Jewelry Designers Weigh In on the Best Jewelry for Strapless Bandage Dresses

Jewelry Designers Weigh In on the Best Jewelry for Strapless Bandage Dresses

Last updated on : April 01 2016

jewelry for strapless dresses

Strapless dresses are everything to us at The Kewl Shop. Many of our best selling bandage dresses feature strapless sweetheart necklines. We love that strapless dresses give us the flexibility to stretch our style alongside the opportunity to test its boundaries. The simplicity of a bare neck and collar inspires great jewelry, lovely hairstyles, and bold makeup.

We are constantly asked about the best necklace styles and options for our strapless dresses so we decided to consult jewelry designers, influencers, and stylist on the topic. 

In this guide we take a look at what works best for a strapless dress and how to pull your look off with ease and confidence. Whether you prefer extreme bling, have a preference for the classics, or simply want style inspiration this strapless dress jewelry guide is an excellent source. 

A special thanks to all our contributors for your time and insight. We appreciate your participation.

Mirraw is a India’s largest ethnic store

The boutique offers everything from necklaces to earrings to lehengas. The online retailer was founded by Shailesh Jain and Anup Nair in 2011. We asked for simple insight into the best jewelry to pair with strapless styles. The company provided detailed explanations that we found exciting and inspiring. 

“No two women in the world are the same and thus the choice of jewellery differs from woman to woman. Some women have prominent collar bones while some lack them; some women have a long swan-like neck while others have a shorter neck. The deftness with which you should choose your jewellery shows your sense of fashion and style. 

One kind of necklace that works well for both tall and petite women is the choker. Women with a shorter neck should opt for a slim and sleek choker while women with longer necks are easily able to pull off wider styles. A dazzling diamond choker is marvelous when paired with a black off shoulder gown. Diamond jewelry really jazzes up a strapless look.

Remember the blue heart shaped diamond pendant hanging around Kate’s Winslet’s neck in Titanic? Wasn’t that a rare piece of beauty that took her appeal to an ethereal level? A strapless dress and a heart shaped pendant is a feminine, sweet, and statement combination. It is the quintessential princess style look and has been adored for ages. Since a strapless dress leaves your shoulders bare, a heart shaped pendant gets enough space to showcase itself brilliantly.

The problem with pendants when teamed up with a dress with a higher neckline is that the beauty of the pendant gets hidden. When you team it up with strapless clothing, the beauty of the pendant is visible in its entirety and enhances your glamour. For this reason you often find pendants and necklaces displayed in jewelry stores on mannequins with strapless dresses."

Krikawa is online retailer dedicated to creating custom pieces that are easily passed down through generations

Its world class designs have received more than 20 awards. The company’s founder and CEO Lisa Krikawa designs several of the pieces and is recognized as an authority on custom jewelry design. Lisa has addressed audiences around the world about what it means to run a custom jewelry shop. It was only natural for us to seek her insights into the best styles and pieces for strapless dresses and necklines.

“A lovely necklace for a bandage dress would be a choker length piece.  I like how the horizontal lines and layers of a sterling silver multi-chain choker would reflect the horizontal lines of a strapless dress.  The different lengths and size chains add a little weight and drama to the neckline.  

This necklace in sterling would work well with a more casual material, and promotes the image of a powerful woman.  For a more sophisticated, feminine look, I would choose a choker length necklace, yet move to something artistic and feminine, perhaps in pearls and gold.”



Becky Stone is the influential blogger behind Diamonds in the Library

Her audience relies on her lifestyle and bedazzled basics and insight. Becky’s articles on How to Take Great Jewelry Photos with Your Phone, How to Pack Jewelry for a Move, and Treat Yo’Self Series that features jewelry under $300 provide valuable direction on how to showcase, pack, and splurge on jewelry in the 21st century. Becky’s appreciation for unique style and convictions to keep things realistic and affordable is what made us seek her thoughts on jewelry and strapless necklines.

"My favorite piece of advice to give when you're talking about accessorizing a strapless dress is to think outside the box. When you have a lot of chest and shoulders showing it gives you so many options for necklaces: it's the perfect time for one big statement piece but you shouldn't forget to try other things, too. Consider a long necklace that will draw the eye up and down your body, or several layered necklaces to give an unexpected complexity to your look. Or you could always skip a necklace in favor of truly major earrings." 

Love & Pieces is a curated online jewelry boutique

The company is based in Miami Beach and has a flare for bohemian chic styles with designer influences. The online store was founded by Elissa Spektor. We approached Elissa for insights on what to wear with a strapless dress because of the store’s unique commitment to keeping styles light and breezy yet bold and feminine.  

“When wearing a bandage or strapless dress we feel it is a perfect opportunity to make a statement with your jewelry. If the neckline and dress are simple go for a bold necklace that will pop and pull your look together. If you’re not comfortable with a statement necklace go for some great earrings. Right now earrings are hot and there are so many options out there from climbers, tassels, hoops and threaders.”

Melissa Williams, from The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover, is an influential luxury lifestyle, travel, and fashion blogger

She influences more than 60k visitors a month with more than 22k people following her via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Her creative poise and addiction to sparkling things makes her a reliable expert on what to wear with a strapless dress.

"A strapless dress is a bold style statement. To compliment it, pick one item of jewelry that stands out but don't over accessorise. If the dress is classic and chic go for some glamorous chandelier earrings on their own, or alternatively a bold chunky necklace with small stud earrings. A high fashion bandage dress can suit a long necklace well or solid cuff bangle, however if it is highly patterned consider simpler jewelry, such as small diamond earrings."

Nina Nguyen designs bold yet light hearted jewelry

Her designs center around colored stones to create styles that are unique and focused to enhance the confidence and beauty of the wearer. Nina states, “The jewelry I design is a reflection of my spirit. I create each piece to be unique, feminine, and stylish. I envision my pieces empowering the wearer. It gives me much pleasure to contribute to the beauty of women." The company is based in Vietnam with a generous philanthropic approach to conducting business by offering staff higher wages, full benefits, and educational supplements for their children. 

“The bib style is best for most all body types. Something bold, like our Wisdom Necklace, Love in the Mist or Love Necklace would work better for strapless. A long necklace - with or without pendants, can hang awkwardly.”

In Summary

Choosing the right jewelry for your strapless dress is a challenge and truly depends on your venue, event, and style inspiration. According to our experts and jewelry designers a simple choker inspired piece is perfect for most occasions and pendants that make a bold statement are elegant and refined. Every designer we've featured here offer quality jewelry that is feminine, classic, and trendy.  

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