Nine Homemade And Natural Recipes For Healthier Hair

Last updated on : February 06 2022


How To Get Healthy Hair Naturally

Despite the relative disparity in beauty standards worldwide, we all agree that healthy hair is distinctive. It makes a girl unique with her charm and shows her true and natural beauty.  

As a result, long, shiny hair is always on every girl's wish list.

However, frequent exposure to the sun, cold or hot air, and heat causes hair to become pale and lifeless. And the high costs of beauty salon treatments make it impossible for most girls to continuously take care of their hair. 

Thus, we suggest using hair care products that consist of natural ingredients, such as the Nature Republic, a high-qualified Korean skin, hair, and body care brand. 

Or use alternative methods with homemade materials to enhance your hairs sheen. We take a more detailed look at these natural treatments below.   

Natural Homemade Treatments For Healthy Hair

Here are nine extraordinary natural recipes you can make at home to keep your hair looking beautiful.

1. Eggs

Please don't ignore the eggs stored in your fridge; they are suitable for your hair too. 

Eggs are well-known for their nutritional benefits, particularly at the breakfast table. However, did you know eggs are efficient at treating your hair? 

Eggs have a high amount of protein and fatty acids, and as a result, have a remarkable ability to repair damaged hair and restore strength and shine. 

Here's a recipe that takes only a few minutes to prepare: 

  • Combine one egg white, one-tablespoon honey, and one tablespoon olive oil in a mixing bowl until the mixture becomes coherent. 
  • Then, for about 30 minutes, apply it to your scalp, making sure to cover your head with a hat or a nylon bag. 
  • Finally, take a shower and use your regular shampoo. 

Depending on the extent of your hair damage, you can repeat this recipe once or twice a week.

2. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial natural oils, with countless advantages. Because of its high protein and antioxidant content, coconut oil has long been a staple in many cosmetic recipes.

Try this magical coconut oil recipe to maintain your hair, and make it softer and shinier.

  • Fill a container halfway with coconut oil, add a quarter cup of lemon juice, and mix well. 
  • Refrigerate the bottle for two hours, and then apply the mixture to your hair for 30 minutes before washing it with warm water. 

This recipe assists in the removal of dandruff from the hair, nourishes the scalp, provides a smooth texture to the hair, and protects the hair from the sun's rays. 

3. Mayonaisse

Yes, you can use mayonnaise at the dining table and on your hair. 

Although it may seem weird to use mayonnaise as a hair recipe, it contains vital nutrients like amino acids, oils, and egg yolk, making it excellent in stimulating hair growth and preventing damage. 

You can use mayonnaise in a variety of recipes at home, including these:  

Plain shop-bought mayo:

  • All you have to do is apply a little shop-bought mayonnaise directly to your wet hair, from the scalp to the ends. 
  • The procedure can be performed once a week for up to 20 minutes.

Egg mayonnaise: 

  • Add four tablespoons of mayonnaise and two raw eggs to a mixing bowl, thoroughly combine the ingredients. 
  • Apply the mixture to your hair for 20 minutes, paying close attention to the time limit. 

Honey mayonnaise: 

  • Here you'll need around half a cup of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of honey, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. 
  • Mix the ingredients well and apply the mixture to your hair for 30-45 minutes. 

Afterward, thoroughly rinse and wash out the mayonnaise to enjoy all its benefits. 

4. Oatmeal And Banana 

Oatmeal contains silica, which helps increase hair shine. The combination with banana contains zinc, copper, and protein, which can help to increase hair density, strengthen roots, and relieve scalp itching. 

For the oatmeal and banana recipe: 

  • Thoroughly mix six tablespoons of finely ground oats, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a single mashed banana. 
  • Gently massage the mixture into your hair and leave for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Finally, wash with lukewarm water. 

5. Yoghurt

When used on your hair, yogurt uniquely addresses dryness and frizziness. Use it on curly hair to add softness and prevent splitting and hair loss. 

Here is the recipe: 

  • Prepare a cup of olive oil, three tablespoons of honey, four tablespoons of yogurt, and a small tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. 
  • Mix the ingredients well, then apply the mixture to your hair and cover it with a dampened cloth for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse and gently wash to remove the mixture. 

You will see results in a short period if you repeat the practice twice a week. 

6. Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy you can use to protect your hair from the weather, especially during the winter. 

It makes hair shiny, helps get rid of dandruff, and treats scalp problems, all of which contribute to a healthy and lustrous appearance. 

Here is the recipe: 

  • Prepare two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of lemon juice, as well as one cup of water.
  • Be careful to combine all components thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
  • Massage into your hair and leave for 20 minutes.   
  • Afterward, thoroughly clean the hair with warm water and shampoo after usage. 

We recommended using this treatment twice a week, as it is one of the most effective natural treatments for efficiently removing dandruff. 

7. Avocado


Avocado provides many benefits not only for the health of your body but also for your hair's health. 

It contains healthy fats, vitamins, and proteins that help moisturize the hair and stimulate its growth. Its antioxidant content also maintains the scalp's health and adds overall luster. 

Try this recipe if you are looking for a way to grow your hair in the shortest reasonable time and at the lowest cost: 

  • Prepare three tablespoons of olive oil and a tiny amount of ripe avocado or mashed avocado.
  •  Thoroughly combine all the ingredients and apply the mixture to your wet hair, massaging your hair from roots to ends. 
  • It is preferable to cover the hair with a shower cap, then leave the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes
  • Afterward, you can wash the hair with shampoo and cold water. 

Repeat the treatment once a week for most effect.  

8. Sugar With Olive Oil 

It may seem unusual to use sugar as a hair treatment since when sugar dissolves, it becomes sticky. 

However, it is a pretty efficient treatment because sugar acts as a fantastic scalp exfoliate and eliminates accumulated substances on the head. 

The olive oil softens the scalp and nourishes it with beneficial substances and components. 

Here is the recipe:

  • Prepare two tablespoons of sugar and five tablespoons of olive oil, preferably good quality. 
  • Mix the two ingredients, taking care not to dissolve the sugar completely.
  • Then apply the mixture to your scalp, massaging your hair continuously from the scalp to the ends.
  • Finally, wash it immediately with warm water and re-wash it with your shampoo. 

9. Aloe Vera 

There is no doubt that aloe vera has a large following in the cosmetics industry, as the gelatinous component found in the aloe vera plant helps to maintain the freshness of the skin and hair. 

Because it has a high percentage of collagen, aloe vera has long been used to protect the skin from burns, particularly sunburn. As a result, one of the benefits of aloe vera for hair is that it may play a part in protecting hair from the sun's blistering rays, keeping its hydration, and aiding in the healing of damage caused by rays. 

Aloe vera also contains vitamins, including vitamin C, and vitamin E, which are all significant and needed vitamins for hair health. They support the renewal of hair cells and follicles and the maintenance of their luster. 

Moreover, Aloe vera contains vitamin B12 and folic acid, which are essential for preventing hair loss. 

Using aloe vera gel for hair is one of the easiest things to do at home. 

  • Before shampooing, grab an aloe vera plant and apply the gel to the scalp. If more manageable, you can buy ready-made gel and use it directly. 
  • Or use 
  • two tablespoons of the same gel with two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon yogurt. 
  • Then apply the mixture to the hair, massaging it from the roots to the ends, and leave it on for half an hour. 
  • Finally, rinse with warm water and shampoo to get soft, damp hair. 

Staple Advice On Keeping Your Hair Healthy And Strong 

Avoid using hair products at random, and before buying any, read the components to choose products that match your hair type. 

Eat a well-balanced diet since this directly impacts the quality of your hair. 

In addition, avoid hair colors or treatments that might damage your hair, in particular heat treatments. Instead, apply conditioner all the time in the shower and let your hair dry naturally without using any tools. 

Lastly, try to cut your hair at least once every six months and use the time to get advice on the state of your hair from your hairstylist. 


Many girls suffer from damaged hair when often there is an easy and natural solution to the problem sitting at home. 

Use this article for some easy-to-use natural recipes that you can find in any home to ensure you always maintain healthy and robust hair.

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