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A Kewl and Complete Summer Dress Guide

Last updated on : May 29 2016

As the number of triple digit days go up you know that summer season tends to arrive in earnest. Your fashionista focus is to ensure that you look amazing while remaining cool in the heat. Remaining cool and relaxed in warm weather boils down to the kind of clothing you pick and the fabrics you put on. From dresses that show off your bare legs and back to those that allow you to twirl like a ballerina, warmer weather calls for clothing that is light, bright, and flirty.

Nothing epitomises ideal summer clothing better than summer dresses. Made of summer-friendly fabrics, summer dresses generally have a hemline that hits above your knee and a fit that is comfortable and feminine. In this guide we cover summer dress essentials such as styles, accessories, and cuts as well as recommended fabrics to keep you cooler. 

summer bandage dress

Understanding Summer Dress Cuts and Styles

The perfect summer dress is an investment. It has to be a piece that is effortlessly styled in various ways to create looks that make you fall in love with the dress every time you wear it. A well made summer dress offers you a flattering fit, crisp colors, and comfortable fabrics. Here are a few of the quintessential summer dress styles that need to be in your closet. 

Maxi Dress

While summer dresses are often considered short and tea length styles a maxi dress style is also a solid go to. A well made maxi dress promotes and captures air circulation in your skirt to keep you cool on the go. Maxi dresses are floor-length dresses which generally have a loose and flowing silhouette.

Known for being extremely comfortable to wear, this type of dress pairs well with accessories that add a hint of sensuality to the outfit. However, maxi dresses are anything but boring and come in a variety of styles and cuts. Consider a maxi dress like our Summer White Choker Dress that features a high slit and choker inspired neckline for sexy and trendy style. Maxi dresses like this are very versatile and work well for evening parties and dinner events during this season. Likewise our Sexy Cut Out Maxi Dress is versatile and easily works for a walk along the pier or during a summer backyard get together.

T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses make it to our list of quintessential summer dresses simply because it is the epitome of summer comfort. For days when it is too hot for you to bother to get dressed up, a t-shirt dress easily comes to your rescue. Pair it with comfortable sneakers or boots, and cinch it at the waist with a belt, and you have the perfect recipe for a casual, grunge-chic look.

summer bodycon dresses

Bodycon Dress

Also known as the “body conscious” dress, bodycon dresses are form-fitting, and are designed to trace your curves. Different to bandage dresses, for the longest time, bodycon dresses were relegated to club outings and night-outs. As the weather heats up bodycon dresses are easily accessorized in a way that tones down the sexier elements of the dress to make it more appropriate for various other venues such as a day at the office, a picnic, or quick errands. For beach parties and evening soirees, you are hard-pressed to find a better summer dress than bodycon dresses because most are versatile and work for various venues.

Our Fiery Summer Print Bodycon Dress features bright and fire inspired colors. The spaghetti strap sleeve style ensures that you do not end up feeling too hot, while the silhouette traces your curves to show off your feminine profile. Made of a polyester and spandex blend, this dress offers a breathable and comfortable wear for extended periods.

For a more soft, feminine, and charming look consider a dress similar to our Sheer Lace Dress. This sheer lace overlay dress works to set off your natural complexion. The delicate lace is versatile and easily worn to an upscale breakfast brunch, beach side dinner, or elegant summer wedding. 

There is also something to be said about geometric patterned bodycon dresses. Geometric patterns are designed to give your body the illusion of being more slim.  Our Black and White Geometric Bodycon Dress features a deep plunge neckline that amps up your sex appeal while giving you an edgy and versatile allure. The dress easily pairs with your favorite black pumps and free flowing summer dresses for casual yet chic style.

Fit-and-Flare Dress

As the name suggests, this dress boasts a silhouette that fits you all the way to the waist and then flares out to open into a flirty, wide skirt. With gathers at the waist this type of dress is ideal for twirling at your summer soirees. It manages to flatter your figure without reducing or limiting your range of movements in any way. The fitted bustline gives you support and shape while the flared skirt hides problem areas. 

white summer bandage dress  

Bandage Dress

Made of high quality rayon, nylon, and spandex, a bandage dress is not just meant to trace your curves but is designed to fit like second skin. In warmer weather putting on shapewear is often avoided but a quality bandage dress hugs you in all the right places and smooths your curves, shapes your body, and controls your feminine proportions. Bandage dresses double as shapewear so you are easily able to get the control you need without having to wear more than one layer. They are also available in a huge assortment of styles and colors and many are perfect for summer

Our Strapless Ombre Bandage Dress mimics a sunny sky and is the perfect summer dress for a girl’s night out or hot summer date. Similarly, our Orange Ombre One Shoulder Bandage Dress showcases the colors of summer and features reds, oranges, yellows, and whites. Ombre styled bandage dresses are ideal for concealing bulges and giving you a defined waistline that is feminine and flattering. The best thing about bandage dresses is that quality dresses are made of stretchable and breathable material that is head-turning, comfortable, and summer-ready. Choosing a light and crisp color allows you to follow summer trends while never having to rely on shapewear in the heat.

Best Fabrics for Summer Dresses

Depending on the seasonal temperatures, you have to choose the right fabric for your dresses. In the summer light, airy, and breathable fabrics are strongly recommended to keep your body cooler during wear. We’ve compiled some of the top breathable fabrics for summer dresses below.


Cotton is ideal for wearing in most weather conditions. Cotton is a natural fiber that allows air to freely move, circulate, and keep your body cool through the fabric. Cotton knit summer dresses are great in humid as well as dry heat.


A woven cotton textile, chambray offers you the same comfort and benefits that come with wearing cotton—it keeps you cool in humid and dry heat conditions yet resembles denim. Chambray dresses give you an edgy look without the heavy feel of denim.


A synthetic fiber that boasts amazing dye quality. Often it is used in prints and vibrant color styles. Rayon is as good as cotton, if not better, in conditions of dry heat. Rayon offers a thinner thread count as compared to cotton and is also one of the raw materials used to make bandage dresses. It is ideal for making lightweight clothing that fits incredibly well, is stretch and snag resistant, and is summer-friendly.

Blended fabrics

The most comfortable dresses are often made of summer blends that include fabrics like cotton, spandex, polyester, rayon, and/or nylon. These synthetic blends are perfect for humid climatic conditions as they actively detract moisture. Since these fabrics require almost no maintenance and are easy to care for, they are a go-to fabric option for your summer dress staples.


Linen is made from flax plant fibers. While it allows maximum breathability, linen also tends to wrinkle easily and should be avoided if you plan to be sitting for extended periods. Your linen summer dress is likely to require upkeep and plenty of ironing.


blue flared summer bandage dress 

Accessories for Your Summer Dress

While accessorizing mostly depends on your preferences, there are a few accessories that go hand-in-hand with summer dresses. We’ve compiled a list below.

Sun hats

Not only do sun hats lend you a feminine appeal, they also serve the utilitarian purpose of protecting your eyes and facial skin from the harsh summer sun. Choose a straw brim hat for the most style versatility or opt for a sexy cap for a more relaxed and casual look. 

Oversized Glasses

The bright summer sun just begs for some variety and flair when it comes to your sunglasses. Pick two-toned or graduating colored oversized sunglasses to further spice it up.


Ballet flats are a must-have summer footwear option. However, there is so much more you to summer footwear including wedges, sandals, and gladiator styles. Think metallic gladiators that climb up our calves, strappy floral wedges, or flirty boots with heels for that added oomph. Pumps never go out of style so double check your shoe collection before you head to the mall to find the perfect shoes for your summer dress. 


Tasseled totes, denim hobo bags, and bright summery shoulder numbers offer a fresh and flirty look that is versatile, light, and trendy. Abstract graphic printed bags and old-world vintage bags are always in fashion.


The over-the-top statement jewelry trend has been strong for a few seasons now. This summer, the stars-that-be seem to be opting for jewelry that is much tinier in size but unique to pack a veritable punch. Think layers of thin rings and necklaces, skinny cuffs, and midi rings. Reach for the rose-gold ones as they are the talk of the town this summer.

Summer dresses are excellent ways to maintain your sexy in the heat. They come in a variety of styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors. As you consider adding more summer dresses to wardrobe consider where you plan to go, comfortable wearability, and style versatility. Choose a summer dress that is both flattering to your body and easy to style to avoid fashion overheating this summer and remember to keep your accessories and hairstyles light, simple, and breezy.

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