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11 Beauty Essentials to Include in Your Gym Bag

Posted on October 28 2016

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Even if you are not quite a passionate gym-goer yet, you already understand that you need to pack your gym bag with the right stuff. We all know the essentials—a good sports bra, clean socks, snacks that aid in muscle-building, a water bottle, a music player (for those who cannot work out without music), and so on.

However, just because you are hitting the gym for an intense workout does not mean you should not even consider using beauty products once your workout is done. In fact, there are certain products in the beauty segment that are essential for every woman’s gym bag. After all, do you really want to leave the gym looking (or feeling) like a you have just been pounding on the treadmill or deadlifting?

We’ve compiled a quick list of the top beauty essentials you need in your gym bag alongside your favorites. Some products we mention are obvious (like deodorant) and others are great suggestions (like baby wipes).  


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While you are busy burning calories your body odor is a risk that cannot be ignored. Trying to stick to only light exercises or avoid getting too close too anybody should never be your goal at the gym. A simple deodorant is your solution.

Make sure you carry a good deodorant that doubles as sweat or odor protection for you. Choose one that is all natural, paraben, and aluminum-free. This type of deodorant not only prevents body odor but also eliminates bacteria and prevents pit stains. With the right deodorant, you do not have to avoid meeting people post an intense workout session and you are easily able to walk around the gym with confidence.

Cleansing or Baby Wipes

For women who prefer removing every trace of makeup before they start their fitness regime at the gym, cleansing wipes are an extremely handy beauty product. You sweat a lot while working out, and if you have makeup on, it may clog the pores on your skin, which in turn prevents sweat secretion and results in pimples.

So use cleansing facial wipes before you begin your workout for a smooth, soothing feel that will not make your skin feel dry. If you feel you have more active sweat glands than others, keep a packet of baby wipes in your gym bag or attached to your water bottle to freshen up instantly.


Although this is similar to cleansing wipes, a good cleanser is a useful beauty product to include in your gym bag for those times when you have a particularly intense session and feel all sweaty and sticky. You are going to hit the shower later, but cleansing your face with this beauty product provides some instant refreshment while also preventing breakouts on your skin—a must-have product for women with oily skin. You can apply your cleanser while in the shower or just before jumping into a shower.


A gym is not usually a place with the freshest air, and this dry indoor air ends up making your lips extremely dry and flaky. If you find yourself battling this problem too often, keep a soft, moisturizing lip balm in your gym bag so that you can keep applying it at frequent intervals. We recommend chap sticks that are organic and free of ingredients like petroleum and parabens.

Easily available at drugstores and not too expensive, this is a clever solution for women who do not want gym time to affect their pouts. And you always have a wide range of flavors to choose from, so you can pack more than one variety.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is almost a godsend when it comes to beauty products, and is especially recommended for women who work out regularly. Whether it is an ugly-looking, red rash from all the sweat, sports-bra irritation, sun-kissed skin, or post-shaving scratches— aloe vera gel is one of the most soothing natural solutions you will find in beauty products today.

We definitely suggest carrying a bottle in your gym bag so that you have it within reach for immediate relief of any inflamed or irritated skin. You can even use it as a makeup remover and an exfoliator for your face. Once you use it, you are sure to be hooked onto it for its refreshing and healing properties—women with sensitive skin, this is the product for you.

Waterproof Mascara

A lot of women hit the gym after work, and there is nothing wrong in wanting to look a little bright after a long day. A swipe of mascara is enough to do the trick, but ensure that you choose the waterproof variety to avoid it melting and smearing all over as you sweat during a workout.  We recommend going for one with thin bristles on the wand so that there is good separation and length.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for active women and is definitely a beauty product that should not be missing from your gym bag. We all relate to the feeling of not wanting to wash our hair everyday (and not having the time for it, either), but a sweaty workout does not quite spell shiny, bouncy hair. We cover how to get healthy tresses here.

Going for a dry shampoo between hair-washing days is the perfect solution as it can zap the sweat from your scalp, freshen up your tresses, and even add volume. Opt for an organic product to get the best results without the fear of using harsh chemicals on your scalp and hair.

Hand Sanitizer

Now this one is almost a no-brainer, isn’t it? Unless you have personal gym all to yourself, you are in an environment where everyone is touching the common equipment with sweaty hands. And you cannot always rely on the gym’s cleaning staff to make everything germ-free. So always have a good hand sanitizer in your gym bag, and make sure that you remember to use it after handling the machines—it is the matter of staying healthy, after all!

BB Cream

Once these beauty products hit the market, they became an instant favorite among women, and for good reason. If you go to the gym right after work, consider using a BB cream instead of foundation as it is easier to remove your makeup. It is lighter than the average foundation products, and is available in different varieties such as with sun protection properties. It is also beneficial for specific skin types such as oily and dry.   

Face Mist

Most women who go to the gym regularly will tell you that this is the one beauty product that is always in their gym bags. Workouts can be intense and tiring, and it can drain the energy and freshness from your face. The answer to this problem is a hydrating face mist.

This spray-on beauty product is easy to use and has the power to instantly refresh your skin and give you an energy boost. At the same time, its soothing qualities help calm your senses and makes your post-workout flush a beautiful glow.

Multitasking Moisturizer

If you are one of the women who prefers to not carrying a lot of different skincare products in your gym bag, this is the one product that you should definitely include in yours. A product that works as a sunscreen, moisturizer, as well as a foundation. A multitasking moisturizer is something that is unmissable and extremely handy.

If you are wondering why you need a sunscreen at the gym, remember that sun rays can come in through windows and affect your skin without you even realizing it. You also must  consider sun rays and reflections. Consider buying one with natural ingredients so that it soothes your skin both before and after your workout regime.

It does not matter whether you are already a devout fitness freak or someone who is still making resolutions to hit the gym; a bag full of such wonderful beauty essentials is inspiration enough to not skip workout sessions for the fear of not looking good in public (the gym is a place where chances of bumping into a well-built and often good-looking people are higher, after all)!

With such wide-ranging, useful, and affordable beauty products within reach, you do not have to be shy about sweat or unmanageable hair after a workout anymore. So pick your favorites, pack your gym bag, and make working out look better than ever before. Workout like Beast while you look like Beauty!

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