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Must Have Spring 2016 Styles and Trends

Posted on March 19 2016

spring styles

Although seasons change like clockwork every year, spring does have the habit of tiptoeing around the tulips. The weather seems to change from cold wintry mornings to longer warm days to fresh, crisp air without warning. It creeps up on us and we are often unprepared. For most of us, this means that our wardrobes are nowhere close to being ready to meet the arrival of spring head on. So we resort to jeans and a t-shirt or a bandage crop top until we are able to pull it all together.  


Perhaps this is why the arrival of spring also brings with it unplanned shopping trips to our “go to stores” to grab pieces we need to get through spring with fashion dignity. The best thing about spring weather is that you no longer need to wear multiple layers of clothing or hide your precious bandage dress under a bulky coat, sexy layers, or a chic blazer and scarf combo. With warmer weather you simply pull on one of your chosen spring fashion pieces and are able to easily be out of the door in a jiffy. 


Alongside your bandage dress comes the romper, jumpsuit, and bodycon dress. They give us the same amount of sex appeal with a more breezy and lightweight flair. We’ve compiled this list to help you get your spring wardrobe planning underway and under control. Feel free to use this spring checklist to ensure you are putting your best diva foot forward among the flowers.

Bodycon dresses are reliable.

Midi bodycon dress styles are dominating spring 2016 runways. They give you the form fitting sex appeal you love without heavy texture and constraint. The midi bodycon dresses also offer a longer hemline that keeps you warmer until the weather truly decides to tiptoe into being hot.

Look for a floral touch in your spring bodycons to reflect the freshness and prettiness of everything spring stands for – think small daisy prints. Depending on the weather at the start of spring, you may still feel the need to layer up a bit – opt for a bodycon sweater dress to help you keep warm in style, or pull on a classy cardigan or scarf that can be stowed away when you do not need it.

Bandage dresses are always in the running.

Spring is generally all about ruffles, frills, and of course, big floral patterns. But spring 2016 is the year to bring out a patterned or textured bandage dresses, as well as midi bandage dresses in neutral or nude shades. Light blues, nude pink, purple, and green are also solid go tos. Pick a lace-up midi dress that is both flirty and comfortable enough to wear in this weather or a bold color block two-piece bandage dresses if you desire to show more skin.

Open shoes and sandals - of course.

The international fashion shows held in the earlier parts of this year touted gladiator sandals and backless shoes as the must-have fashion footwear options this year. This is definitely the time to buy a couple of strappy sandals and not be afraid to keep them low. Pick a white or color pop heeled sandal for occasions that require more polish and a pair of flats for everyday, relaxed wear.


Wedge heels are always a great option during the spring season because you easily are able to walk in them for hours without quick foot discomfort and pain. Chunky sandals, mules, flat-forms, and backless sneakers are all great options.  

Pink and red lipsticks are taking center stage.

The crisp and fresh weather of spring are best set off with aesthetic bright swipes of color. Your lips bring in color without much effort so be sure to add a nice quality lipstick to your shopping list. Natural and relaxed makeup has dominated the fashion scene for 7 seasons straight but spring calls upon all of us to bring out a bit of color. Choose bold colors, bright hues, and glitter. When it comes to your lips, the one color that rules the roost is red. While the classic shades of red lipstick remain as popular as ever, the one new red that makes it to our fashion checklist is candy apple red.


From the patent lacquer of candy apple red worn by Nina Ricci, to the satin textures by D&G, and the matte beauty by DKNY – the snow white red apple hue is the talk of the town. If it matches your fashion statement, dark and moody vampire lip colors in the shades of oxblood and darker mauve are also trends to follow in spring 2016.


ombre lips


Some of us are also going to be exploring ombre lips. It is a blend of both bright and soft colors within the same color palette. Apply your chosen lip color on the innermost parts of your lips, and then use a sponge to dab the rest of your lips and create a lip color gradation. The candy apple trend, berry colors, as well as fuschia pink shades lend themselves very well to this gradient ombre effect.


Explore all the shades of red and pink this year to find the best ones for your skin tone. Choosing a quality lipstick ensures your lips are always on point and that you experience no bleeding or crumbling.

Eye makeup is more expressive.

The color for your eyes in spring 2016 is undoubtedly blue – the boldest and brightest shades you can think of. The runways were ablaze with intense smokey eye makeup in shades of blue such as the navy glitter by Yves Klein, periwinkle eye makeup by Boss, or the stunning cyan by Monique Lhuillier. Mascara seems to have made a dramatic comeback in time for spring 2016, and you do not need to limit yourself to plain black mascara either.


blue eye make up


From liners to mascara, blue seems to be the dominant shade. If blue is not your cup of tea, pink and peach eye pencils help create an enthralling sunset look that adds texture and depth to your face.


Remember to play up just one feature on your face at a time – blue eye makeup goes well with nude lips and bronzer, while the naked appeal of sunset eye makeup easily sets off candy apple red lips.


Don’t forget the glitter. Fashionistas never forget the glitter. Shower some glitter on your eyes to give them a soft and shimmery look – spring calls for it! If you are bored of using eyeliner in the same old traditional way, give underlining a try in spring 2016. Instead of using your eyeliner on the top or both lids, use it to accentuate just the bottom area, under the waterline. This fresh and dewy look is being touted as one of the sexiest spring 2016 makeup trends of all time - we are on the verge of agreeing.

Hairstyles are simple and chic.

We love our tresses. Whether you are rocking long or short hair - we love them all. Our hair gives us something to easily work with, expands our look portfolio, and allows us a freedom we all like to explore regularly. Minor adjustments in your hair easily changes your look – taking your style from street to sexy to professional in a matter of minutes.


Designer fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Herve Leger, and Gucci are swearing by tight Dutch braids and pigtails. High ponytails offer a no-nonsense flyaway free look that is as good for work as it is for a night of clubbing. Pull your tresses together in a low ponytail that begins at the nape of your neck and top it off with a silk or suede bow for a femininity that simply does everything we love.


 messy bun


There is good news for those of us who are perpetually in a hurry because the messy bun is trending this year. These super-easy updos are versatile and reliable for those of us with longer tresses. Bounce between topknots or loose chignons, or as loose low buns. Leave some strands of hair just grazing your cheeks, and you have a light look that is whimsical, flowy, and pure girl. Another trending look is the half-up half-down hairstyle. If you have long hair that reaches at least mid-back, this might be your look of the season. Simply braid the hair on the sides of your head, overlap and knot them at the back, and just let the rest of your hair fall freely.


Your handbags and purses need color this spring.

Bold and bright handbags are the way to go this spring. From cherry reds to bold blues, a colorful handbag is just what you need to add some chutzpah to your spring wardrobe staples. From top-handle totes and over-sized hobos, to two-tone satchels and mini box bags, the colorful bag trend is a must.


Be practical and get one that is big enough to accommodate all your essentials but leave the somber black and brown-toned handbags in your winter closet. Fringed and tasseled handbags in spring colors are making slight peaks and pairing well with tiny denim shorts and breezy cotton dresses.

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