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  • How to Choose the Right Bra Size and Style

    Posted at: October 2017

    Which bras do you need and which ones are optional? In this complete bra size and style guide, we cover the topic in depth. And consult bra and lingerie experts to help us along.

  • How to Choose the Best Party Dresses for Your Complexion

    Posted at: October 2017

    Ready to freshen up your wardrobe with a few party dresses? Before you hit the mall or pull up your latest online store, stop to make sure you're buying dresses in your color.

  • How to get Flawless Skin: Korean Skin Care Routines & More

    Posted at: October 2017

    Women all over the world are in awe of the radiant, acne-free and flawless skin that Korean women naturally seem to possess. Korean women have had beauty tricks and techniques up their sleeves for decades and are well known for their unique attention to detail in their fight for flawless skin. In this article we take a look into their skin care regime, positive lifestyle changes for glowing skin and the best skin care creams.   

  • 15 Secrets to a Natural Tummy Tuck

    Posted at: October 2017

    Even after a tummy tuck, you have to maintain a strict regimen of proper diet and exercise for best results. According to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, there are a few natural ways to beat a tummy tuck and we’ve compiled a short list of them here for you to use.

  • How To Wear A Sexy Red Dress

    Posted at: October 2017

    Passion, sex, love, and obsession are the feelings we seek to trigger anytime we put on this bold and fearless color. Red is a color that refuses to blend in, a challenge to pull off (if you don’t know what you are doing), and is undeniably lovely. Regardless of how you feel, here we challenge you to wear it and indulge a bit.

  • How To Be Cool

    Posted at: October 2017

    The media saturates us with ideas about who and what we should be, what we should wear, how we should act, and what it means to be cool. When you strive for someone else's ideals though, you lose yourself.

  • How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign

    Posted at: October 2017

    Whether you were born in January or December is not a big deal when it comes to everyday living. But many believe that when you were born also affects your more intimate details and life’s preferences including relationships, sex, and style. In this article we cover just what it means to be who you are (according to the sun) and possibly what that means for your style (according to us).

  • How To Rock Your Plain Jane Beauty In A Bandage Dress

    Posted at: October 2017

    It is considered that being plain and looking pretty are two completely different things. But are they really different? Is it possible to be a plain Jane yet be full of beauty and look attractive. The answer is yes, it absolutely is possible!

  • How to Be Seductive (and Sexy)

    Posted at: September 2017

    Kamand Kojouri, once said, “Seduce yourself first”. Being seductive takes confidence in who you are and embracing every inch of your body. To begin let’s take a look at the basic practices for grabbing someone’s attention and keeping it. Later we'll explore how to dress seductively and then how to be seductive to your husband or man.  

  • Relationship Experts Say Unplugging Saves Love

    Posted at: September 2017

    In honor of Valentine’s Day dresses we reached out to love and relationship experts for insights into modern day romance. Relationships in the 21st century are very different from relationships just a decade ago. With the steady influences of social media, smartphones, tablets, and other technology relationships are being stirred, tested, and challenged. They have taken on an entirely different form and language. Some of us understand and have learned to speak the modern language of love effortlessly while the rest of us stumble around a bit.

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