How To Choose Swimwear That Suits You & Your Body Type

Last updated on : February 06 2023

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Bathing suits and swimwear are tricky to buy. You love looking at the styles on offer but hate having to choose one that works for your shape. And often don't know how.

Your challenge is finding one that looks great, is durable and works for the occasion. One that hides what you want hidden and shows off what you wish to accentuate. The search is frustrating, discouraging, and time-consuming.

To help, we've put together this guide on what to look for in a swimsuit. And how to choose one that is both flattering to your body giving you confidence in your sexy.

Here's an overview:

Bikini vs. One Piece - Which One To Choose

How To Choose Swimwear That Suits You

Choosing The Right Fabric

The Proper Swimsuit Decorum

Bikini vs. One-Piece

Which one to choose?

One would think that bikinis are more popular however most American women prefer one-piece versions in their swimwear. With tankinis coming in second, and bikinis last. Being self-conscious in our bodies impacts these choices.

Here's the lowdown on the two different types and their pros and cons.

One Piece Swimsuits

black one piece bandage swimsuit

One piece swimsuits are the traditional and often the practical choice. They give you coverage for activities like swimming or beach volleyball. And they help shape and support your boobs, torso, and booty.

Choose a one-piece in nylon blend when you are swimming or plan to be active around water or the beach. This type works well for high activity days when keeping things covered and in place is essential.

These costume styles don't need to be boring. Some modern-day versions are fashion statements in themselves and come in a variety of styles colors and fit. They work wonders for showing off particular parts of your body while concealing others.

Choices in a bandage fabric (see image above) add sexiness to practicality. Showing off in these styles is easy.


white bandage bikini

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Bikinis come in two pieces. A top and a bottom and cover significantly less skin than a one-piece. They expose your midriff.

A typical top has triangular pieces of cloth joined by strings to cover your breasts. Ties go around your neck and back to fasten it in place. Top styles vary from halter to strapless with everything in between.

Similarly, bottoms come in many different varieties from boy short to Brazilian, thong, and g-string.

As fashion trends continue to evolve, so have bikinis. A rising and favorite style is the bra inspired and all styles in bandage fabrics.

A bra-inspired bikini gives your breasts support and lift. In a bandage fabric, you also get fade resistance, sturdiness, and sexy comfort. Many styles feature color blocks, cutout designs, and strap features.

Bikinis are ideal if rigorous swimming and water sports are not in the plans for your day at the beach. They are perfect for lounging around at pool parties or for responsible tanning.


It's now common to mix and match styles.

Tankinis are examples of a two-piece with fuller coverage. Similarly wearing a fuller tank top with a bikini bottom is a fashion statement. If you prefer to show off your curves doing more vigorous water sports, consider these styles.

How To Choose Swimwear That Suits You

The large variety on the market provides an opportunity for choice but also adds confusion. Throw in body types, bigger hips and booties, cellulite and loose skin and suddenly choosing the right bathing costume is complicated.

We've tackled your choices below.

Big Chested

If you can't find a single suit that works try mixing and matching separates. Alternatively, structured suits made in bandage offer stretch and support and are a boon for big chested girls.

bandage swimsuit for big chests

Small Busted

Try a classic shape bikini with light padding, a clean triangle with good support or a high-necked top.

Emphasize your toned tummy, shoulders or body with suits that draw attention away from your bustline. Ties on the shoulders, twists or knots in the design can alter your proportions and draw eyes where you want them. Add color to complete your look.


Pear shapes often struggle to find styles that fit. Either it fits your hips and is loose on the top or the other way around. The trick is to choose a suit that accentuates your small waist and hides your more full hips.

Mixing and matching tops and bottoms is often a solution that works. Or try a bikini with ties that allow you to adjust the fit.

One piece styles with embellishments around your bustline place emphasis above and balance your shape. Try a bandeau top in with full bottom coverage as a solution. Similarly, tankinis with twisted tops or ties do the same thing.

Athletic Build

If you have a toned but rigid frame, then look for styles that add curvy femininity.

A one piece with gathers on the bust and hips and a tighter midriff, colorful boy shorts and a twisted top. Or an asymmetrical one strap style are options. Try black to add shape, especially with detail around the cups.

Tankinis shorten your upper body toning down your athletic shape.

Lastly, try color blocking to create the illusion of curves.

Plus Size

Show off by going for sexy and practical. Try high waisted bikinis, underwire support or tummy control panels to hide or accentuate what you have.

Add colors with vertical or diagonal lines to create a slim illusion. Embellishments like angled ruffles and diagonal shirring are feminine ways to accentuate or cover. Try a swim dress with gathering around the waist or a central knot to draw focus and slim your waistline.

Avoid large prints. Instead, subtle prints in vertical or diagonal shapes flatter and help create an hourglass shape. Try textured material because it generates interest and adds further to the slim illusion.

This excellent article covers a significant amount of detail and is a must-read for those looking for plus-size solutions.

Flat Booty

bikini for flat bottom

Add colors and ruffles to give more shape to your bottom, try loud prints too. For flatter derrieres show more cheek than less, this gives the illusion of form and displays you naturally. It's better than full coverage or trying to hide your rear. 

To Hide Your Tummy

Success here is the right full coverage bikini or one piece that will minimize or camouflage your tummy.

These will either contain materials that suck you in, bandage fabrics for example, or create a slim illusion with color panels, draping, or ruching.

Tankinis do an excellent job at hiding your tummy while giving you options for a sexy bottom. Try ones with bandeau or halter necklines and patterns that draw the eye.

Color blocking one-piece suits hide your tummy and create a slim fit illusion. Go for elongated vertical or diagonal patterns and combine with a deep v cut neckline.

A blouson style is another option. This style isn't body hugging and provides plenty of room for a more prominent tummy.

For Big Thighs And Hips

Stay away from conservative one-piece suits as they often emphasize what you don't want. Instead, balance your shape with design elements and some coverage where necessary.

It might not sound like good advice but showing more thigh looks better than trying to hide it. Stay away from boy shorts and instead go for higher-cut suit versions to add length to your legs.

Dark colors are slimming so go for darker bottoms and brighter more colorful tops. This combination balances your shape slimming your thigh area.

Other solutions that work include compression swimsuits or an asymmetrical micro-skirt. Avoid more fuller skirts as they draw attention rather than deflect it.

Choosing The Right Fabric

The best swimwear brands invest time and money researching swimsuit materials for better performance, durability, and higher comfort levels. And so there are many choices on the market today.

Here are a few of the most popularly used swimsuit materials to consider based on your needs.

Nylon Is For Avid Swimmers

Perhaps the most commonly used material because it is durable, lightweight, and quick to dry. Suits made of at least 80 percent nylon are best for swimming and ensuring a good fit.

A disadvantage of using 100 percent nylon is that it does not hold dye well. To retain its color and be sun- and chlorine-resistant, it has to be mixed with other fabrics.

Choose a nylon blend if you intend to be active in and around the water and want to durability.

Lycra Is For Occasional Swim Days

You find lycra in varying amounts in every swimsuit because it offers high elasticity and a great fit.

However, it is not the most comfortable material to wear for long periods of time. And so tends to be mixed in with other fabrics, like polyester, which offers excellent fade and chlorine-resistance.

Lycra especially when mixed with polyester is water absorbent so can get heavy when wet. Choose this blend if you want a good fit, but intend to be in the water moderately.

Spandex Is For Sleek Shape and Fit

Spandex is super stretchy and holds the swimsuit in your form. It's an essential component of competitive swimwear.

However, it's not chlorine resistant and can lose its stretchiness over time. As a result, it's better when used in a blend with other fabrics.

Choose a spandex blend if you are a competitive swimmer or need a practical solution for swimming at the gym.

Bandage Is For Sexiness

A mix of rayon, nylon, and spandex is for poolside sexiness (see image below).

If you are looking for flattering material to wear to a pool party or for a day by the beach, your search ends with a high-quality bandage material. The fabric offers a great fit because it is durable, sturdy, and flexible and behaves a lot like shapewear.

This blend ensures that the swimsuit lifts your curves and hugs your body in all the right places. It also makes sexy looking styles.

Choose bandage swimwear when you are the center of attention and turning heads. And intend to swim moderately.

sexy bandage swimsuit

The Proper Swimsuit Decorum

Having more than one swimsuit in your summer mix wardrobe is recommended and essential for fashionistas.

Here are a few factors to consider before picking one swimsuit over another for a particular event.

Who Is Attending Your Event?

Your choice of swimwear largely depends on who is attending the event. Is it a cookout or family event? Are you attending a party with a group of your like-minded friends?

Brazilian cut swimsuits are better for a friendly get-together or when you want to make a lasting va-va-voom impression.

And a pool party at your parents or in-law's calls for more conservatism. However, you do not need to stick only to your modest one-pieces. Opt for a stylish bandage swimsuit, and pair it with a matching bandage dress to make the transition from one clothing to the other seamless

Where Is The Event Held?

The location of the party dictates the terms.

A rooftop hotel party or a cocktail party at your friend's destination wedding warrants an embellished or detailed swimsuit. Try to balance sexy with practical. If you're on display, consider wearing heels or wedges.

If the poolside or beachside party involves a friendly game of volleyball or water sports, pick a comfortable swimsuit. One that offers stretch and easily handles movement.

What Do You Plan To Do?

For a day of swimming, a nylon swimsuit holds you in great stead. The material is light to wear and dries incredibly fast, making it the most convenient option when you are frequently in and out of the water.

If you are all set for a poolside get-together or an evening event, a rayon-based bandage swimsuit is an ideal choice. It offers the most flattering fit and draws attention to all the best parts of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions most frequently asked by our readers.

What Age Should You Not Wear A Bikini?

We don't believe age is a defining factor for anything you want to wear. If you feel good in your bikini, then we think you should wear it. 

How Can I Look Slimmer In My Swimsuit?

Try these three quick fixes:

Choose slimming lines. Choose lines or prints that accentuate your curves. For instance, go for stripes on the bottom and a solid on top. Or vertical lines that give the optical illusion of a narrower waist.

Avoid big prints. Smaller prints tend to flatter figures best, making you look thinner. Try smaller prints like polka dots and fun patterns that distract. Avoid large flowers or geometric prints as these are too bold and will make you look fuller.

Wear darker colors. Just like your classic little black dress, dark colors are the most slimming. Try black or navy blue for a good slimming effect.


Choosing the right bathing suit or swimwear takes time, patience, and dedication. Try on many before finding the perfect one that is flattering, functional, and trendy.

Consider each suit's material and style and begin building an excellent collection to meet the demands of your water and sun-loving lifestyle.

Remember, the critical secret to choosing a swimsuit that suits you is to look for a style that flatters your body shape and accentuates your best features while providing adequate coverage and support.

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