The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Last updated on : April 05 2021

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Through online dating sites it's easier to connect and fall in love. However, not all that glitters turns out as gold.

As online dating matures, we discover more about some of the individuals we meet online than their profiles reveal, and it's not all good.

Here are the pros and cons of online dating - click on the links to learn more.

Introduction - Finding Love Online

Exciting Things To Note About Online Dating

Online Dating - The Pros and Cons



You Can Beat The System

Finding Love Online

There's one undeniable fact of life: love is a fundamental human need. There's an innate desire to feel love and appreciation in every human being. 

It's the reason why people stay in abusive relationships and surround themselves with pets if they can't get love from people.  

Dating is a way people look to feel loved and appreciated. 

Back in the day, individuals met their significant others through social gatherings, office or school functions, or worship places. But that has since changed with the birth of the internet. 

The internet brought a new world to us, where people can meet and connect without initial physical introductions through online dating sites. It's easier to connect and fall in love. 

However, not all that glitters turns out as gold. As online dating matures, we discover more about some of the individuals we meet online than their profiles reveal, and it's not all good. 

Let's check out some statistics before looking at some of these ugly truths. 

Exciting Things To Note About Online Dating

Online dating is quite popular among different age groups. The introduction of smartphones added fuel to its already burning flames, giving rise to many dating apps, and websites like mail order brides also took advantage of the growth. 

According to a 2020 publication by the Pew Research Center, three in ten U.S. adults say they have used a dating site. However, 45% say their recent online dating experiences left them feeling frustrated. 

But despite these frustrations, Statista states that there are 370 million users of online dating services this year. The industry's revenue is forecast to reach $3,241 million, with an annual growth rate of 9.3% until 2024. 

These numbers show that online dating is here to stay for a long time. Therefore, it is imperative to know how to avoid the ills that trail the dating world and to take advantage of the positives.

Online Dating - The Pros and Cons

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With the exciting chance to find your dream partner, there is also a lot of dishonesty in online dating. Thus, as an online dating site user, it is vital to know and fish out who's real and genuine from the fakes. 

We put together a list of some of the pros and cons of online dating to help you find that special one.


Whether you're looking for something permanent or just looking for a convenient love, the following pros will serve you well.

There's No Limit to the Number of People You Can Meet

If you're committed to finding your love, then dating sites provide a real opportunity to meet and filter out an unlimited number of potential partners. 

There is no limit to the number of individuals you can meet on a dating site. You can get matched to hundreds or even thousands of people, depending on how strong your profile is. 

This ability to churn numbers gives you the most options to choose a desirable partner, something you may not have if you rely on traditional dating. 

Also, rather than going through the strenuous process of having several dates before discovering compatibility, you can chat online with those you have similarities with and might enjoy. 

You Meet Like-Minded People

One thing dating sites do is give people a platform to meet and flirt with those they share something in common. 

Dating apps let users list the specifics of what they are looking for in a relationship. These specifics include the physical attributes, goals, careers, religious beliefs, and other things that matter to them.

Use these filters to make it easier to connect with those who share the same values and beliefs as you. 

You Can Use The Site Online Chat As A Further Filter

When dating the traditional way, you might go on several dates before discovering you're not on the same page. 

It could be that the person is not interested in settling down or having kids. It takes some people months to figure this out. By that time, they've spent time, money, and emotions they can't get back. 

On a dating site, you can avoid this issue through the process of elimination. You can eliminate those who want different things from you through a thorough read of their profile. 

When you start communicating with potential interests, you can ask all the questions you wish to before the conversation progresses. Not many people get to do this on real-life dates because they don't want to appear too forward or are shy. 

There Is No Awkwardness Or Shyness

Avoiding shyness or awkwardness is one vital benefit of dating online.

Although there is a profile picture, it still makes you incognito, taking away all shyness. And you can preempt conversation with your profile, adding in thought-provoking or conversation-making topics or highlights. 

Those awkward silences that mar most first dates won't come into play, and you can openly get to know each other safely, online first, before meeting up with more confidence.


While online dating has excellent benefits, there are several reasons why people shy away from them. They include: 

People Lie On Their Dating Profiles

Lying is one of the most common ugly truths about online dating. 

People want to appear more appealing than they are in their lives, and they tweak their profiles to achieve it. For example, an introvert may say they love adventures to appear more outgoing. 

survey carried on American dating adults showed that 53% lied on their dating profiles. 

Women tend to be dishonest more than men, with many choosing to reduce their age or use a much younger photo of themselves. Men primarily hide the truth on their finances. They always try to sound like they have more money or a better job than they do. 

One known consequence of lying is that it makes finding the right match difficult. 

Also, while most people are privy to this truth, they turn a blind eye to it. Lying appears to have become a norm, and it has created an unending circle of dishonesty. 

Thus, if you're currently considering online dating, don't get too shocked when you meet your date physically, and they are nothing like their profile picture. 

You Are Not As Safe As You Think

Most people get involved in online dating because they feel they will meet someone from a safe distance and gradually build trust. They forget there are cybercriminals and scammers whose abode is the worldwide web. 

If you've ever watched "Web of Lies" on Investigation Discovery, then you'll know that many unscrupulous people are looking for easy prey online. There are tripwires and pitfalls everywhere, and you have to be discerning to avoid them. 

Note that this does not take away the fact that most dating platforms are safe. But, you must do your part in safeguarding your information.

Don't just give out confidential information about yourself like your social security number to anyone. Avoid jumping into get-rich-quick schemes, and don't buy everything people sell. 

Before committing to meet anyone, carry out research to verify their identity. Check the person's social media accounts to see if they check out. If you can, reach out to other people who previously communicated with the individual on the dating app to get a popular opinion on them. 

You can do all these and still fall prey to a fraudster. Thus, the best thing to do is follow your gut. If something or someone feels off, stay away and disable all communication with the person. 

It Makes You Distrustful And Judgmental

Although the very idea of online dating is trusting someone you've never met enough to open up to them, it doesn't always work that way. Most people with bad experiences end up distrustful and judgmental. 

After getting burned once or twice, they find it hard to open themselves up to people. Also, most individuals create a mental block, thereby missing the right person when they come along. 

The best way to ensure you don't end up this way is to leave a person's baggage with them. Don't carry it over to the next person you meet, and approach everyone based on their merit. 

Furthermore, don't judge a book by its cover, and give everyone the same opportunity.

You Will Get Rejected Several Times 

If you joined or plan to join the online dating community because you suffered many rejections from people you met in person, you'll be sorely disappointed. 

You will suffer several rejections before meeting the right person, as with physical dating. 

Some of your messages will never get a response, and some people will let you down harshly. There will be so many frogs before you meet your prince or princess. 

But you stand a chance of succeeding if you persevere to the end. 

The one way to overcome rejection is preparing yourself mentally. Please don't take it as a criticism or reflection of who you are. Embrace it, become its friend, but move on from it quickly. 

Don't put all your eggs in your basket but send out as many messages as possible. It also helps to remind yourself that you will turn down people too, so it's nothing personal. 

Online Dating Cripples Self-Esteem And Self-Worth 

There's a misconception that only people who can't get a date in real-life resort to online dating. 

However, there are tons of people who regularly date but are still on dating apps. But it's true, though, that a virtual relationship is not for the fainthearted. 

The more rejections a person faces, the more harm it does to their self-esteem and self-worth

The only way to deal with this is by not seeking validation or acceptance from anyone. Just like the Ariana Grande song, say "Thank You, Next" after each unfavorable response and move on. 

There are several fishes in the ocean, so don't let anyone walk over you. 

You Can Beat The System

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Online relationships may not be all sunshine and roses, but there's nothing in life without challenges. 

Treat it like you would everything else in your life. Make a plan and stick with it till the end. 

Furthermore, if online dating does nothing else for you, it will teach you how to sell yourself. If you can, you'll be able to turn the ugly truths into something beautiful.

Yes, you can navigate the choppy waters of online dating successfully.

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