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Kewl News - March Fashion Recap

Posted on April 15 2016

The month of March has seen an abundant array of fashion events including everything from Fashion Week LA to Hera Seoul Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week.


As believers in all things fashion we make it our mission and goal to keep you in the loop on everything relevant to looking great, being confident, and flowing with the trends as the year progresses. Whether you are interested in what graced runways around the world or looking for the latest celebrity gossip and influences our Kewl News recaps are ideal for keeping you in the loop.


The start of spring 2016 saw a number of quaint fashion shows featuring fashion photography and exhibitions that showcased technology in fashion alongside our spring wardrobe staples. Here’s a quick recap of the who’s who and what’s what that dominated the fashion scene in March 2016.


The Dreslyn’s Unique Swimwear Campaign

ageless beauty

Beauty is ageless. In the past youth was the only acceptable form of beauty and the fashion world demanded women to have figures similar to little boys. Today maintaining the allure of the teenage boy’s body is farther fetched and curves have slowly emerged to be appreciated and in many fashion circles - expected.


Thanks to socialites like Kim Kardashian West and celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce, trendy fashion has taken a turn and embraces curves for various spreads. Taking cues from the various forms of beauty an online curated boutique, The Dreslyn, launched a new swimwear campaign in March 2016 that features 60-year-old model Yazemeenah Rossi. In collaboration with the Land of Women, a lingerie brand, Yazemeenah is seen wearing various types of swimwear, including tube tops, bathing suits, and cover-ups for an exclusive editorial for The Dreslyn.


When questioned about the campaign, Brooke Taylor Corcia, founder and CEO of The Dreslyn explains, “The Dreslyn was conceived as a platform to redefine femininity and sensuality on our own terms. Land of Women shares this mission and our collaborative collection of swimwear was designed with simplicity and purity in mind, to emphasize the woman wearing the product. Yazemeenah Rossi embodies the modern, ageless confidence, intelligence and grace, making her a natural fit for this story, and we are thrilled to have had such an incredible, visceral response to this season’s message.”


Beyoncé Launched Her Very Own Sportswear Fashion Brand

beyonce ivy park sportswear label

Beyoncé is renowned all over the world not only for her songs but also for her fitness regime. She has always been a staunch supporter of empowering women and strongly believes that women need to take time to take care of their bodies as well as their mental health.


In partnership with Philip Green, the owner of Topshop, Beyoncé has launched “Ivy Park” – her own sportswear label. When Beyoncé was asked the reason behind this launch, she shares, “It was all about celebrating women and the bodies we’re in – while striving to be better.” Ivy Park has something for every woman, irrespective of her body shape or sporting ability. Beyoncé’s fashion sportswear brand is now available in stores such as Topshop, JD Sports, and Selfridges.


Christian Louboutin Introduced THE Nude Flats

Christian Louboutin nude ballet shoes

When the term ‘nude’ is generally used in fashion, it refers to a very specific color rather than a range of shades as it should do, because nude is a different hue for different skin tones.


The Nudes Collection launched by Christian Louboutin offers nude ballet shoes for all skin tones. This universal ballet shoe not only comes in two colorways, but it also looks dainty with a thin little bow as an embellishment. This ballet shoe is made from a new material – matte nappa, even though it looks like leather. This new material is textured like skin and helps give the illusion of longer legs, which is every woman’s dream. This is definitely one of the ballet shoes that ought to be on your Spring 2016 wish list.


Rachel Zoe Spilled the Beans on Her Washables Collection

Rachel Zoe washables collection

After ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ reality show, Rachel Zoe has been quite busy writing books, hosting talk shows, and introducing her own fashion line full of flared pants, signature boho maxi dresses, and fringed jackets. She has also partnered with the fabric softener Downy and attended the ‘laundry school’ at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio to learn more about the intricacies of fabric care.


The Washables Collection was inspired by her stint in the laundry school in a bid to create different fall 2016 apparel that are machine washable. According to her the best thing to do while caring for fabrics is to follow the instructions mentioned on the care label and treating the clothes with a fabric conditioner that ensures no pilling, stretching, or fading. The Washables Collections is perfect for those who want to save the money that they would alternatively spend on dry cleaning.


Victoria Beckham Opened a Store in Hong Kong

Victoria beckham hong kong store

Victoria Beckham opened her store in the very heart of the Central district in Hong Kong amid a cluster of five-star hotels and high-end brands. This store in Hong Kong is the British fashion designer’s first store outside the United Kingdom. She launched her store in the city in order to tap into Asia’s market, and if the ratings are to be believed, it is this brand’s fastest growing market.


Beckham was the picture of sophistication and grace at the launch of her store in Hong Kong, wearing an all-black ensemble comprised of a loose, bohemian skirt, a fitted turtleneck jumper, and simple black heels. There was a nice crowd gathered outside the store to see this former Spice Girl who was flanked by security guards.


On opening the store in Hong Kong, she said, “I know Asian women really understand luxury, good quality and appreciate when garments are made well – and my clothes are.” Whether it was a good financial decision to open a store in Hong Kong when businesses are at their worst ever in 20 years is yet to be seen.


Hedi Slimane Stepped Down From His Post at Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane leaves St Lauraint

The Creative and Image Director at Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane, has officially stepped down and has left behind a legacy that is quite unforgettable. His recent return to a traditional runway show where he debuted some couture pieces gave rise to a lot of speculation about whether he planned to step down.


His departure from Saint Laurent has confirmed all these suspicions and this French fashion house now has some big shoes to fill. Meanwhile, Slimane has already started working with Jane Birkin and Cara Delavigne, and has turned The Palladium in Los Angeles into a catwalk.


Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Swapped Styles in the Balmain Show

kendal and gigi

During Paris Fashion Week, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were seen swapping their styles in the Balmain Show. Kendall Jenner sported long blonde hair with a center part, while her best friend Gigi Hadid rocked brown locks for this show.


These two models were show stoppers not only because of their beauty, but also because of the over-the-knee boots and textured minis that were a part of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection. While Kendall looked like an ice queen sporting a fringe skirt and the over-the-knee boots in her first look, Gigi was fierce and stunning in the long-sleeved mini and the boots, which lured the audience’s attention to her long legs.


Their swapped hair colors made it a task to actually decipher who was who at the Balmain Show.


Rita Ora Spoke about her Collaboration with Adidas

Rita Ora Spoke adidas

Over the years, Rita Ora has collaborated with a number of fashion brands including Robert Cavalli, Madonna’s Material Girl, and DKNY. However, Adidas is a brand that is very dear to her and she considers this collaboration her dream job.


The latest Adidas Originals collection by Rita Ora is termed as the Artistic Lights pack, and finds its inspiration in high-flying trapeze artists. The apparels and footwear feature transparent mesh, lens-flare prints, and the gravity-defying cutouts held together by bandage tapings.


As to why she loves working with Adidas, Rita explains, “The Adidas team is so supportive and actually listen to my ideas. And I listen to them because obviously they know what sells and what’s possible. I’ve learned a lot creating this line.”


Taylor Swift Breaks the Internet with Her Bikini-Clad Pictures

taylor swift bikini

Taylor Swift is not known to share her bikini pictures on social media every day, but she does it only when the occasion calls for it.


The one year anniversary of Taylor Swift and Adam Wiles (aka Calvin Harris) was definitely the occasion that called for some picture sharing. The couple shared their pictures on Instagram that show them having the time of their life at some undisclosed beach location. Whether it is the black and yellow bikini or the lace cutout bikini, Taylor Swift sure knows how to give some of the sexiest poses when on a beach vacation. Way to ‘Shake It Up’!

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