts for up to 15 hours of usage, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer is the one for you.

As the name suggests, this concealer creates a flawless look with its lightweight crème formula. It contains a number of minerals and emollients that are designed to condition skin and make blending effortless. Not only does this make for skin that looks flawless, but it also offers a luminous finish without any creasing - a total winner.

Estée Lauder offer this concealer in a range of 11 shades for light to deep skin tones. It is a popular concealer because it maintains color, is free of oil, and is water- and transfer-resistant - so you cheek-kiss with confidence at your next white party.

Price: $25

Chantecaille Total Concealer

Chantecaille Total Concealer is an avant-garde gel concealer with the unique ability to provide a smooth and natural finish that blends with your skin owing to its natural ingredients.

It is perfect for dry skin that needs moisture that lasts throughout the day. This cream covers dark circles and imperfections and also reduces the appearance of lines. Its ingredients include olive oil and tamanu nut oil that work to simultaneously nourish and hydrate skin.

Other ingredients include chamomile, green tea, orchid extract and wild rose to promote natural rejuvenation, healing, and protection of your skin. This product comes in 4 shades – alabaster, nude, cream and shea.

Price: $37

Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer

Lancôme’s Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer is a concealer that offers natural-looking coverage.

Obvious signs of stress and fatigue, such as uneven skin tone, dark circles and fine lines are effortlessly covered, leaving the skin around the eyes with a soft, matte finish. It offers a long-lasting, waterproof formula that never creases or fades and is available in 13 shades.

Price: $31

Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes

Yves Saint Laurent’s Anti-Cernes is a highly pigmented concealer. While it has been specially designed to cater to the delicate under eye areas, it is often used all over the face to equal effect.

The product has a beveled tip that is perfect for accurate application. Its cream-like texture works to eliminate visible imperfections while reducing inflammation and puffiness. The light diffusing pigments in this formula reduce even the most obvious blemishes and imperfections of your skin.

Use it directly over the foundation or under the powder. This concealer is suitable for all skin types and comes in 3 shades, namely, ivory beige, nude beige and pink beige.

Price: $38

Lancôme La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer

Lancôme La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer is made of emollients and silicones that prime your skin for effortless application of foundation.

Boasting the trademarked Elasto-Smooth technology, this primer promises to create a soft-focus effect on your skin (think of the camera filter that gives you the best and most vibrant selfies) while hiding those fine lines and skin blemishes.

It's formula is oil-free so your skin appears soft which ensures that the foundation and makeup you use stays true to color and as vibrant as ever.

Price: $20

Chanel's Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base

Ranked high as one of the best primers in the market, Chanel's Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base is one of the flagship products by the brand.

This foundation base is designed to instantly lighten your complexion while evening out your skin texture. Not only does it make the application of foundation easy, it also helps the foundation stay on throughout the day.

This is also one of those multi-use beauty solutions as it is also used as a primer, concealer, illuminating base, or radiance booster after application of foundation.

Containing ingredients like witch hazel extract that helps reduce the visibility of pores, silica and mica powders that lend a matte effect to your complexion, and licorice extract that evens out your skin's texture, this one is designed to make your skin glow - literally.

Price: $48

The POREfessional Face Primer

As the name suggests, The POREfessional Face Primer helps reduce the appearance of pores as well as fine lines resulting in unblemished and youthfully smooth skin.

Use this silky light formula on its own, under, or on top of your makeup. It boasts a translucent oil-free formula with ingredients that include vitamin E derivatives that have been proven effective in protecting skin from free radicals.

This product is designed to suit all skin tones and helps makeup adhere for an entire day at the office or through  a night with friends.

Price: $31

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Made of a mix of grape seed extract, vitamins A and E derivatives, and green tea, the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer offers a silky and light texture.

When it comes to the best primers, this is another oil-free option that reduces visible fine lines, minimizes pores, and smoothens your skin with a velvety texture that is primed for foundation application.  

Use it under your foundation or just dab some on to create an even skin tone and a soft-focus appearance.

Price: $36

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Containing derivatives of a number of essential vitamins like A, C and E, the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is a great primer option for those who want a light gel-like primer to offset the harmful effects of the environment.

This creamy gel boasts a unique pearly tint that creates a much-adored soft-focus look. Not only does this layer of primer visibly reduce blemishes and imperfections, it also acts as a protective layer against the vagaries of the elements.

A great option for those who travel a lot, this primer helps your makeup adhere for longer, and remain color-true throughout the day.

Price: $20

Clinique’s Superprimer™ Face Primers

Clinique’s Face Primer is available in three Superprimer options. Each of these is directed at achieving a specific goal.

The Color Correct Redness is a tinted primer in yellowish tones that helps reduce redness and create a neutral tone. The Color Correct Discoloration Superprimer has a peach tint which is perfect for creating an even skin tone for those with discolored skin and blemishes. The Universal Face Superprimer is a colorless primer that smooths your skin, minimizes imperfections, and creates a translucent layer for foundation application.

Price: $27

MAC’s Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

Rich in natural ingredients, the silicon-free Prep + Prime Natural Radiance by MAC is a silky gel emulsion designed to hydrate the skin, while creating a perfectly primed canvas foundation or powder application.

Containing derivatives of vitamins E and C, this primer is full of antioxidants that protect and renew your skin, while controlling oil production. Choose from one of the two shades—radiant yellow for darker skin tones and radiant pink for fairer skin tones.

Price: $41

Hourglass’s Veil Mineral Primer

Rounding up the list is Hourglass’s Veil Mineral Primer is for you if you prefer all natural solutions.

This primer is also used as a concealer for reddened skin, and a SPF 15 broad spectrum sunscreen. This oil-free and weightless formula is non-greasy, and does not contain any parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes.

Price: $52 


Choosing the best concealers and primers today requires that you identify your skin type, skin tone, and what you want to get out of your makeup preparatory products.

Our list introduces you to a host of everyday concealers that are light, easy to wear, and feature healthy, natural ingredients that support glowing and blemish free appearances.

For more information on maintaining healthy glowing skin check out our article, How to Maintain Healthy Glowing Skin You’ll Want to Show Off.

Have a concealer or primer that did not make our list? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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