10 Things About California Women Based on the Dresses We Ship

10 Things About California Women Based on the Dresses We Ship

Posted on August 11 2016

california women

The best part of running The Kewl Shop is following fashion trends and keeping up with celebrities and style influencers. Approximately 45 percent of our orders are shipped to the sunny state of California. California is located in the western region of the United States. It is considered the runway for fashion and is the birthplace of hippies, personal computers, and the film industry. It also produces 17 million gallons of wine a year - we’re just saying.

There are a few things we have learned about California based on the dresses that we ship, the interaction we have with our California based customers, and of course trending news. Aside from being simply a global trendsetter in politics and “green initiatives” - the world looks to California for fashion innovation, approval, and influence.

Californian women are not just fashionable but kewl, friendly, and intriguing. They tend to roll with the punches and embrace being carefree and sexy. They are also crazy confident, expressive, and sure footed when it comes to some of the most risky styles out there.  Here are 10 fascinating things about women in California we’ve gathered based on the dresses we ship and our interactions with our California based customers.  

They are curious kittens.

Californian women are curious - about a lot of things. Search histories lean heavily towards the current dress trends and the best materials or fabrics for cocktail dresses. Estately released a report on the most searched questions by California residents. The top questions ‘What is sexism?’, ‘What is spirituality?’, What is Jello?’ and ‘Is O.J. guilty?’. Surprisingly, they were even curious to learn if Bernie Sanders is a vegan.

They slay all day – in white.

California is renowned all over the world for its unparalleled nightlife. Whether you are in San Diego, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, exploring California’s spectacular nightlife is an unforgettable experience. Women in California party hard and look like goddesses while doing it.

Our Gold Embellished Bandage Dress is the preference of choice for the women in California so far this year. It is a sexy little bandage dress that was inspired by Kim Kardashian. The dress is floor length but defines every curve of your body. The simple yet eye-catching gold accents make this white dress intriguing and seductive. Based on these dress styles, we know that Californians are divas that know how to pull of risky style and keep it clean.

They love Bohemian style.

Maybe it is because of their Bohemian history, but boy, California women look great in Bohemian outfits and style. They seem to prefer to wear this look to festivals and concerts. It is often seen on the beach as well because of its fluid and breezy focus. It is a timeless trend that is observed on all generations. On the basis of their preference for the Boho style, we can understand that women in California love to be free and are spirited.

They are not afraid of color.

A mini dress is defined as a short dress, with a hemline that ends well above the knee – typically 4 to 5 inches. Our Blue Classic Bandage Dress is one of our top best sellers shipped to California, with its short hemline and sweetheart neckline. The sweetheart neckline is simple and flattering to many faces and body types. Purchasing this dress tells us that California women are not afraid of color and are very confident in their bodies.

blue color bandage dress

They value comfort over indulgence.

Every woman in California owns at least one good pair of jeans, in fact, it is one of their everyday essentials. California women are renowned for looking great in just a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops. Sometimes, they even wear jeans on special occasions by pairing it with a blazer (yep that trend started in Cali).

The skinny ripped jeans are more popular among the younger generation of women while tapered legs are often worn by women in their prime. Denim shirt dresses are also a frequently purchased. This love for denim of California women tells us that they value comfort and understand that sexy starts with confidence not simply in what you put on.  

They make it sparkle, shine, and tease.

During the 1960s, the Hippie counterculture movement arose in California, wherein bell-bottomed jeans and long maxi skirts became popular. It was also during this period that paisley patterns and floral patterns gained popularity. The hippie vibe continues to linger around California, which may be one of the reasons why maxi dresses are so popular among the women here. In fact, a maxi dress with some cut outs or a slit may be regarded as one of the fashion essentials for the women in California and our numbers are clear evidence.

cut out maxi dress

Even though this is a maxi dress, it fits like a second skin from the shoulders to your derriere. The silver-accented cut outs hug your lower back and stomach. This dress tells us that California women know how to reinvent old style to make it sparkle, shine, and tease.

They appreciate simple and practical style.

Layers of makeup and sparkly dresses are fabulous and excellent looks for dates or a night out with your friends. But pulling back, going natural like Alicia Keys, and letting your natural self shine is a growing trend in California - we all should take notes. Instead of pairing their dresses with a statement necklace, women from California upload images with minimalist style jewelry and natural makeup that focuses more on contouring and highlight.

They put on sneakers for just about any occasion.  

Sneakers and chucks (Converse shoes) are one of the most popular shoes in the Golden State. Often sneakers are the first choice to pair with relaxed bandage dress styles and other casual looks. One of the perks of wearing sneakers is that they get you where you need to be without the hassle of watching your step constantly. This choice of footwear shows that women in California love timeless and comfortable classics.

They are queens of layering with closet basics.

Whenever the temperature drops in California women grab oversized sweaters and chunky scarves. We have watched them layer our bandage dresses with furs, leather, and everything in between. Pairing a shimmery cardigan with your beautiful dress is a great way to stay warm yet stylish. This choice of attire tells us that California women do not like to sacrifice their comfort – they use the sweater to give them the much needed warmth.

They make bold and sassy statements.

With the amount of time that women in California spend at the beach, it is only natural that each owns an exclusive swimwear wardrobe. In swimwear Californians prefer bold yet simple patterns and bright colors. They also reserve sensual bandage swimsuits for pool parties and soirees. Women in California love to make a statement—bold, sassy, and classy.

bandage swimwear

Naturally, it is quite impossible to believe that you are able tell so much about a person from the choice of their attire. But then again we are sure that most of what we shared about Californian women is fun and excellent conversation starters. From all the things that you learned about California women, one thing is crystal clear – whatever they do or wear, they do it with grace and sex appeal.

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