11 Indispensable Ways To Get The Best Deal When Shopping Online

Last updated on : August 01 2021

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In recent years, online shopping has grown significantly and is on pace to outperform traditional brick and mortar stores, with developments over the pandemic only accelerating the trend. 

And there are indeed lots of opportunities for people to save money by shopping online. But when doing so, it is also essential to get the best deal possible. 

What are a few essential tips everyone should keep in mind when saving money shopping for online goods and services?

Well, here are 11 indispensable ones. 

1. Create A Wish List When Shopping Online

Even if you are not ready to purchase something immediately, always create a wish list when shopping online. A wishlist is vital because many online retailers will send you an email alert when the price has dropped.

Even though not every company will do this, many companies realize that it is an integral part of email marketing. For example, Amazon and Target are two of the biggest online retailers that will alert you if an item in your shopping cart has reduced its price. 

You should make sure you stay logged into your online account so you get these alerts. That way, you can purchase your wish list items at a discount.  

Check your spam email folder and make sure your price alerts are not heading to this location. 

2. Take Advantage Of Coupons

Many people get an adrenaline rush from adding up all the dollars and cents they save on a shopping trip. And an excellent way to save is through discounts and coupons, which can be essential when shopping online for clothing

Even though many coupons are digital, some coupons still come in the mail. Therefore, be sure to sign up for mailing lists and get coupons sent to your mailbox. Then, you can take these physical coupons and apply them online.  

You can also look for exclusive online coupons from coupon sites like DontPayFull. Sometimes, companies have quotas that they need to fill. As a result, they may place items on sale through coupon sites before the next shipment comes in.

If you combine coupons with significant sales, particularly those that take place around the holidays, you may be able to save a lot of money. 

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3. Combine Coupons With Cashback

If you are someone who loves getting cash back, then you should take advantage of Rakuten. Rakuten is a website where you can earn cashback on many of your online purchases by coupling them with coupons. 

When you check out, you click a button, and the app should give you an automatic online rebate. It will also give you several coupon codes you can stack together before submitting your order. 

Even though you will not save money on every purchase, you can save a significant amount of money from time to time. 

4. Use A Virtual Private Network

Another critical step is to take advantage of a Virtual Private Network, usually shortened to a VPN.  

A VPN is an essential cybersecurity tool because it protects your identity and reduces exposure to viruses and malware. However, a VPN can also save you money when you shop online. 

A lot of websites will use cookies to track your visits online. Then, when you come back, they may track your location and give you a specific price based on your visit history or where you live.  

You can use a VPN to conceal this information. That way, websites will not know when you visit repeatedly. This behavior could help you get a better price on your products and services. 

5. Check For Returned Items And "As Is" Sales

If you are interested in saving money, then you should take a look at warehouse deals online.

Shoppers return online orders often, mainly because the pictures do not match their requirements or they are otherwise unhappy. 

And retailers cannot sell items at the same price once they have been returned. As a result, sites like Overstock and Amazon Warehouse Deals can offer 60 or 70 percent discounts on the initial sale price. 

Just because the box has been opened doesn't mean the quality of the order has suffered. You may be able to save a lot of money on a fantastic item with this strategy.

6. Use Social Media

Social media might be an excellent way for you to keep in touch with your family members and friends, but it is also a great way to save money while shopping online. 

If you get notifications when your favorite retailers share a post on social media, you may be the first one to learn about a discount that is taking place. A lot of times, retailers use social media to announce sales that are happening. 

Use your social media account to help you save money on your online shopping. A lot of businesses reward their followers by letting them know about discounts. 

They also use social media to announce new products and services, which are often discounted when they are first released to drum up interest. 

7. Consider Seasonal Shifts In Prices

Next, you should consider seasonal shifts that take place when it comes to online shopping. 

For example, you should expect that skiing and snowboarding equipment will get more expensive when the weather gets cold. You should also expect that water sports will get more expensive when the weather warms up. 

There are plenty of other seasonal trends as well. 

You may be able to save a lot of money in your online shopping if you shop during the offseason for seasonal purchases. 

If you are wondering how specific prices vary with the time of year, look at the online price history for some products. There are plenty of websites that store this information for you.

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8. Consider Picking Up The Item In-Store

Even though you can save a lot of money while shopping online, you might also pay extra shipping it to you. Fortunately, there is a way you can duck this expense as well. 

For example, you may want to purchase the item online and pick it up from the store yourself. 

If the item is not in stock in the store near you, the retailers may be willing to ship it to the nearest store for free. Even though you would have to pay to ship the purchase to your house, the company may transfer the item to a nearby store free of charge.

Take a look at all of your purchase options, including picking up the item at the store. You might not even have to get out of your car. They may load it in your vehicle for you at the curb.

9. Use the Google Shopping Tab And Compare Seller Prices

Another way you can save money while shopping online is to take advantage of the Google Shopping tab. 

The Google Shopping tab automatically shows up when you are shopping for goods and services using Google. Google will usually display a variety of prices from various sellers. 

Of course, you could always visit individual websites to compare prices. However, using Google Shopping is a quick way to compare prices across different retailers quickly and efficiently. 

Sometimes, you can even contact these retailers and ask for a better price if you quote them a price from a competitor. 

Contacting sellers for better prices can be another easy way to save money while shopping online. Always do some competitor shopping before you make a decision. 

10. Use The Right Credit Card

Next, you should also use the right credit card to save money while shopping online. 

Every credit card is slightly different, and many provide exceptional rewards and incentives. If you love to shop online, you should use a credit card that rewards you with points and cashback for your online shopping. 

For example, there are specific credit cards available that give you a discount on your Amazon purchases. Or, they may reward you with points that you can convert to Amazon dollars, helping you save money. 

Take a look at the available credit cards. Find the best one to match your spending habits.  

11. Put Yourself on Email Lists

Lastly, you should always make sure you put yourself on the email list for your favorite products and services. 

If you have retailers that you frequent, make sure you put yourself on the email list. That way, they will automatically send you an email when there is a special deal going on. 

Sometimes, these companies even ask you for your birthday. Even though you might not want to give out this personal information, you should let the company know a date because many companies will send you a small discount on your birthday to use for an item on your wishlist. 

Take a look at your favorite brands and see if they have an email list. There is a good chance they do.  


Thank you for shopping with us

We've covered just a few of the many ways you can save money while shopping online. You might take a while to get used to some of them but should get the hang of it quickly. 

And when you do, you know you are always getting the best deal possible on your online purchases. 

Yes, online shopping is a great way to save time and money - so ensure that you maximize your savings with these 11 tips.

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