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  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Buying a Bandage Dress

    Posted at: February 2019

    Bandage dresses are the life of The Kewl Shop. Everything you ever wanted to know about buying and styling a bandage dress has been compiled here. Whether it's their history, how they are made, or how to wear one - this article covers it all.

  • The Insiders Guide To Prom Dresses

    Posted at: February 2019

    The most significant part of being a princess in your own right is choosing the perfect dress. Choose your ideal prom dress, and everything else falls into place. It is a challenge, headache, and a memorable time to argue with Mom. 

  • Best Eyeshadows To Match Your Eye Color

    Posted at: February 2019

    If you use a wrong shade of eyeshadow you may run the risk of wearing eyeshadow that is unflattering to your face. An unflattering eyeshadow conceals the beauty of your eye color and may clash with your style.

  • How To Wear Beige & Nude Dresses

    Posted at: February 2019

    Beige and nude dresses are fresh, feminine, and effortlessly versatile. We choose these dresses when we need a complete style in a pinch but desire a very polished and sophisticated appearance. 

  • St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas And What To Wear

    Posted at: January 2019

    You can have unlimited fun on St. Patrick's Day, but you also need to dress according to the theme to stay true to the festival. We have plenty of tips to help you put together an outfit for St. Patrick's Day that is fashionista approved.

  • What To Wear On Valentines Day - Sultry Dresses And Hot Styles

    Posted at: January 2019

    You don't have to opt for tiny revealing dresses to pull off sexy and seductive on Valentines Day. The right dress matches your mood and the occasion, and just how hot you want to be.

  • 20 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have

    Posted at: January 2019

    Closet essentials are a lot like food and water to the body - necessary for fashion and diva survival. We believe that every kewl girl – regardless of age, body shape, or style must own a healthy collection of wardrobe basics. 

  • Inspired Style Ideas to Wear on Cinco de Mayo

    Posted at: April 2018

    While Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican celebration there is no need to rely on much-tried sombreros or cowboy boots to pull off a festive look for the day. In this guide we cover a few ideas on what to wear for the festivities and occasion.

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