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Top 8 Makeup Trends from Around the World

Last updated on : May 19 2016

Pulling off the latest in beauty trends is never an easy task no matter how fashionably enlightened you are. With each passing season we are inundated with a number of makeup trends from around the globe. We enjoy stunning runway looks, Hollywood diva diary inspirations, social media fads, and trends we wished we missed. For centuries, women around  the world have used different types of makeup and cosmetics to showcase their personality, enhance their beauty, and add an edge to their everyday looks. 

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but beauty standards are based on what is trending around the world. The year 2016 is no stranger to unique beauty trends. We have already seen the comeback of a number of makeup products that include glitter and metallic shades, and if these global makeup trends are to be believed, there are many more surprises in store for us.

While many of these makeup trends have not made their way to the United States quite yet, it pays to stay on top of the biggest global makeup trends, especially if you consider yourself an avant-garde fashionista.

Goodbye Contouring, Hello You

2015 was the year of clown contouring and strobing. Extremely contoured faces and highlighted skin have ruled in fashion for some time now. One of the top makeup trends around the world in 2016 is a return to yourself.  This means a return to natural and subtle highlighting is on the rise. 

natural contouring highlights 

Softer colors, more natural contouring, and simple lip gloss has begun to edge out first. Instead of the over-the-top shades of pinks and coral that dominated 2015, this year terra-cotta is proving to be an unexpectedly popular shade. Natural is in and bold and crazy contouring is slowly being kicked out the door.  

With Love from Korea

Korean makeup products are known for being effective and chockful of rare ingredients that are actually healthy for your skin. Along with the products, the Korean makeup scene has also been something of a trendsetter. It gave us ultra-straight brows and the puppy eyes look that dominated 2015. However, much has changed this year. Korean BB cushion compacts ushered in the era of dewy skin—that looks well-hydrated but not oily. 

Korean matte complexion  

In 2016, matte complexion has emerged as one of the biggest Korean makeup trends. This does not mean cakey makeup but rather good skincare basics and a shift to powder-based foundations over cream-based ones. If you intend to go matte, ensure that you have a good primer ready to keep your makeup in high-nines all day. However, BB cushions are still classified as obsession-worthy, and there are now many foundation options with yellow as well as pink undertones, if you want to stay with the dewy skin phenomenon for a little longer. 

Instead of focusing on longer upper lashes, this year’s eye makeup trend in Korea pays undivided attention to curled up and high volume lower lashes. Get rid of your thick mascara wands, and find one that can be easily applied to the delicate lower lashes. Electric lash curlers are receiving a big thumbs-up too. 

While it looks like ombre gradation lip colors are here to stay in 2016, neon lips are on their way out. If you want to get on the makeup trends bandwagon opt for moisturized lips decked with bright (not neon) colors that look thinner. Most of us stocked up on vivid neon shades last year, and it would be a shame to get rid of them all—so don’t! Mix the color with a dull or muted  one to tone it down and you create a lip color that is unique to you.

Japan’s Doll Face Stays - with a Twist

The women of Japan have always applauded pale skin. In an effort to retain their naturally pale complexion, it is not uncommon to see them using dollops of sunscreen and carrying an umbrella to protect their skin from the sun. 

The doll face is a look that has been trending amongst Japanese women for a while now. It involves little to no contouring, and the use of rosy blush high up on the cheekbones and under the eyes. 

japanese doll make up 

While this trend seems equally strong in 2016, there are a few twists in the tale. The focus is still on creating bright eyes, cute pouts, and blushed cheeks, but the 2016 update is ready to take things up by a notch. This means adding another youthful element to the overall look in the form of a pink gradient pout, light and shimmery eye shadow, or a pastel eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

Russia Goes 3D

False eyelashes have been trending in the global makeup world for a while now. Trust the Russians to take the game up a notch - or six. Instead of regular false eyelashes that are typically made of natural hair, Russian women have gone 3D with the use of lightweight synthetic eyelashes that are extremely soft and dramatic. 

3d eye lashes 

Because these synthetic lashes barely weight the follicle down, you are able to use up to six lashes to every natural one. This creates an over-the-top sultry look that is dramatic and sexy. For more info on sultry eyelashes see our guide here.  

Latin America Lines Lower Lashes

Women in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, are leaning towards a defined lower lash line with a few pops of color. In general, Latin women are blessed with thick and dark upper lash lines. This often leaves the lower lash line needing more definition. Opt for a good waterproof mascara to line the lower lashes, or use a waterproof liner on the lower lash line. Do not be afraid to add a color popping liner to the mix, the women in Latin America are not!

India’s Exaggerated Liners and Shimmery Everything

Indian women love the winged liner—cat eyes have been a staple fashion look for a while now. 2016 continues to carry the same torch but with a few twists. The winged liner seems to have become way more dramatic, with single lines being replaced by two or more, or staggered lines.  

winged eyeliner 

When it comes to eye makeup in India, bold colors are ruling the roost. Think a black winged split tip liner on the upper lash line, complemented by a bold blue lower lash liner. Another makeup trend that seems to have gotten hold of the Indian fashion scene is the use of shimmer or glitter particles to doll up the eyes, lips, and even the hair.

Strong Brows in the UK

With stalwarts like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor sporting bold brows, this trend had great beginnings. Strong brows seem to have made a dramatic comeback in the UK in 2016, with English supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne leading from the front. Fill in your brows, and lightly dust them with some powder to really make your eyes pop. A light smoky eye is all you need to complete the look.

Color Correcting and More in the US

One of the most popular makeup trends in the United States, and parts of Europe, is the use of color correctors to camouflage the problems areas on your face. A dab on orange color correcting powder is perfect for the under eye area as it counteracts the blue or purple marks under your eyes. For red areas on your skin that sport broken capillaries, such as around the nose, a dab of green color corrector does the trick. The current eye liner trend in the West is bold, winged, and highly graphic.

Foundations and under-foundation glow enhancers are tending toward warmer or more yellow tones. If you love the smoky eye look, US makeup trends have got you covered as it is trending high in 2016 too. When it comes to lip colors, matte is still trending, however, high-shine lip lacquers in bright red and burgundy shades are also making their presence felt. Blue seems to be the color of the season for the eyelids as well as brow bones.

If you want to try something that is out there, Instagram says glitter tears are in. Showcased by fashion houses like Elle Fanning and Suki Waterhouse, a dusting of glitter under the eyes is a new trend that may not be perfect for everyday wear, but seems to have a fan following of its own anyway.

While we witness many makeup trends changing every year, if not every season, the basic ideal of beauty remains the same. Keep your skin healthy by eating right, using quality products, and experimenting to see which of these trends looks good on you.

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