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8 Hairstyle Trends You Must Wear This Spring

Posted on April 25 2016

In the spring we add another pair of sandals, a few more cotton dresses, and a fresh straw hat to our wardrobes. However, a spring refresh does not stop at just buying the best dresses and rompers but also means you are able to try new looks that are softer, more feminine, and different from your usual go to hairstyles.


With spring we often lean toward showing more skin, choosing lighter colored bandage dresses, and opting for more natural makeup application. Runway styles in recent spring months have made it clear that this season is all about being vivacious and flirty inspirations. Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curly, thin or thick, we’ve compiled are a few hairstyles that you must absolutely try to match the fresh, breezy, and feminine spring styles we are all wearing this year.


Reimagine your hair parting

Dramatic haircuts are great but you cannot easily return to your former hairstyle in a hurry. Instead of going for a completely new look try simply changing the part. One quick and easy way to rework your look is to simply change the parting of your hair. In all probability, you are still wearing your part just like you always have. A spring hairstyle trend that is easily incorporated in everyday life is the deep side part.


deep side part


Changing your part is a versatile way to wear your hair – go formal with sleek, prim, straightened hair, or play around with loose curls for a casual look. Part your hair further right or left, almost at the sides of your head. Avoid center parts and slants.


If you are worried about your hair sitting flat on your head, backcombing is a fantastic way to boost the volume and lift of your hair. Gently comb your hair from the strand ends towards the roots to make it look voluminous instantly. This is a look favored by celebrities like Brie Larson, Emma Watson, Regina King, and Sophia Bush. The deep side parting gives you volume and flare when you find yourself in a hairstyle bind.

Create a bubble ponytail

A pony tail is often the backup staple hairstyle for when you are in a hurry or just cannot be bothered with something more elaborate. Whether you are attending a spring picnic or just want to enjoy a day with your girls, the bubble ponytail is just the hairstyle you need in your repertoire – it is simple, unfussy, and quick to do.


bubble ponytail


Tie a high ponytail at the crown of your head and keep it in place with a thick elastic band. Use small clear elastic bands to tie your ponytail down every three inches or so. Gently tease your hair to make each partition look like a bubble, and make as many as the length of your hair will allow – voila! Bubble ponytails are flirty, fun, and add a simple splash of texture to most spring looks.

Side braid your mane

Braids are one of the evergreen winning hairstyle trends that have made an appearance this spring. In many ways beautiful braids connect us with various cultures and often tend to bring out the most feminine aspects of our personality. Schoolgirl pigtails do not give you the feminine spring-fresh look you need this year so it is best to avoid them. However, a  chic side braid offers you a soft romantic versatility and polish that works well to bring to life cotton and flare bandage dresses.




After creating a deep side part, start braiding your hair as you would with a typical French braid starting all the way at the top of your head. Continue braiding your hair along the side, gradually pulling in all your hair from the other side of the parting as well. Once the braid is done, tie the end up with a clear elastic band, and use some hairspray to secure it in place. Loosen the individual segments to create a more tousled I woke up like this look (thanks Beyonce).

Easy headband chignon

With the weather heating up, a classic chignon is the perfect up-do for medium to long hair.


headband chignon


Creating an easy headband chignon takes all the guesswork out of styling the ultimate up-do. Choose an embellished headband for a more boho-chic look. Pull the band around the crown of your head, and begin separating small segments of hair from below your band. Tuck these sections into your headband, as tight or loose as you desire. Once you finish the first layer of sections from both sides of your hairline, stop for a half-up and half-down look, or continue till all your hair is tucked in for a beautiful chignon. Fasten the chignon in place with pins, and use an alcohol free spray to keep all your tresses in place. For a look more polished and girly look tuck in pretty flowers or bows once all of your hair is in place.

Bohemian half up-do

A bohemian hairstyle is perfectly in sync with the vibrancy of spring. Once you part your hair in the center, fashion two loose braids from the sides of your head, and secure them in the middle at the back of your head. Tuck in small flowers through the sections of the braid for an instant bohemian hairstyle.


bohemian hairstyle


Bohemian inspired hairstyles are versatile and trustworthy this spring - so explore with various flowers and headbands that compliment your wardrobe.


Natural rosette half-updo

Even if you do not want to wear flowers in your hair, nothing stops you from paying homage to the wonderful spring weather by twisting your hair into a rosette.


twisted rosette updo


The natural rosette half-updo hairstyle makes our list because it is completely done and show off ready within 10 minutes. Begin by curling your hair to get the  gorgeous loose curls required for the style, twist two sections of hair from either side of your head, join them at the back, and twist the sections together. Hold the end of the section and wrap it clockwise around the base of the rosette your twisted hair has created. Secure it with a pin, and you are spring ready in a jiffy.

A topknot with a twist.

There is a reason that topknots are such a hit during spring and summer seasons. As the weather gets warmer and you need to keep your neck and face cool, a topknot is your ultimate ally. Instead of going with a typical topknot this spring, try a braided topknot for a fun twist. Once you tie your hair in a high ponytail, create a loose braid. Twist the end of your braid around your finger and hold tight.

braided topknot


With the other hand, push the elastic up towards your head so as to create a “scrunched” look. The scrunched look adds volume and fullness to your topknot and helps create the perfect messy bun. Use the section of hair twisted around your finger to wrap the base of your topknot and pin it up. This versatile technique works for both anywhere on your head but particularly the back of your head as well as at the nape of your neck.

Pinterest inspired criss cross ponytail.

The criss cross ponytail hairstyle is perhaps a favorite spring style and found on most hairstyle Pinterest boards. Creating the look is super-simple and helps you save time without giving us sexy and flirty style.


criss cross pony tail


To achieve the most basic criss cross ponytail create three sections in your hair – smaller sections on the sides, and a larger one in the middle. Tie the larger middle section in a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Take the top half of the section on the left and cross it over the elastic, repeat on the other side to create an X at the back of your head that hides the elastic. Use the leftover sections of hair to crisscross over the base of the elastic and cover the bottom of the ponytail. Use a pin to keep your hair in place.

Simple Spring Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

  • While it is a dream to have perfect hair days for everyday during the spring the truth is that bad hair days exist, as do days when you simply need to be sporting second-day hair. One great way to continue being spring ready even on these days is to use bright scarves around your neck or adding headband. Pick floral prints and spring time pastel shades and you are easily able to pull off second-day hair while looking fresh and different. This is also ideal for camping and lifeguard duties.  


  • Flowers! There is something ethereal about dainty flowers woven through a beautiful mane. Whether you are gearing up for a music festival or making your way to a wedding, dress your hair up with fresh and bright blossoms.


  • One of the hair trends in spring 2016 is the soft full fringe. Instead of a heavy fringe that will be become cumbersome as the weather gets hotter, a soft fringe is perfectly light and flirty. It adds soft texture to your face and gives you a breezy spring look that looks great on Instagram.


  • Incorporate the wet, slicked back hairstyle every now and then. Choose the right hair gel and tie your hair in a no-fuss low ponytail. Sometimes the simple hairstyles are the best and most reliable. These are great if you find yourself boating, hiking, or volunteering with kids at local camp. Soften the look with headbands and bold stud earrings.


  • From Kirby grips to small floral clips, use tiny accessories to glamorize your hair. Be you! Whether you have naturally curly hair or poker-straight tresses, there is a hair accessory just for you. Pick the one you like, and pair your hairstyle with dresses and rompers that complement your overall spring wardrobe and look.

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