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  • Red Light Therapy 101: The Science, The Perks & The Effects

    Posted at: October 2021

    Red light therapy is a revolutionary treatment plan for those keen on keeping their bodies at the optimum level and ready for activity. You can now choose to heal faster and perform better at being yourself, no matter what you do.

  • 10 Fun Family Activities For Better Health

    Posted at: October 2021

    These ten fun family activities may be just what you need to develop good communication and better health in your children. They can lower the risks of behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and other mental issues reduce stress, and boost self-confidence. 

  • 10 Things Guys Like In Bed But They Don’t Like To Ask

    Posted at: October 2021

    Use this exhaustive guide to prepare yourself perfectly for the next time you hop into bed with your favorite man. It pays to educate yourself on the things guys like in bed but don't like to ask. Because even the most confident, masculine types won't share much about their sexual desires.

  • How Can Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

    Posted at: October 2021

    Losing weight is possible with water. If consumed before meals, it reduces your appetite and burns fat. Additionally, water has several weight loss benefits. Drinking it before you eat helps you eat less food because it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It also assists your body in removing waste. 

  • How To Get Rid Of Facial Dandruff Naturally

    Posted at: October 2021

    Facial dandruff can be unsightly but is usually treatable at home, often with natural remedies and some healthy lifestyle changes. This article explains how and provides the solutions you need to beat restore your natural and beautiful face. 

  • How To Improve Yourself Through a Career Change

    Posted at: October 2021

    With the amount of time we spend at work, we cannot afford to be unhappy with our jobs every day. Changing your career can bring you purpose, fulfillment, and peace. It's a great way to find self-improvement in your life.

  • How To Be Healthy Fit And Sexy

    Posted at: October 2021

    At The Kewl Shop, we adopt practical solutions to our health and fitness. We develop effective ways to maintain our bodies and to look good. It takes some effort but is achievable. Follow this framework for health, fitness and a sexy look. 

  • Five New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options - Explained By A Doctor

    Posted at: October 2021

    These are Five New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options  that are being actively tried and tested. Make sure to visit a physician as soon as you spot some issues to minimize their impact on your sexual life.

  • Healthy Eating - How To Do It

    Posted at: October 2021

    Healthy eating and the rewards of a slimmer figure are within our reach. Like most things in life, success comes from determination, planning and a real need to change. In many instances, it requires grit and perseverance too.

  • 11 Amazing Benefits Of Squats For Women That You Didn't Know

    Posted at: October 2021

    Squats benefit women of all shapes and sizes. They may seem like a simple exercise, but there is more to them than meets the eye. The benefits listed above will improve your overall health, boost energy levels and even help you to lose weight faster. 

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