The Complete Guide to Bikini and One Piece Bandage Swimsuits

Last updated on : May 24 2016

bikini and one piece swimsuits

Bikini and one piece swimsuits tend to be the trickiest pieces of apparel to shop for. The challenge is finding one that looks great, is durable, manages to hide the parts you want to hide, and accents what you want to show off. The balance and search is often frustrating, discouraging, and time consuming.  

Here is a simple guide that explains what to look for in a swimsuit. In particular bikinis and one pieces in bandage and how to choose one that is both flattering to your body and gives you confidence in your sexy.

One Piece Swimsuits

Once regarded as a traditional swimwear option, the one piece swimsuit was reserved for competitive oriented water sports for many years. It gives you coverage that is needed for vigorous movement as well as shapes and supports your boobs, torso, and booty. However as fashion continues to evolve we see many styles and designs that give you confident sex appeal poolside or at the beach. One of the best and most reliable one piece swimsuits for sex appeal is one made entirely of bandage fabric. 

A bandage one piece swimsuit offers you excellent support and is designed to fit like a second skin. The material is strong, extra stretchy, and sturdy. Most bandage swimsuits feature a supportive bust line and a Brazilian cut bottom. Many of the styles also feature straps, cutout designs, and deep plunge necklines. Due to the sturdy and resilient bandage material you never experience nipple slips, sagging, or wear malfunctions with bandage swimwear.


A one piece swimsuit made from quality bandage material is easily adaptable, very sturdy, and ideal for keeping in bulges and concealing problem areas. Like our famous bandage dresses these bandage swimsuits feature a durable and strong stretch fabric. They are designed to shape and support your curves while also displaying enough skin to tempt all the boys. 

one piece bandage swimsuit

A one piece bandage swimsuit is definitely a boon for those of us who are fashion conscious and always on the run. Pair with a high waisted skirt, sun hat, oversized sunglasses, and a fun pair of sandals, and you are ready to attend a quick lunch in between activities or a relaxed dinner date after a long day of soaking in the sun.


The primary obstacle to wearing a bandage swimsuit is that it is not designed to be worn in water for extended periods. The bandage fabric is made with rayon. Rayon can sag and expand when wet for long periods of time. Going for a simple and fast dip in the pool is acceptable, however, stylist and designers recommend that you wear your bandage swimsuit poolside to protect the style and integrity of the swimsuit. 

Bikini Swimsuits

The tops and bottoms of a bikini come in a number of different shapes, cuts, and styles. In general, a typical bikini top has triangular pieces of cloth joined by strings to cover your breasts with additional strings that go around the neck and the back to fasten the top in place. As the years have past and fashion trends continue to evolve there are a number of other bikini top styles that are available with one of the rising and most popular styles being bra inspired

The bra inspired bandage bikini swimsuit gives your breast support and lift. It is made of the same durable, stretch bandage material as our dresses and is fade resistant, sturdy, and offers comfortable wearability. Many styles features color blocks, cutout designs, and various straps. 


Bandage bikini swimsuits offer various styles that are trendy, sexy, and flattering to a variety of body types. These swimsuits are ideal if rigorous swimming and water sports are not in the plans for your day at the beach. Bikini swimsuits are perfect for lounging around at pool parties or for a day of responsible tanning. Most bikinis are easy to wear and feature adjustable straps to help you find the proper fit, lift, and support for your girls. 

  blue bikini


Bandage bikinis are not designed to be worn in water. Bandage bikinis are not meant for competitive swimming or hardcore water sports, as they might slide out of place causing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Additionally, when wet for long periods of time the bandage material may cause sagging or slippage. Reserve your bikini swimwear for poolside fun such as beach volleyball or a jog. If you prefer to show off your curves during more vigorous water sports consider alternative top styles such as the fixed triangle and halter styles and other materials such as nylon. 

How to Pick the Right Swimwear

Picking the right type of swimsuit involves considering many factors. Two of the most important factors are the material that the swimsuit is made of and what you plan on doing when you wear it.

If you intend to spend a lot of time in your swimsuit or use it for regular swimming, the materials used in the construction of the suit are of pivotal importance. The best swimwear brands spend a lot of time and money in dedicated research to test new swimsuit materials for better performance, durability, and higher comfort levels when you wear your swimsuit in the water. However, most of us do not think much about this factor.

Here are a few of the most popularly used swimsuit materials to consider based on your needs.   

bandage swimsuit

Nylon is for avid swimmers

Perhaps the most commonly used swimwear material, nylon is extremely strong, very durable, lightweight, and quick to dry. Furthermore, swimsuits made out of at least 80 percent nylon are the best for when you want to swim while still ensuring that the suit fits you well. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of using 100 percent nylon is that the material does not hold dye too well. For the swimwear to retain its color and be sun- and chlorine-resistant, nylon has to be mixed with other fabrics.

Lycra is for occasional swim days

Found in varying amounts in every swimsuit, lycra offers high elasticity and a great fit. However, it may not be the most comfortable material to wear for long periods of time, and so tends to be mixed in with other fabrics. It is generally mixed with polyester which offers great fade- and chlorine-resistance.


A mix of rayon, nylon and spandex is for poolside. If you are looking for the most flattering material to wear to a pool party or for a day by the pool, your search ends with a high quality bandage material. This material offers a great fit because the fabric is strong, sturdy, and flexible. Rayon literally acts as natural shape wear, especially when combined with nylon for strength and spandex for stretch. This blend ensures that the swimsuit lifts your curves and hugs your body in all the right places. The luxe bandage fabric is often fashioned into colorful sexy bikinis and sexy one piece suits.

two piece bandage swimsuit

The Proper Bandage and Bikini Swimsuit Decorum  

Once you have picked the right swimsuits you need to figure out where and when it is appropriate to wear them. Having more than one swimsuit in your summer mix wardrobe is recommended and essential for fashionistas. Here are a few factors to consider before picking one swimsuit over the other for an event.

Who will be attending?

Your choice of swimwear largely depends on who is attending the event. Is it a cookout or family event? Are you attending a party with a group of your like-minded friends? Brazilian cut swimsuits might be better worn at a friendly get-together or when you want to make a lasting va-va-voom impression. However, a pool party at your parents or in-law’s place does not mean you need to stick to your one pieces. You could opt for a stylish bandage swim suit, and pair it with a matching bandage dress to make the transition from one clothing to the other seamless.

Where is the event being held?

The location of the party dictates the terms. A rooftop hotel party or a cocktail party at your friend’s destination wedding warrants an embellished or detailed swimsuit that is designed to look stunning. If the poolside or beachside party involves a friendly game of volleyball or water sports, pick a swimsuit that is comfortable and offers plenty of stretch that easily handles vigorous movement.

What do you plan to be doing?

For a day of swimming, a nylon swimsuit holds you in great stead. The material is light to wear, and dries incredibly fast, making it the most convenient option when you are in and out of the water frequently. If you are all set for a poolside get together, a rayon based bandage swimsuit is the ideal choice because it offers the most flattering fit and draws attention to all the best parts of your body. Remember to slip into a matching bandage dress and classy ballet flats to complete your transition from an evening pool party to a night out with the friends or a dinner date.

bandage swimsuit

Choosing the right bandage and bikini swimwear takes time, patience, and dedication. Plan on trying on many swimsuits prior to finding the perfect one that is flattering, functional, and trendy. Consider the material and style of each suit and begin building a healthy bikini wardrobe to meet the demands on of your water loving lifestyle.

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