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  • The Invisible Culprit: Noise Pollution And Its Negative Effects

    Posted at: May 2022

    Indeed, we can’t fully control noise. The world is too vast for us to regulate every produced sound, and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy loud music from time to time. But let’s not allow this invisible culprit to disturb us by doing the changes most accessible to us. Let’s help one another live a more peaceful life. 

  • Do Babies Need Electrolytes?

    Posted at: May 2022

    When in doubt, the best thing to do when your baby is dehydrated is to continue breastfeeding. If they're bottle-fed, you should give them a glass of cooled, heated water.

  • How To Tackle Stress With Self-Care

    Posted at: May 2022

    Self-care is any suitable activity that promotes your physical, mental, and emotional health and generally makes you happy. There are many ways to practice self-care, and in this article, we provide in-depth advice and ideas on tackling stress with self-care. 

  • How To Practice Self Care When Suffering Travel Related Depression And Stress

    Posted at: May 2022

    Vacation-related depression is usually a sign that something isn't lining up, and you need to pay closer attention to what your mind and body want and need. Traveling is a form of self-care in and of itself, but it's still important to take extra steps to take care of yourself to ensure you are having a good time. 

  • How To Choose A Special Occasion Dress

    Posted at: May 2022

    Here is your complete guide to choosing a unique occasion dress for (almost) every type of occasion you might need to attend.

  • Bandage Swimwear

    Posted at: May 2022

    Here is your complete guide to everything you need to know about swimwear and all the hype surrounding them. In this style guide, we take a look at choosing swimwear for you, how to style it, and the best accessories to match.

  • Dress Styling

    Posted at: May 2022

    Everything you need to know about creating a style you love to wear for every type of occasion you might attend. 

  • Everything About Bandage Dresses

    Posted at: May 2022

    Everything you ever wanted to know about buying and styling a bandage dress has been compiled here. Whether it's their history, how they are made, or how to wear one - this article covers it all. 

  • Relationship Advice: How To Build And Maintain Attraction

    Posted at: May 2022

    In this series of articles, we provide relationship advice covering love and romance, how to build and maintain attraction, breakups, and getting back with an ex. 

    We critically look at behaviors that help and hinder healthy relationships, including confidence, attitude, sex, and the way you dress and present yourself.

  • Masturbation And Hair Loss Myths

    Posted at: May 2022

    If you were someone who previously thought that masturbation could cause hair loss, then rejoice. The myths surrounding masturbation and hair loss are mainly unfounded and, in many cases, even contrary to scientific research on the topic.

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