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  • Why Are Perfumes So Expensive?

    Posted at: February 2020

    Many people argue that a good perfume is an investment you will use for years even when you choose to have only one. But that doesn't justify the cost, so there must be more to the story. In this article, find out the real reasons why many of your favorite scents cost so much. And whether there is justification or not.

  • Yes You Can Eat Healthy Food On A College Budget

    Posted at: February 2020

    If you are genuinely willing to plan and prep your meals, then it is incredibly easy to add healthier habits to your college life without completely breaking the bank. Follow these straightforward and applicable steps to learning how to eat well when your pockets feel empty, or college feels overwhelming. 

  • How To Overcome Jet Lag

    Posted at: February 2020

    Jet lag is a condition that occurs when your internal clock is not quick to adjust to a new time zone, holding on to its biological schedule for several days. 

    Luckily, while you may not be a position to eliminate jet lag, you can minimize its effects with some simple strategies when traveling across multiple time zones.

  • Bandage Dresses: The Most Flattering and Forgiving Dresses of All Time

    Posted at: February 2020

    Bandage dresses represent one of the cornerstones of every classy woman's wardrobe and are perhaps the most flattering dresses of all time.

    With that in mind, take a look at the bandage dress overview we've prepared below. From their history, to how to make the most out of your dresses.

  • What Is Limerence (Being Madly In Love) And How To Confront It

    Posted at: January 2020

    Limerence is a state of being “madly in love” to the point that it becomes obsessive and affects the way a person feels, acts, and thinks. It is a powerful emotion. It can be beautiful, and it often is destructive.

  • 10 Ways To Buy Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Clothing On A Budget

    Posted at: January 2020

    Typically, companies that produce sustainable clothes provide decent working conditions and fair wages. Ethical fashion brands use environmentally friendly fabrics and use no toxic dyes. As a result, more people are looking to buy clothes that protect the planet from pollution.

  • What Are Bandage Dresses Made From

    Posted at: January 2020

    We sell a lot of bandage dresses at The Kewl Shop, many sizes, shades and styles and they are all made from Rayon, Nylon and Spandex, approximately 90%, 8% and 2% respectively.

  • How to Grow Your Hair Faster

    Posted at: January 2020

    Get ready to learn some easy tips and techniques to grow your hair faster. And get to have a head full of perfectly vibrant and flowing waves.

  • 10 Exercises To Do At Work

    Posted at: January 2020

    Deskercises or exercises that you do while sitting at your work desk have helped innumerable people deal with the nagging health problems and pains associated with sitting for too long. We’ve compiled a list of the ten exercises to practice at work.

  • 13 Prepackaged & Processed Foods to Avoid

    Posted at: January 2020

    Although delicious and easy-to-eat, prepackaged foods do more harm to your health than you realize. Foods that are pre-packed usually contain high amounts of sodium, MSG, and artificial colors and are low on fiber and nutrients.

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