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10 Fitness Pros to Follow on Instagram

Posted on November 25 2016

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Do you want to work out but keep postponing it? Are you always looking for reasons to skip your gym classes? You are not lazy, you just lack motivation. If you spend some of your time on social media sites like Instagram, we have got the perfect inspiration for you. Instead of using Instagram for just browsing pictures of sunsets, foods, and puppies, use it as a source of inspiration for working out.

There are so many fitness pros on Instagram who keep sharing their videos and photos of workouts. Follow them and you are likely to see them on your news feed every day for instant inspiration! Here are the top 10 best women fitness pros that you must follow on Instagram to help you get motivated.

Nicole Winhoffer

Nicole Winhoffer is a world famous fitness artist, creator of NW Method, Adidas model

Nicole Winhoffer is a world famous fitness artist as well as the former trainer of Madonna. Her workouts are an eclectic mix of sports science, dance, eastern practices, and hip-hop music. It is this different approach to fitness that has garnered her a number of famous clients, including Rachel Weisz and Abbie Cornish.

This Adidas model has also created her own workout brand, the NW Method. This 55-minute workout mainly focuses on the three major problem areas of your body like the waist, behind the arms, and the buttocks. Follow her on Instagram if you want your daily inspiration to be in the form of acrobatic poses, butt-sculpting moves, and dance clips. According to Nicole, “The more specific the intention, the more specific the result”.

Robin Arzon

Robin Arzon is a fitness guru, brand ambassador, Adidas, bestselling author of ‘Shut Up And Run’

When you are looking for fitness inspiration on Instagram, look no further than Robin Arzon. Robin is a corporate lawyer who gave up her successful career to follow her passions in the health and wellness sector. Today, Robin Arzon is a fitness guru and she also serves as a brand ambassador for the best fitness brands in the world like Adidas.

Robin is not only the co-founder of the movement Undo Ordinary, but she is also the New York Times bestselling author of ‘Shut Up And Run’. Arzon strictly believes that you must always “do the things that make your heart flutter”. When you follow her on Instagram, you will be motivated by her never give up attitude.

Jeanette Jenkins

 Jeanette Jenkins is a LA based celebrity trainer, chosen by Nike for their Elite Athletes program, first female Fear Factor winner

The president and founder of the Hollywood Trainer Fitness Company, Jeanette Jenkins is a LA based celebrity trainer. She is one of the 17 experts that were chosen by Nike for their Elite Athletes program. This first female Fear Factor winner has trained some world famous celebrities like Pink, Queen Latifah, Amy Weber, and Kelly Rowland.

She advises, “Push past the challenge and you will receive your breakthrough. Don’t ever give up”. If you want to get a perfect bikini body, then you must follow her on Instagram – just check out one of her bikini pictures and you will understand why. On her Instagram, you will find everything about fitness, right from healthy eating tips to workout moves.

Marie Purvis

Marie Purvis is a Nike Master Trainer, One of the faces behind the Nike+ Training Club app

Marie Purvis is a Nike Master Trainer and has worked with the company for years now. One of the faces behind the Nike+ Training Club app, Marie is renowned for her ability to inspire whoever she trains and her creative workouts. As a master trainer, her job is to train other female professional athletes as well as trainers who want to teach the Nike Training Club.

Purvis strongly believes in full body functional training, therefore, her training programs are always tough and diverse. When she was asked if she wanted to give any advice to women, she said, “Anything is possible with hard work, persistence and dedication”. Follow her on Instagram and be inspired by the videos and photos of her kewl approved moves.

Mary Helen Bowers

Mary Helen Bowers is a former New York City Ballet dancer, personal trainer of Natalie Portman for 'Black Swan', creator of the Ballet Beautiful Method

Originally from North Carolina, Mary Helen Bowers is a former New York City Ballet dancer. Have you watched Black Swan yet? Were you impressed by Natalie Portman’s moves in the movie? Well, you should give your accolades to Bowers who was the personal trainer of Natalie Portman for the duration of the movie. She is the creator of the Ballet Beautiful Method, which has brought the ballet-inspired fitness under the limelight.

Her star-studded clientele includes names like Liv Tyler, Kirsten Dunst, Zooey Deschanel, and Helena Christensen. When you go through her Instagram account, you will find pictures and videos on toning moves and ballet form. “The key to elegant posture is keeping your neck long and your shoulders down” – a bit of advice from Mary.

Natalie Uhling

Natalie Uhling is a fitness guru, she does boxing and dancing, creator of NUFit

Natalie Uhling is a fitness guru who has been boxing as well as dancing since early childhood. This 29 year old master trainer is the creator of NUFit, a high energy fitness program. NUFit is in reality a combination of three workouts – the first 20 minutes is a dance cardio warm-up, the next 25 minutes are for kickboxing, and the last 15 minutes for total body toning sequence.

Uhling explains, “Women are so strong. I’m a beast in class! And I want students to really tap into and express their power. It’s just you and yourself giving it all you’ve got now”. Browse her Instagram account to check out some of her killer stretching poses. The videos on her account will motivate you to build balance and get strong and fit. Her clients love her contagious energy and her ability to offer individualized instructions during her classes.

Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria has created her very own fitness program called The Fit Body Guides

Anna Victoria has created her very own fitness program called The Fit Body Guides, which includes workouts as well as 12 weeks of meal planning advice. If you are wondering whether this guide actually provides any results, just check out Anna’s account on Instagram.

According to Jessica Matthews of the American Council on Exercise, “The progression of moves is logical and physiologically sound”. In the Fit Body Guides, the first few weeks is only movement-based training so that your body will get used to the exercises.

Matthews explains why this is a good thing, “For example, learning how to do squats with proper form before doing weighted squats will help you avoid injury and, ultimately, create more strength”. On Anna’s Instagram account, you will see lots of motivational quotes, pictures of healthy foods that look tasty, as well as before-and-after pictures of women who followed her guide.

Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth is a certified holistic nutritionist as well as an award winning personal trainer

Forget Jennifer Lopez and start following Lyzabeth Lopez when you are looking for fitness inspiration on Instagram. Lyzabeth is a certified holistic nutritionist as well as an award winning personal trainer. This Canada-based trainer is famous for her hourglass workouts, workouts that help you get an hourglass body shape.

These workouts actually do work as you can clearly see from the selfies that Lopez posts on Instagram. Apart from posting pictures of her hourglass figure, she also posts some innovative exercise ideas that you can perform just about anywhere. When she was asked what her favorite motivational quote was during an interview, she said, “You can do anything you put your mind to”.

Tanya Poppett

Tanya is a fitness instructor based in Australia,

If watching Tanya Poppett on Instagram does not make you want to get in shape, nothing will. Tanya is a fitness instructor based in Australia who posts different training videos on Instagram. In these videos, you can actually see that she works out hard and relies on her own body weight.

In some videos, you can also see her use props such as a chair, pillow, and set of swings. Tanya’s main focus is on achieving balance and she believes, “Balance is not something you find. It is something you create”. Most of her posts on Instagram offer you ways in which you can also work out Tanya-style. Follow Poppett on Instagram and be a part of her journey of achieving balance.

Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor as well as the creator of POP Pilates

Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor as well as the creator of POP Pilates. Her Instagram posts are mainly pictures of Pilates moves, other graceful poses, and mouthwatering healthy foods. For directed tips and advice when it comes to Pilates, just follow Cassey on Instagram.

All of us spend at least some time refreshing our Instagram news feed. Following these women fitness pros on Instagram ensures that you get your daily dose of inspiration for getting into shape. These fitness pros encourage you to work out by posting videos and pictures of how good it gets when you are fit. Take your first step towards working out and see where it gets you.

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