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  • Gamer Dating Made Easy: How to Date a Gaming Enthusiast

    Posted at: June 2021

    Dating a gamer, just like dating a person with any other hobby, can be a deeply fulfilling experience. Gaming is just an aspect of the individual’s personality. Understanding how to relate to them in that area can significantly influence the flavor of your relationship. However, it will not be the sole decider of whether you succeed in your relationship or not.

  • Should I Send Good Morning And Good Night Texts To My Girlfriend?

    Posted at: June 2021

    Good morning and good night texts can quickly become boring and routine, and when they do, your girlfriend could start to lose attraction for you. So ensure you send them in moderation and only when you sincerely mean them. If you've overdone the texting, stop immediately, and wait for her to begin the connection again. 

  • Why Women Lose Attraction For Men And What To Do About It

    Posted at: June 2021

    Displaying attraction killing behaviors is equivalent to putting your girlfriend on a pedestal and making her more of a prize than you are. Ultimately she will lose respect for you and even be repulsed. And with this loss of attraction, she may end things with you. Read this article to understand why and what to do.

  • Why Men Must Lead A Relationship To Avoid Losing It

    Posted at: June 2021

    Knowing when and when not to take the lead in your relationship is a delicate balance. A man should look to take the initiative often, and certainly not give it up entirely. 

  • How To Smell Seductive On Dates

    Posted at: June 2021

    Whether you're meeting someone new or making some quality time with your partner, you want to have a good time while ensuring he stays attracted. If you crave for the night to lead to the bedroom, there are ways to layer on the seduction. An alluring scent is one of them. Here's how to smell sexy and seductive.

  • 18 Qualities Of A Good Man Or Woman To Marry

    Posted at: June 2021

    Deciding to marry someone is not a trivial decision, and it is easy to be blinded by love. So before you jump hastily into what is one of the most important decisions of your life, consider the relationship and individual qualities needed in a life partner and whether your partner has them. 

  • 10 Ways To Know You’re Dating A Real Gentleman

    Posted at: June 2021

    Gentlemen are very much real, and they are all that you dream. This kind of man will treat you right, empower you, respect you, and always be there when you need them. After all the bad boys and wrong men you’ve dated, it’s only fair that you find a real man, a gentleman for yourself.

  • 20 Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl When Dating (And Not To Ask)

    Posted at: June 2021

    When dating, flirtatiously ask questions that help you understand whether your date is a good fit for you and questions that pique her interest. Deliver your conversation in a fun and light-hearted way, avoid anything too deep or negative, and employ techniques like push/pull, disqualifiers, and cold reading.

  • How To Flirt With A Girl By Text

    Posted at: June 2021

    Flirting with a girl by text might seem complicated, especially with all the added craziness of modern-day dating. However, we're confident that you can have better, more enjoyable communication with the girl you like with these texting tips. 

  • A Lady's Guide On How To Look Great On A First Date

    Posted at: June 2021

    Your first date can be the first to many happy moments with that person. So it's normal to feel anxious (and pressured) about looking pretty on that day. While it sounds like a daunting process, you can easily pull off the look that will highlight your best features and showcase your personality.

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