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  • 5 Deadly Toxins That You Must Avoid in Your Skin Care

    Posted at: September 2021

    Have you checked that your skincare products do not contain harmful ingredients - because you could be using skin substances that are toxic and causing you some harm every day? 

  • How To Make A Good First Impression

    Posted at: September 2021

    The notorious first impression: from a job interview to a first date, there can be so much anxiety when meeting someone new. However, introducing yourself to someone for the first time doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. There are simple things you can do to help send the right message on the first try.

  • The Pros and Cons Of Gel And Acrylic Nail Extensions - Which Is Better

    Posted at: September 2021

    Gel v Acrylic Pros and Cons - an understanding the difference between gel and acrylic nail extensions will allow you to decide appropriately between the two when you attend your next nail appointment - after taking your existing nail condition, nail needs, and budget into consideration.

  • How To Ask My Girlfriend If We Can Sext and Send Nudes

    Posted at: August 2021

    Sexual messages and images, or 'sexting.' Sexting lets you share intimate details and pictures with your lover, even when she is not physically present. However, while she may be happy to engage in actual sexual intercourse with you, there is no guarantee she will also be willing to sext with you.

  • So You Want To Make Your Ex Jealous - Here Are Seven Incredible Ways

    Posted at: August 2021

    Use the self-improvement techniques we outline in this article to make your ex jealous. You'll find you need less time to grieve the loss of your relationship and to put plans in motion to make your future fantastic without your ex in it. 

  • Use These 7 Tips To Overcome Awkwardness On A First Date

    Posted at: August 2021

    Many apps can help you find a date, but they won't tell you how to survive your first meeting. So, here are we, at your rescue, informing you of the seven tips that can help you avoid awkwardness on a first date. 

  • The Best Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs To Support Your Immune System

    Posted at: August 2021

    Your immune system leads the vital task of defending your body against infection. It is in charge of guarding your body against harmful elements such as bacteria and viruses. Ensuring you eat a nourishing diet with sufficient micronutrients is an excellent way to support your immune system.  

  • 14 Foolproof Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Day Jewelry

    Posted at: August 2021

    There are no hard and fast rules for selecting wedding jewelry. You can wear anything you want to as long as it fits your style. However, to achieve a stunning yet balanced look, consider these foolproof ways to ensure that your wedding jewelry beautifully complements your dress.

  • 12 Advanced Body Language Techniques To Improve Your Success With Girls

    Posted at: August 2021

    Learn these 12 body language strategies to improve your attraction game through the push and pull technique. When done well, you'll be pushing your girl away with a quick look at your wristwatch, then pulling her back in with your smile. 

  • Summer is Coming! 10 Skin Care Tips to Have in Mind

    Posted at: August 2021

    Summer skincare - with a fair bit of precaution and carefully selecting the right products, you can ensure you'll have an enchanting summer glow not only on holiday but throughout the entire year.

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