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11 Ways to Wear Your Hair This Fall

Posted on October 07 2016

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The fall of 2016 is upon us and you know what that means—it’s time to style ourselves according to this season’s fashion. We covered simple tips on how to transition your style to fall this year, but what about what goes on beyond our clothes and lipsticks? Style is not limited just to your wardrobe or shoes.

To be a true fashionista, you need to keep up with your latest hair trends as well. Do not fret, we are here to help. Take a look at 11 amazing ways to wear your hair this fall and keep earning those impressed yet envious glances wherever you go!


This is one style that cannot go wrong this season. Knots in various styles—low, high, sleek, and even two were seen being sported by Dior models on the runway this year, and the style is versatile enough to suit every woman. Easy to style, the knotted buns look effortless yet chic while bringing in a bit of vintage grace. Go for a stylish chignon to more messy loops depending on whether you are at an upscale event or simply hitting town in your denims and comfortable sweaters.

Sectioned Ponytail

For an instantly attractive and classy look, try the section ponytail this fall. All you need to do is sweep your tresses into a ponytail on any side of your head and then section it with elastic hair ties placed at intervals of 1.5 inches or so. For the final touch, pull out a few strands of hair in each section to soften the look.

Low Ponytail

When on the subject of ponytails, there is another way to wear your hair if you are fan of the “less is more” style. Simply use a black hair tie to make a low ponytail with your entire hair for an elegant, hassle-free style that goes well with most outfits. A low ponytail pairs great when you need to achieve elegance and polish in a pinch this fall. It also has the ability to give your sexy bandage dresses chic style.

Center Part

Another way of wearing your hair when you are not into spending a lot of time on styling but yet want to stick to the season’s trend is embracing the center part. The center part is excellent for those with straight hair and requires a bit of hair styling products for those with curls and waves. However, it does not mean that you cannot pull off this style if you have curly hair. The trick is to use a thin comb so that it looks perfectly in place. Show off your collarbones and face by tucking it behind your ears if you plan to leave your hair free flowing.

Beveled Bob

Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing a beveled bob and it works. If you are all about a structured, chic look when it comes to bobs, this one is the way to go this fall. It works with most face shapes, while you can choose to make slight adjustments to bring out your best features. The beveled way of a layered bob means that there is a minimal difference in the length of the top and bottom layers, which adds a stylish touch to the usual bob without being overtly adventurous. So if you are looking for a way to wear your short hair that you can sport with ease both to work meetings and night outs, consider the beveled bob cut.

Wet-look Locks

Got out of bed with your hair feeling extra greasy and don’t have time to deal with it? Make it work to your advantage with the slicked-back look that a number of celebrities have rocked.  Try a stunning hairstyle by pulling your hair back and fastening it at the crown (or leave it open) for a scandalous yet in-place look. Wearing your hair this way also shows off your facial features.

The wet-look locks are for displaying your cheekbones, go for the wet look with complete confidence. Even if you do not have greasy hair, you can style your locks using your favorite hair wax or gel.

Ultra-voluminous Hair

One of the top hairstyles trending for the fall 2016 season, is the voluminous hair. This hair was unmissable on runways across Europe to New York. If you have big hair, nothing like it! If not, you can achieve the look with backcombing and a whole lot of curls. Make a center part with strong waves and rock the wild look. If you are feeling adventurous, have fun with added effects on your mane like splashes of colors.

Tousled Waves

Waves aren’t just limited to beach days; you can go for this look even in the fall for a romantic style that women with different hair lengths can pull off. To get that beachy flair in your hair, you do not always need seawater and sand. You can make it work even sans the summer humidity. Use a bit of texturizing cream on wet hair and dry it using a diffuser to get the perfectly in-place waves. For those with curly hair, using a wide-toothed comb to loosen the curls gently into waves can do the trick.

French Pleats

For fans of classic hairstyles with a modern twist, French pleats are the go-to method this fall. Whether you want to sport a rebellious look or a flirty, romantic one, you can wear French pleats in versatile ways to stay in trend for the season. A take on the traditional plaits, this style is more of a twist for your hair that goes on the crown of the head. You can choose to go bold with your entire head of hair twisted up at the top or keep your curls free.

Go Big with Hair Accessories

A big trend for this season is the use of headpieces ranging from sleek metallic hair bands to crowns and flower clips. Chunky, bold, and glitzy is what’s trending in hair accessories this fall, so go ahead and experiment. Bring out the tiaras and jewels (you do not have to be a queen to style your tresses with such adornments) or use the humble bobby pins in colors that contrast with the color of your hair to achieve a deep part.

For a dramatic look, you can use a statement hairband and push the hair back for an Afro style or push your straight, open hair back with multiple hair embellishments clipped on both sides. You can also go the Emilia Clarke-way by wrapping a metal wire in golden or silver halfway down a low ponytail with a deep center part.

Spice It Up with Colors

Every season, there are certain colors that top the style charts and most often fall sees the dominance of earthier hues in keeping with the changing leaves and the weather. At the same time, for the bold ones there are more striking hues that you can go for to make heads turn everywhere. Take a look at some of the top hair colors for fall 2016:

  • Mermaid blue: Yes, it almost never goes out of style. One of the best things about this hair color is that it goes with different skin tones, and this fall you can ask your stylist to go a notch further and combine aqua, cobalt, turquoise and navy for an amazingly striking look.
  • Rose gold: It has already taken over Instagram, and hair stylists predict it to be one of the biggest trends this season. Emma Roberts made it work, and it can add an understated radiance to your look with its slight tinge of pink combined with soft beige. This is in keeping with the season’s trend in jewelry too, so you may want to consider a color-depositing conditioner to keep the tone from fading all too soon.  
  • Rich chocolate: For those with an already-dark mane, there is not much you need to do. If not, you can go ahead with a full head of rich brown tone and add chestnut, auburn, or amber highlights for warmth and style.
  • Color melting: This is a technique rather than a hair color in itself, but is excellent for women who want to go for a striking yet refined style. Color melting gives your tresses a multidimensional effect to create a seamless, natural look that can work well with almost every hairstyle.  

It does not matter whether you have a pixie cut, shoulder-length hair, or tresses that go all the way to your hips. With the right kind of styling, you are all set to display fall fashion at its best. Try one or more of these ways to style your crowning glory, and feel free to add your own touch while you are at it.

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