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  • Everything About Little Black Dresses

    Posted at: November 2017

    It's Saturday night, it's time to party, and you realize you have no clothes to wear. You have two hundred ladies dresses in your wardrobe, but none of them work. Or maybe your best friend hasn’t returned your favorite. Instead of getting into a panic, turn to the solution for all occasions - the little black dress!

  • Beauty & Makeup Blogs

    Posted at: November 2017

    Women either love makeup, they hate it, or they put up with it. It can be divisive. For us, it’s just another arrow in our quiver, another weapon we can use to dominate, influence and appeal. And so we embrace it, all the while knowing we are enough without it.

  • How To Be Seductive - The Six Principles of Seduction And Sexiness

    Posted at: November 2017

    Being seductive takes confidence in who you are and embracing every inch of your body. To begin let’s take a look at the underlying practices for grabbing someone’s attention and keeping it. Later we'll explore how to dress seductively and then how to be seductive to your husband or man.  

  • How To Resurrect Your Sex Life In 17 Steps

    Posted at: November 2017

    If you don't invest in your relationship, the spark will die, or disappear altogether. But fret not, whatever you break you can fix with time and effort. Spice up your relationship and sex life with some of these insane ideas.  

  • How To Dress Seductively in 18 Steps

    Posted at: November 2017

    Someone once said, “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.” Spicing up your wardrobe to draw attention to your best physical features is a sure-fire way to be both sexy and seductive. Here are 18 ways to be tempting in the clothes you wear. Each should leave you feeling comfortable, poised, and full of confidence - exactly where you want to be.

  • How to Choose A Fitted Cocktail Dress for Your Body Type

    Posted at: November 2017

    It’s tough choosing the perfect cocktail dress with so many styles and options available today. The secret to looking stunning is to select one based on your body type.

  • What Are Bandage Dresses Made From

    Posted at: November 2017

    We sell a lot of bandage dresses at The Kewl Shop, many sizes, shades and styles and they are all made from Rayon, Nylon and Spandex, approximately 90%, 8% and 2% respectively.

  • Leggings vs. Skinny Jeans: How to Choose

    Posted at: November 2017

    Let us help you decide which type of legwear is your best option this fall in this brief comparison on the differences between leggings and skinny jeans. Leggings and skinny jeans are go-to options for comfortable bottom wear that easily dresses up or down; depending on what you have planned for the day.

  • The Best Dresses and Romper Styles for Your Body Type

    Posted at: November 2017

    A quick Google search delivers various insights into body types and style recommendations for each. Fashion consultants and stylists often center their creations on the unique body profiles of their models and clients. Yet the struggle of actually dressing to accommodate your body type is not always straightforward, a tad overwhelming, and confusing. The challenge presents because often our body types are a combination of two body types, our bustline is a bit heavier, or our waistline is not clearly defined.

  • A Practical Approach To Healthy Eating

    Posted at: October 2017

    Healthy eating and the rewards of a slimmer figure are within our reach. Like most things in life, success comes from determination, planning and a real need to change. In many instances, it requires grit and perseverance too.

    Use our practical advice to develop a healthy eating plan of your own. Consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to fine tune and if necessary personalize. Stick to it and see the rewards, because they will come fast.  

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