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A Moment in the Sun with Suz

Posted on March 16 2016

Every now and then you stumble upon a tiny treasure when surfing the world wide web. The treasure instantly affects you and leaves a lasting impression that makes you smile for the rest of the day - that is what Suz & the Sun has done for us.


In her tiny part of the web Suz shares laughs and her love for clothing, travel, glitter, and puppies. What we love about Suz is the simple fact that she started her blog in pursuit of living a happier and more beautiful life. In our humble opinion - it’s working. We asked Suz to sit down with us and share a bit more about herself. Our meet was quaint, sweet, and full of good ‘ol fashioned sunshine.

Suz your blog is an inspiring collection of everything from fashion to travel. Tell us more about it. Why did you start it?

I actually initially started my blog when I was studying and wanted to remember all of the adventures I was going on. Particular favorites include losing my luggage in Johannesburg and getting lost in the back roads of the garden route on the coast of South Africa's Western Province.

From there I started reading others and began to realize that there is this whole universe of blogging that a lot of people didn't follow as much back in the day. I've always loved fashion and travel, and now it serves more as an outlet than anything else for me.

Agreed. It is important to remember the moments we wish not to forget. Seriously. So much is learned from those moments - so many memories made. I couldn’t imagine losing my luggage in someplace far from home. You mentioned you followed other fashion and travel bloggers which ones?

I love Dash of Darling because she is a) gorgeous and b) we share a last name. Her shots are amazing and it seems like she really loves what she does and where she goes. I also love reading posts from Payton of Hustle and Halcyon for her openness and her way of making you feel like you're her best friend. For blogging tips and incredible minimalist outfits (that are affordable and replicable) it's gotta be Thrifts & Threads! I really like newer bloggers who are doing their own thing but still can relate really well to their readers.

Yes. We have an appreciation for emerging bloggers (real women) and seek them out for interviews and style insights all the time. Speaking on influencers who are some of your favorite designers and labels?

I have a slight obsession with Valentino and Jenny Packham. Like most bloggers, I follow Chloé like it’s a religion.

Yes - Chloé is a must. So tell us about your life outside of your blog?

I have what I would describe as the world’s cutest dog - and he has so much character! My boyfriend and I actually met traveling (sort of) so that's a big love, and I really enjoy shopping (obviously) and sports. Most people I know outside of my hometown have no idea that I've been playing ice hockey since the age of 8.

suz and her dog

You play ice hockey?! Incredible - just like your style. So tell me more about your personal style. What inspires it?

I love to be comfortable. I've always been really active and sporty so I try and translate that into what I wear. It's mostly jeans or some amazing pants with tops that show off parts of me that I love! I love wearing dresses, but they have to feel really special for me. Anyway my heart has a lot of space for shoes. SO much so that my mother calls me Shoezi.


We all love shoes and need an abundance of them. So what is your "go-to" outfit?

Easy! Black jeans, black t-shirt or mock neck sleeveless top (preferably from Samsøe & Samsøe), a bomber jacket or robe jacket and one of my three pairs of favorite shoes!

You only have three favorite pairs of shoes; I bounce between seven styles. Do you have a fashion bucket list? Are there any styles you just have to try this year?

I love love love the boho look but don't think I'm relaxed enough for it! I want to give crop tops a try sometime - can you believe I've never gotten into them? This year I will be all about the off-the-shoulder look!

Aside from pursuing boho this year what are some of the jewelry pieces you plan to wear.

I have three rings that I wear every day - one from my mom, one from my dad, and one from my boyfriend. Of course I then have earrings that I keep in constantly and only rotate my first set of holes. It's a mission having 6 holes in my ears to keep up with.

I’m sure! What is that one piece of jewelry you cannot be without?

I once thought I lost the ring from my dad and I cried like the world was over. It was my grandmothers and is very, very special to me, so I would say that and my mom's ring.

So glad you found it. What a relief! Tell us a bit about your blogging schedule and anything else our readers can look forward too.

I've been pretty lax about posting the last year, but a lot of it is my friends who live on the other side of the world who wonder what I get up to. This year has been pretty crazy- new country, new job, long commute and no service onboard. So I need to be more strategic in the future. But I post what I like and for fun, not with any other motive!

I also try to post as much music as possible that I'm listening to - my two best friends and I share a love of different styles of songs and every time we find something amazing it's immediately sent.

I turn 26 this month and am making this the year of getting back on track with blogging and being way more active! Be sure to check out my favorite traveling posts: Weekend in Paris and Berlin Neighborhood Guide: Friedrichshain.

suz casual

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