10 Perfectly Thought Through Must Try At Home Workouts

Last updated on : January 29 2022

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You might not always get your gym time in every day, but that does not mean you need to miss out on your training. 

Exercising at home doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a step down from working out at the gym. And once you understand your options, you will be surprised at how many ways you can get a great workout at home.

Read on if you are ready to learn more about the perfect must-try at-home workouts that you can use to stay in shape with ease.

Will I Need Gear?

A few workouts in this list require gear like dumbbells, but you can always substitute weights for things you have readily available at home. 

For instance, you can easily substitute milk jugs and other items with handles for gym-style weights, and you will find that your carpet will offer you the proper traction and softness if you do not have a yoga mat handy.

There are many ways to make your home space work harder for your workout needs. If you do not have the necessary gym gear at home, you might have to get a little creative to figure out the best ways to maximize your home workout time.

Don’t let the lack of gym gear discourage you from getting your workout in and having some fun while you are at it.

10 Must-Try At-Home Workouts

Here are ten workouts that work perfectly at home.

1. Yoga

Balance Body Exercise

Yoga is one of those activities that you can do almost anywhere. You can use your living room, your lawn, even your back porch for yoga practice with ease. 

And you can guide your yoga sessions through simple tutorials and free classes that you can find online, or you can use a combination of moves and practice styles that you prefer.

Even beginners can get a lot out of yoga done at home, and yoga practice has the added benefit of being meditative. You will get both physical and mental benefits from yoga as part of your at-home workout routine. 

Yoga is also a great way to cross-train and support flexibility that can benefit other kinds of workouts that you enjoy doing.

2. Body Weight Exercises

Don’t have any dumbbells at home - that is no problem when you use bodyweight exercises and training for your at-home workout routine. 

The weight of your body can be quite effective at adding challenge to your workout routine, and you will find that doing pushups, planks, and isometric holds is a great way to build up a sweat and stay fit.

Bodyweight training can also be a nice break to rest your body without taking a day completely off of working out. 

Sometimes you need a little break in the toughness of your workout routines, and some simple bodyweight exercises can be the refresher that you need to stay on top of your game and prevent soreness. 

Bodyweight training can encompass all kinds of different activities and movements and be a great way to support core strength and overall strength.

3. Pilates

Pilates is a little like yoga in that you can practice it anywhere. You will get all the benefits of yoga plus some weight training perks when you use Pilates as part of your training plan at home. 

Pilates depends on using both small and large muscle groups to create core strength and balance. It is a common cross-training practice that dancers and other athletes use to tone their core and balance muscles.

You will also benefit from breathwork and some mindfulness practice when you use Pilates as part of your at-home workout routine. 

Pilates is a total body exercise system that you can use with a plan of your own, or you can easily access free guides and videos online to help with your practice.

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance band exercises are a very effective way to get some strength training done when working out at home. They are an undervalued training method that many people miss out on because they misunderstand the toughness of these workouts. 

You can use lighter and heavier bands to increase and decrease the challenge of your workouts, and you can progress your exercises from simple to challenging as you start to gain confidence with these tools.

Resistance bands are one of the tools that make it easy to work out at home without missing the gym. You will get a lot of great benefits to your overall core and body strength through isometric holds and dynamic movements that are done against the resistance of the bands. 

These bands are a great way to benefit your strength training routine and cross-train simultaneously.

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5. Light Weights

Buying a set of light dumbbells or Velcro ankle and wrist weights can be a great way to get an effective workout done at home. 

Lightweights with higher rep numbers can offer an outstanding balance to your heavier weight training plans when you are in the gym. You will get all the same perks of lifting heavy when you shift to high rep low weight methods that you can easily do at home. 

If you do not have weights for use at home, consider using milk jugs or other heavier items in your home that you can hold safely.

Velcro weights can also help you make your yoga and Pilates workouts more challenging, and you can get great benefits from using them even on walks or when out with your kids or pets in the park. 

Challenging your body with increased weight can be a great way to make even daily tasks more fitness-focused.

6. Kickboxing

Kickboxing routines are enjoyable, high-energy, and easy to do at home. You will love how simple it is to find these workouts online, and you can jump right into learning the moves without any trouble at all. 

Kickboxing is a fun way to cross-train with cardio. Runners and other cardio lovers will find that this blend of strength training and high-energy movement is the perfect complement for your cardio workout needs.

You can do kickboxing in many different ways - so shop through online instructors to find the right one for your needs. 

You will also love the energetic and enjoyable benefits of this kind of workout and what it can do for your cross-training or at-home workout days.

7. HIIT Training

You can expand bodyweight exercises to become great HIIT training workouts as well. 

Simply picking up the tempo of the exercises and adding in things like jumping jacks or other cardio movements can make it easy to craft a total body workout that you will love. 

Targeting all body parts in a short but intense workout is a hallmark of a HIIT training plan. You will love the many ways to combine exercises to keep this kind of workout from becoming dull and repetitive.

HIIT training also gets a lot done quickly, ensuring you get a good sweat in without committing too much time to the effort. It is a great way to get your movement and workout in for the day when you don’t have much time to commit to the task.

8. Running

Running at home is one of the easiest ways to access cardio and health benefits without much effort. All you need are some good running shoes, and you are set.

Running can be a great way to blend some of your other cardio training with straightforward exertion. You can also improve your strength training with some running each week.

You do not have to be a marathoner to get the most out of running. You will want to be sure that you start slowly and build up to your goal as far as miles and time, but you will love that running can accomplish so much in such a short period. 

Plus, running can be a great way to refresh your body and mind as you get out of the house and see the sights around you.

9. Abs Workouts

If you want to pack a lot of challenges into a short space of time, you will want to use ab workouts for some of your at-home training. 

Abs workouts are a great way to get some burn and strength training in at the same time when you need to work out at home. Ab workouts do not require any gear, and you can get a lot done with just the weight of your body.

Using planks, crunches, and burpees, you can challenge all parts of your core to make it stronger and more effective at taking care of your body’s needs. 

Your balance and posture will improve as well, and you will love that you can get so much done in such a short time. 

Be mindful of back injuries when training abs specifically. But you will find that there are many ways to get around a sore back if you want to train your abs as part of your at-home workout routine.

10. Hill Training

If you have access to a steep hill near your home, this can be the perfect site for part of your at-home training challenges. 

Running or walking up a steep hill for a half-hour can be a challenging workout for improving your core, cardio, and leg strength. You will be amazed at how practical hill training can be and how easy it is to find a hill to use as your gym.

If you live in an area that does not have hills, you might not be able to take advantage of this training protocol, but most people can find one big enough reasonably close to their home to use for this kind of workout. 

Hill training is an excellent cross-training option for runners, yoga lovers, and weight lifters. Just like running, this can be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy a mental break as well as get in your daily training benefits.

Conclusion - Working Out At Home Can be Easy

There is no reason why working out at home should feel like a compromise. You can get all of the benefits of your gym workouts when you use the right at-home workouts for those days away from your favorite treadmill or weight rack. 

There is no shortage of great ways to make at-home workouts fun and challenging, and you can craft entire fitness plans for your days working out at home.

Working out doesn’t have to be all about heading to the gym, and this guide will get you started with the right exercises and options to make your at-home workouts fun and rewarding.

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