11 Things To Know For Perfect Eyebrows

Last updated on : August 13 2023

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With the evolution in the beauty industry, eyebrows have evolved from the tiny line ladies drew in the 90s to the full, well-arched brows we groom now.

The desire to groom the perfect, modern-day eyebrows has become a thing. Unfortunately, not every person can achieve this. While some people have naturally sparse brows, others have eyebrows that are distant from each other.

On the other hand, some have full thick brows but don't know they can improve them with eyebrow waxing. They neither know how to groom nor thread their brows. However, there has to be a solution to this. Ladies need to feel confident about their eyebrows, but how can they achieve it? 

While professional makeup is one alternative, the result will only last for some hours. There are some permanent and semi-permanent solutions you need to know. These tips will help you with the knowledge of achieving the perfect brows.

1. Eyebrow Waxing To Reduce Hair Density

While achieving full eyebrow hair is a struggle, others have it in excess. For those of you with thick, coarse hair or those who need more hair removed from your brows, you may benefit from waxing. 

Eyebrow waxing is appropriate if you find threading and tweezing extremely uncomfortable. If done correctly, eyebrow waxing creates crisp, defined lines that can give you the appearance of more prominent, more defined brows. With continued use, your hair may regrow softer and more delicate.

2. Brow Tweezing For Classic Hair Removal

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Brow tweezing is a traditional and effective method of hair removal that has been used for a while. To achieve a neat and accurate appearance tweezing removes errant hair strands.

Brow tweezing enables more precise and thorough brow shaping. If you have sensitive skin, it may be perfect for you. Also, if you recently had skin peels or are on medicine that would prevent you from getting waxed, brow tweezing might be what you need.

You are less likely to experience an adverse response because no chemicals or heat are employed. However, avoid overplucking your brows. Your target should be plucking strands that are not in place or too far from the brows.

3. Natural Oils To Boost Growth

Essential oils are natural ways to achieve perfect brows. They are derived from plants while retaining their essence. Essential oils such as castor, rosemary, and lavender are examples of oils that boost hair growth and volume.

Generously apply drops of your chosen oil with a spoolie. Then rinse off after ten minutes. Continuous use of essential oils will gradually help you achieve your perfect brows.

4. Maintain Your Natural Brow Shape (You don't want to look funny)


The best eyebrow shape that will suit your face is the one on your face. Don't mess with your brow shape unless you are doing costume makeup.

It doesn't matter if it's professional makeup, brow tweezing, or microblading. Always follow the natural arch of your brows. The secret to having the perfect brows is to enhance the natural features, not distort them.

Suppose you can't determine the shape of your brows or maintain it. Then it's time to get professional help. Get the best brow artist you can find and stick with them. They'll recommend the proper process that will suit your brows.

5. Don't Touch Your Scanty Brows

Learn to give your brow a break. Some people over-pluck their brows on a regular basis. They end up having tiny strands and weird-shaped brows in no time.

If you have sparse brows, don't touch them yet. Allow them to grow and nurture. If you want to do any eyebrow procedure, wait for your brows to bounce back before proceeding.

Continually plucking your brow strand will ruin your chance of getting the perfect brows you desire. Tweezing or threading is for out-of-area strands and should be done occasionally.

6. Microblading For Customized Brows

Currently, microblading has become a solution to many eyebrow problems. It is a way to achieve natural-looking brows. 

Microblading is an eyebrow technique that can do wonders. It produces the optimal eyebrow shape for your face and a unique approach for each person.

Microblading differs from eyebrow tattoos. It is done on the skin's surface rather than in the deeper layers. It is not permanent as the color disappears after 18 months.

Since a handheld needle or blade is utilized, the hair strokes are significantly more realistic and refined than any tattoo. There is no electrical device that is deeply embedded in this procedure.

7. Microneedling To Stimulate Growth 

Microneedling may sound like microblading, but it's not. Microneedling is the act of poking tiny holes in the brow follicles to wake them up and help regenerate hair growth. 

A micro-needling instrument is used repeatedly over the brow area, especially when growth is minimal or requires extra care.

The needle's penetration enables a deeper reach. In most situations, this can assist in stimulating hair growth where it was previously stunted.

8. Eyebrow Threading For Natural Grooming

Threading is often regarded as one of the most secure methods of brow maintenance. It is especially beneficial for people who suffer from folliculitis or post-wax outbreaks.

Eyebrow threading is the removal of brow hair with a piece of thread. The thread is often composed of cotton and is relatively thin to provide a firmer grip on each strand.

Threading produces comparable results to waxing but is gentler on the skin because little to no skin is removed.

9. Fill In Sparse Spots


If you naturally have sparse brows or have it due to overplucking, your eyebrows will look scantier. Fill your brow gaps with powder, an angled brush, or a brow pencil. 

Then, using brow mascara, shape your brows into place. Continually do this until you find a treatment to restore your brow hairs.

10. Brow Tinting For Darker Eyebrow Colour

Eyebrow tinting is the practice of adding semi-permanent color to your brows to enhance, shape and define them. One of the features of perfect eyebrows is the rich dark color.

Brow tinting is ideal for people who want to conceal grey hairs or bring out new growth or lighter coats to create the appearance of more prominent brows.

With tinting, you can shape the brow area by darkening the hairs around the brow's border to increase width. It also enables you to darken fine hairs in the inner core of the brow that are sparsely distributed. 

Tinting results in a longer brow tail, a more prominent front, and a perfect shape. Tinting can be done on the entire brow or just in regions that require more color or thickness. 

Eyebrow tint comes primarily from semi-permanent vegetable dye or henna and is made to complement your present color. 

Tinting can be done at salons or your home. But unless you are a professional, you should go to an eyebrow salon. 

11. Stay Hydrated For Better Growth

Keep your skin hydrated to improve hair growth. Your eyebrows need both internal and external moisture to blossom. 

By drinking plenty of water, your body can cleanse efficiently and retain all the necessary nutrients. In addition to keeping a water bottle by your side during the day, it is critical to moisturize your brow area topically.

Bonus Section - How Your Lashes Can Improve The Look Of Your Brows

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Although the eyebrows and eyelashes are different, they complement each other. If one looks good and the other doesn't, your look will be incomplete. 

So as you strive to get that perfect look for your eyebrows, consider your lashes. Here are eyelash procedures that can enhance the look of your brows.

1. Lash Tinting

Alongside your brow tinting, you should include your lashes too. Lash tints give the appearance of using mascara without needing to apply it.

Consider lash tinting to be a semi-permanent dye treatment for your lashes. Tinting your lashes will not enhance curl, length, or volume but will deepen and intensify their color.

Tinting your eyelashes takes a few minutes. The dye is applied and left on your lashes for only 10 minutes. The entire process takes only 30 minutes from start to finish.

Of course, it varies depending on where you go and how fast the lash tech is.

2. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions mostly go with microblading. Having your lashes done will highlight your brows and enhance your look. They are semi-permanent lashes that are applied to your natural lash hair. 

Eyelash extensions have recently gained popularity in this era. They are a step up from regular artificial lashes and are known to last for several weeks.


Getting the perfect brows is attainable through several different practices. 

For a natural approach, using essential oils like castor oil can promote hair growth. Or you can slightly massage your eyebrows for increased blood flow. Alternatively, microblading, brow tinting, and brow waxing might work well for you.

Whatever you decide, all that matters is that you get satisfaction from the results.

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