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11 Sexy Reasons to Do Squats

Last updated on : October 01 2016

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Cardio only takes you so far on the path to a perfectly proportioned body. Weight training exercises are crucial to help you build lean muscles and boost your strength. While there are many weight training exercises to choose from, the one exercise to rule them all, so to speak, is the squat. For quick and lasting results from your workout routine, you should befriend this dynamic exercise.

Squats are beneficial to your entire body and give you the perfect curves in any sexy dress. They are easily done practically anywhere and require no equipment. Squats improve muscle mass and enable you to do your daily activities with energy and agility. They are also known for helping you burn fat and master balance naturally. Additionally, squats not only just tone your legs and thighs, but your booty and abs benefit too.

How to Do Squats Right

There are many different types of squats such as the deep squat, the pile squat, etc. The basic form required remains the same. Getting the form right is paramount to ensure that you do not hurt yourself, and get maximum benefits from during squats. Here is how you perform a basic squat:

  • Stand firmly with your feet held shoulder width away from each other with your toes facing outward.
  • Keep your gaze fixed upward, and place your hands on your thighs.
  • Move your weight to your heels as you bend your knees and simply sit.
  • Continue keeping your chest and head straight up as you slide your hands down your thighs.
  • Stop when your elbows reach your knees. It is important to remember that your knees should not be extending beyond your toes at any time.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds before you rise up by transferring your weight to your heels, and straightening your hips till you have returned to your original position.

Beginners should aim at doing about 15-20 reps for at least 2-3 sets about 3 times a week. Mark Rippetoe, athlete and fitness training expert explains, “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.”

While we love all these fabulous health benefits to squats - we’ve compiled a list of 11 sexy reasons squats must be a part of your exercise routine.

  • Booty (enough said)

  • There is no doubt about this—squats make your booty look absolutely great! Yes, there are plenty of leg curl exercise machines at the gym that are known to shape your derriere. However, these exercises tend to put plenty of strain on your lower back. Squats, on the other hand, are the perfect solution.

    Squats targets your gluteal muscles to get you that perfectly defined and shaped bubble butt. If you want to further amplify the effect of squats on your booty, go down in a deep squat (with a wider stance) instead of a parallel one. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, a deep squat works about 25 percent better at targeting the gluteus maximus muscles than a run-of-the-mill squat.

  • Legs (naturally)

  • Whether you are wearing cigarette pants or your favorite bandage dress, your legs are always going to be on display—make the impression a lasting and riveting one. Squats help you develop a great set of legs that you have coveted for years. The best thing about doing squats is that they help tone your leg as a whole.

    In general, the equipment at the gym is designed to target specific muscles in your legs. This means you have to do many different exercises to tone your whole leg. While performing a squat, you end up using every single muscle in your legs so as to keep yourself balanced and in right form. Very few other exercises give your pins a workout like squats do.

  • Flexibility (for our extracurricular private activities)

  • Most of us spend quite a large part of the day sitting in an office chair or doing other sedentary tasks. Such a lifestyle hardly leaves any room for you to limber up. Whether you are concerned about how your body behaves while working out, on the dance floor, or in bed, flexibility is a key factor for you to work on regularly.

    It is also important as a means to prevent injuries which is why all workouts require you to start with a warm-up that includes stretching exercises. Doing sets of squats regularly helps you become more and more flexible. How? Squats require you to bend and stretch your leg muscles including your calves, knees, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Deep squats work harder to improve the flexibility of your back, hips, and legs.

  • Fat Blaster

  • Cardio activities like running burn plenty of fat. Squats may not match up to that while you are working out. However, you stop burning fat after your cardio run is over. With squats, your body keeps burning fat even after you have stopped exercising, making squats a more efficient fat burner.

    When it comes to burning fats, one of the best ways to do so is to build more muscle. Research shows that every pound of muscle you gain helps you burn an added 50 to 70 calories daily. Gaining just 10 pounds of muscle helps you lose between 500-700 extra calories a day.

  • No More Cellulite

  • Can you imagine an exercise that actually gets rid of all that horrible cellulite on your booty and the back of your legs? Squats get rid of that cottage cheese skin texture for you. One of the main reasons why you have cellulite in the first place is because of poor blood circulation.

    Bad blood circulation is something that squats help you deal with as this exercise boosts your blood flow. As you start doing regular sets of squats, you soon begin to see a dramatic reduction in your cellulite, which eventually disappears. The result will be a toned body sans cellulite—need we say more?

  • Sexier Walk

  • The Beatles called it when they sang, “Something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover.” The way a woman moves has a high amount of sex appeal. A sexier walk ensures that you make a show-stopping entrance. We cover how to walk in heels in this post.

    Squats help change and improve your posture and balance. Not only will you be walking straight and tall, you also develop stronger back muscles and legs to making walking easy. Prepare to walk like a beauty queen—maybe not on the day you start doing squats, but soon enough!

  • Better Sex Life

  • Not only do squats make your body look extremely sexy, but this exercise also has an impact on the quality of your sex life. Squats require you to tighten and hold every muscle in your body from the core and upper back to your booty and legs. Doing this exercise regularly leads to some epic sexy times thanks to increased hip strength and mobility.  

    Squats are known for toning and shaping your body. Therefore squats give you confidence in your own skin and courage to help you try a few other positions that require more balance and coordination.

  • Confidence

  • You do not exercise to look good with clothes on; you do it so that you look amazing without anything on! One of the best advantages to including squats to your daily exercise regimen is that your body composition begins to change. As your body fat goes down, your curves and body shape is become more defined.

    Squats work to help shape your body in your most visual areas: legs, booty, and abs. Defining those areas give you confidence in your own skin.  

  • Core Strength

  • Yes, you read that right—this one exercise works on your legs, your butt, your back, AND you abs or core simultaneously! As you do the squat movement by lowering your body, you give your abs a workout too. Toned abs help your sexy dresses fit better and boost your overall body image.

    Often we believe that the only way to blast fat is to do sit ups or planks. However, squats are very effective in targeting your core and abs.

  • Calves

  • Have you ever been teased for having skinny legs? Many of us have grown up listening to others make fun of our “chicken legs”. Well, you change that with squats. Doing squats with weights helps you to develop killer calves that you have always coveted. Imagine your favorite pair of strappy stilettos leading up to your ankles and on-point calves—you cannot go wrong.

    As we’ve mentioned doing squats hardly requires any space. You also do not need any specialized equipment to do this exercise. This means that you can work towards developing that uber-sexy booty anywhere and at any time. Do short sessions in the park while walking your dog, step away from your desk for a few minutes, or just start your day with a set—squats are your shortcut to sexy. They truly are a gift that simply keeps on giving.

    If you need more sexy reasons to do squats, Jen Selter is the Instagram celebrity you should look up. Selter has inspired thousands of women across the globe to work hard to get a bigger booty, and squats are her go-to exercise option.

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