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Last updated on : December 23 2022

white party dresses

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White parties can be chic and elegant, but choosing the right outfit can be challenging. 

Options for white party outfits include:

  • White bandage dresses: fit snugly and support the body while showing off feminine curves
  • White bodycon dresses: made of lycra, silk, or polyester blend and cut tightly to follow the shape of the body
  • White jumpsuits: playful and flirtatious; essential to find one that fits well and flatters the body type
  • White power suits: exude confidence and can be dressed up or down with the right accessories
  • Two-piece bandage sets and jumpsuits: versatile choices for a white party

When it comes to accessorizing, please keep it simple with white or neutral-colored shoes and a clutch, and avoid wearing too much jewelry or going over the top with makeup.

The Reliable White Bandage Dress

White bandage dresses fit you snugly while shaping and supporting your body and are perfect white party dresses. High-quality ones come in a sturdy and stretchable fabric blended with rayon, nylon, and spandex. This material is comfortable to wear, and has a sheen like silk, spotlighting your utterly feminine curves.     

Available in both midi (just below your knee) to short (3 to 4 inches above your knee) and various designs that show more sexy skin. They are versatile dresses allowing you to get more than one look from them quickly. To dress up or down change your accessories, hairstyle or shoes.

For our white party dresses, we love to wear white bandage dresses. They are closet staples and provide a fresh new look when we need to get dressed in a pinch. Also, they offer confidence with their curve molding fit, doubling as shapewear and enhancing your fabulous hourglass shape.

If you're looking to learn more about these incredible dresses, read our guide on everything you need to know about buying a bandage dress.

white bandage dress on model 

The Sensual White Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses trace your curves while bandage dresses hug and shape them like a second skin. Just as sexy, they show off your feminine proportions in a relaxed fit that is different but just as flattering as a bandage dress.    

White party dresses in this style are usually made of lycra, silk or polyester blend and cut tightly to mirror your shape. They do not have a lot of stretch in the material, getting their form from the cut and lines of the dress itself. They are known for coming in overlay styles that feature lace and mesh and in various lengths, designs, and textures. 

all white bodycon dress    

The Relaxed White Jumpsuit

A white jumpsuit is a playful and flirtatious entrant to our all-white party dress list. However, they can be tricky, and so we recommend only for the most fashion-savvy and conscious women.

It is essential to find a jumpsuit that fits your body type correctly and flatters your body type. Avoid following trends with jumpsuits, instead, opt for one that works for your body and style. If you wear a jumpsuit that is too tight, you may unintentionally achieve a cat-woman vibe, wear one too loose and you may lose your figure in it.

If you're concerned, go up a size and cinch your jumpsuit at the waist, this allows the fit to be more forgiving. Before going out, ask a friends opinion. By going up a size, you give yourself the option to freely move and bring to life a style that is chic, timeless, and classic at your white party.

If you are taller than 5’7, you can get away with floor-length pieces. If you are petite (5’6 and below) consider the cousin to the jumpsuit, a romper that hits just above the knees. If your legs are long and curvy, find a full pant leg. If your legs are short and slim, go for a narrower leg jumpsuit.   

White Jumpsuit from Revolve on model

The Undeniable Power Suit

There is always a diva at a party wearing a power suit—and white parties are no exception. A trouser suit in all white makes a statement no matter how you style it. Power suits bring timelessness to your style that is sexy, attractive, and bold. They make excellent alternatives to white party dresses if this is the look you want to show, and we say go for it!  

A romantic blouse with ruffles, a chunky fashion necklace, and slick updo completes your power suit and ensures you attract the right kind of attention. Another feminine and stylish alternative is a ruched top that drapes attractively around your shoulders, a belt that shows off your tiny waist, and cuffs that climb your arms.

White power suits are the perfect stage for red lips, bold eyeshadow, and contouring highlights. Consider choosing one as a more daring solution to a white party dress. 

white power suit on model from Nordstrom

The Versatile Two-Piece Bandage Set

White two piece bandage dress

Two-piece bandage dresses are stylish, sexy, show off everything, and are excellent choices for white party dresses.

Display a tempting midriff in cool cut-offs and a bandage crop top or opt for short shorts to show off legs that go on forever for white parties at the beach. If the white party is on a pier or in a garden, then a classic two-piece bandage dress is a go-to staple (take a white swimsuit along too). 

White two-piece sets come in a variety of styles. Our favorite is the pencil skirt inspired bottom. This type of skirt is easily worn with your favorite denim jacket, a feminine blouse, and sexy pumps for white party dress events and venues all year long.

Wear the top from the set with skinny jeans, a messy bun, and soft makeup for a relaxed girl next door look that is sexy and soft. 

How to Wear White According to Your Body Type

female body types for wearing white

The secret to making a white party dress work for you is to know which outfits suit your body frame and which work to highlight your best features. 


A curvy figure is perhaps the most sought-after figure today. If you are curvy-figured and not sure about wearing a white party outfit, then put your doubts away. Look a sure shot with these tricks. The goal is to dress cleverly to balance out your shape.

Avoid wearing white on white, instead, play around with shades and textures. Opt for flared jeans with a horizontal band to draw focus to the curve of your waist or go for a white party dress with vertical seams and darts. A tight bandage crop top paired with a light shrug or jacket in another color looks chic.


If you have a thin, athletic frame, then white may accentuate your angular lines. But this doesn't mean you can't wear a white party dress. There are plenty of ways to make the color suit you.

Go for different textures and clothes with embellishments to achieve a softer look and the illusion of curves. If you wear a top with pants, tuck it in to create the illusion of a feminine waistline, longer legs, and more prominent bust.  

Bottom-heavy or thick-waisted

Wearing a white party dress is more comfortable as you can add layers without creating a bulky look (unlike other colors). Layers allow you to camouflage your midsection in smart and stylish ways without losing your shape.

Try a white party outfit that has two separate pieces. An A-line skirt that skims the hip gracefully or skinny jeans work great. Either will give a sleek and polished look to your appearance. When you wear a little white dress, opt for one that wraps around or with draping to avoid additional attention to your tummy area.


If you are fretting over your small bust line, worry no more. Make a white party outfit work to your advantage by wearing white tops with ruffles or details on the neckline. This body type is excellent for these styles, even in dresses. You can wear embellishments on the chest area without the fear of being too bulky.

Style Tips for White Party Dresses and Apparel

white party styles

Find your perfect white

If you thought that your color coordination woes were over because you are wearing white for these trendy parties - think again.

It is essential to choose a shade of white that works with your skin tone. Women with pale skin should stick to bright, crisp white shades while those with darker skin should opt for off-white party dresses and more ivory inspired color tones.  

Double-check your undergarments

Wearing white underwear with a white party dress is out of date. Match the shade of your bra and underwear to your skin tone for a neat, seamless look. The lines of your undergarments may still show, but skin-toned colors will be less noticeable. Choose pieces without seams if you have options, and leave those lacy bras for other days. 

Note that a quality bandage dress will feature thick and sturdy fabric so that undergarments are optional. Check out our post on what to wear under your bandage dress here.

For other styles, test and check from all angles. A thin material runs the risk of turning see-through in bright light. Check the fabric of whatever you are buying by placing your fingers under it. If it is too transparent or flimsy to carry off with confidence, then ditch it. Fabric integrity is everything when wearing a white party outfit.

Use your hairstyle to finish your look.

Gone are the days when hairstyles were used to keep your hair off your face. Hair is an intricate part of your look and needs to be styled well for your white party dress.

There is so much you can do with your hair. Opt for a messy bun or light curls for a just-out-of-the-ocean look. Or use it to accessorize your white dress by skipping jewelry altogether. Wear a delicate rhinestone clip in a streamlined up-do instead. 

Check out our article on how to match your hairstyle with your dress neckline for more information and ideas.

Choose your shoes wisely.

For a summer-inspired or beachy white party outfit choose wedges or sandals in skin tones. If understated elegance is your style, nothing works better than a pair of strappy heels or pumps in nude or beige. Silver pumps or stilettos do the trick when you want to add a touch of glam to any white party dress.

We recommend staying away from white footwear because it can make you appear shorter. If you can’t forego your white sneakers, add color to your outfit (such as a white top paired with denim shorts) rather than sticking to an all-white theme.

A good pair of heels transforms even the most practical-looking jumpsuit. For a boho flair, pair your white party outfit with gladiator sandals with straps that wrap up to your knees.

White midi bandage dress - style image

Midi Dresses Make Alluring White Party Dresses

Choose accessories that say something.

If you love accessorizing, wearing white is the perfect canvas to display your latest buys. However, be careful to balance your look from head to toe.  

Necklaces and earrings - For a chic appearance in an all-white party dress, pair a necklace with elaborate chandelier and filigree earrings.

Many white party dresses have low-cut or plunging necklines, so a long necklace, made from beads, or a chain with a large metalwork pendant is a good option.

For women sporting bare shoulders and swept-back hair, long, dangly earrings with a splash of glitter or delicate, sparkling studs will help flatter. For high necklines, use a short necklace, bold earrings, or even a face-framing hat.

Choose your bag wisely - A clutch with a shoulder or wrist strap is always the best white party purse because it keeps your hands free. Choose a nude, white, gold, or silver purse. Go for sparkle, glitter, and other textures to give your look depth. 

Belts are the perfect accessory to give your sexy white party dress various looks. A broad brown fashion belt will add a casual flair to the dress when paired with neutral sandals and a brown tote bag.

Scarves: No accessory provides as much versatility as the simple scarf. It is an excellent way to accessorize your white party outfit. Throw one of any color casually around your neck for a stylish, elegant addition to your look. 

The key to pulling off scarves is to experiment. Play around with colors and patterns depending on the occasion. Try tying one around your waist as a striking belt for a playful look. If you love a little retro style, try a colorful scarf as a headband.

Metallic Jewelry: Metallic accents are one of the hottest trends around. Adding a shiny or glitter accented bracelet, necklace, or clutch in metallic hues will provide soft femininity that is stylish and chic.

Try a stack of gold bangles on one arm or experiment with bracelets of different sizes. A statement necklace or chandelier earrings in gold make for a bold, stylish look. Just remember when wearing white less is more; one statement piece is good enough.

Add some color

It may be a white party but perhaps not an all-white party? If so, this is an excellent opportunity for you to add a pop of color to your dress. Any color you wear with white will stand out so less again is more. 

Put on makeup - but be careful.

Choose makeup wisely. The trick is to either amp up your eyes or your lips.

For a white party dress, we recommend contouring your lips. Choose lipsticks that match your skin tone for the best results.

For your eyes and the rest of your face, the shimmer is the way to go. Depending on your skin tone, choose gold, copper, or bronze shimmer dust to illuminate your face and give it a glow. These shades will ensure you do not look washed out in white.

Apply your makeup and perfume after you have finished putting on your clothes (protect with an old tee shirt or towel if necessary). Doing this will avoid any messes with lipstick or mascara. Otherwise, ensure that the product you are using has dried completely before putting on your top or dress. Do not hurry or your white party dress may not remain all white.

It is a good idea to use deodorants that prevent sweating in the armpit area; then you don't have to deal with sweat stains on pristine white (especially on hot, humid days).

Add comfort to the equation.

Your white party dress should be comfortable to wear all night long, offer you a free range of motion, fit like it’s made just for you, and keep your body supported. 

We do not recommend poor quality white dresses and skirts because they lose their shape. A high-quality outfit won't expose your undergarments inappropriately either and will have higher fabric integrity.

And remember

As white parties continue to find ways into every modern nightlife scene, it is essential to prepare in time. Stock up on a few of the styles we have mentioned here to ensure you are ready for the next one. 

Keep in mind that although the first white party is in November, the majority of trendy white parties happen during warmer months from May to August. Many are now hosted outdoors, around pools or on a boat where in addition to a white party dress you might need white swimwear. 

Also, refrain from wearing all-white at weddings, no matter how tempting the dress. It is a unique day for the bride, so let’s not take that away from her (unless you are the bride or part of the bridal party). If you must, consider wearing on your top only and break up the tone with other colorful pieces.

What is a White Party

People hold white parties, also called all-white or "white out" events, as social gatherings where guests wear predominantly white attire. 

The tradition of white parties has likely been around for many years, although it is unclear when it started. These parties can occur on various occasions, including summer events, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. They tend to have an upscale, elegant atmosphere that can take place indoors and outdoors.

The concept of all-white attire for social events dates back to the early 20th century. Wealthy and fashionable people popularized all-white tennis parties in the 1920s as a summer activity. In the 1980s and 1990s, white parties became a popular theme for gay pride events and fundraisers and have since become a staple of the LGBTQ+ community.

Today, people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy white parties, which often serve as a way to celebrate the start of summer or mark a special occasion. These parties can be formal or casual, depending on the theme and setting, and provide an opportunity for guests to showcase their style and creativity.


There are many options for outfits for white parties, which can be fancy and stylish events. 

Some good choices for dresses include white bandage dresses, which fit snugly and show off curves, and white bodycon dresses, which are made of a stretchy material and follow the body's shape. White jumpsuits can also be fun and flirty, but it's essential to find one that fits well and looks good on you. White power suits can also be a stylish and confident choice. 

Regarding accessorizing, please keep it simple with white or neutral-colored shoes and a clutch, and don't go overboard with jewelry or makeup.

white party dresses

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