How To Wear False Eyelashes

Last updated on : June 27 2021

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Your eyes are the window to your soul, and fake eyelashes the curtains framing them. Many women swear by their falsies while several others are not sure where to start.

This article is the definitive inside scoop on these sexy items. It also contains a bonus piece on how to present doll-like sultry lashes we all aspire to.

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History of Fake Eyelashes

How are they Made

Types of Fake Eyelashes

How To Apply

Tips for Making your Falsies Look Natural

Bonus Feature - Your Guide To Sultry Eye Lashes (Real or Fake)

History of Fake Eyelashes

False or fake eyelashes are by no means a recent beauty trend. In fact, these beauties are traced back to the 1900s.

Invented by DW Griffith, an American film director during the filming of Intolerance. In this film, actress Seena Owen’s character was dramatic and flawless but needed something 'extra". 

Fashioned out of human hair and fine gauze, falsies were stuck to Owen’s lash line with good old glue. The movie failed to be a blockbuster hit, but a new makeup trend was born. Black-and-white cinema saw a fair share of falsies, and no one has looked back since.

How are they Made

Today, falsies are as typical as celebrity bandage dresses and made from several materials including synthetics, human, and mink animal hair.


These eyelash types are the most commonly available. Synthetic lashes are made of plastic and silk compounds, and in most cases can be reused up to four or more times.

They are generally thicker than real human hair, and this can make them look a tad unnatural, and heavier to wear.

However, if you are looking for affordable and durable lashes, then synthetics are the way to go.

Human Hair

These lashes are made of sterilized human hair - they look and feel more natural but do come at a higher price. Color and shape choices are also limited compared to synthetics.

However, human hair lashes are our preferred option. This is because mascara looks more natural on them, and they have a malleable lash band that easily adheres to your lash line.

Fox or Mink Hair

Not for the faint-hearted, fox or mink hair lashes are generously priced starting at $1000 per lash. Known for their natural look, lightweight texture, and natural curl, these fur lashes also last for up to 25 applications. Please make sure they are cruelty-free

Types of Fake Eyelashes

Full Strips

Full strips offer you a single band that contains an eye’s worth of lashes attached to each other and the lash band. This means that all you have to do is glue them onto your eyelash line and you are ready to go.

Available at most drug or beauty stores, they are easy to apply once you learn how and are available in several shapes and sizes. They are also much easier to remove. Some great options are offered by Makeup For Ever, Red Cherry, and MAC.

Partial Strips

Partial strips such as those by Urban Decay begin in the middle of the upper lid area. This means you do not need to worry about lashes that lift at the inner corner. These are an excellent option for novices who want to start off easy.

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual eyelash extensions are great for those who do not require a full strip of lashes but need dedicated attention in thinner lash areas. Invented in Japan in 2006, these individual lashes are attached to existing natural ones in a lash-by-lash technique.

Given that these are single fake lashes, they are a tad more complicated to apply, but they look very natural, have a gentle curve, and are affordable too. Ardell offers plenty of single options in varying lengths.

applying false eyelashes

How To Apply

Applying your fake lashes takes a bit a prep work to get just right. These are the beauty items you need handy before the application process.

The lashes. Choose lashes that are most likely to look natural on your face to begin. As you get more comfortable with their application, explore various lengths and styles. Also, determine if you want to try singles or strips.

Lash glue. Pick a lash glue that dries clear like the all-time favorite Adhesive by Duo ($8) or Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive. Consider the dry time and the included applicator as needed.

Tweezers. Using tweezers is a simple fool-proof way to keep your lashes beautiful and shapely during application. Tweezers also make it easy to handle and apply lashes with precision.

Eyeliner and mascara. Once your lashes have been applied, it is essential to use eyeliner and mascara to complete and polish the look. Mascara also allows you to blend your natural lashes with the falsies.

Precision Q-tips. Q-tips are the best for cleaning up areas where there may have been smudging, or too much glue applied.

infographic - applying false eyelashes

Tips for Making your Falsies Look Natural

Start with the liner and mascara. Most people apply liner and mascara after gluing the lashes on, however, using before ensures that the falsies adhere to the natural lashes much more quickly. If you can opt for quality liners such as MAC Liquidlast, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel liner, or H&M Liquid Liner. Create a slightly thicker coating as it serves to mask the lash band at the base.

Work the lash strip by wiggling it between your fingers. Do not be too vigorous but just bend the lashes a bit, so the band becomes less stiff and more natural to shape during application.

Ensure that you measure correctly. Hold the lashes against your upper lid first, then cut them down to size. Hold at the center when cutting, as the outer corners tend to be fuller and more flared.

    Glue at the right place. The trick to making them stay on comfortably through the day is to glue them at just the right point. Too close to or on top of the tear duct in the inner corner of your eye will leave you in pain when you blink. A tip to help - hold an eye pencil against the edge of your nostril, and start at the spot where the pencil meets your upper lash line.

    Don't use too much glue. Less is definitely more when it comes to lash glue. Sanitize the thin end of a makeup brush, dip it into a drop of glue, and then gently dab some on the lash band of the falsies. Some glues come with a brush-on applicator that makes the whole process infinitely easier for you.

    Let the glue dry first. Take some time to breathe. It is a natural instinct to rush into fixing the lashes immediately after applying glue—resist this instinct. Allow the glue to dry for at least 30 seconds so that the lashes stick appropriately, and do not move too much after application.

    Stick the centers first. Use a pair of tweezers or your trusted fingers to stick the center part of the lashes first. Then adjust the sides as you desire.

    Touch up. After application, do a touch up with your eyeliner and mascara. You do not need to aim for perfection when applying your lashes. Instead, let your mascara and liner fix any mistakes or blemishes.

    Use a lash conditioner. To protect your natural eyelashes from the use of falsies and glue, use a lash conditioner such as Talika Lipocils Expert or others of its ilk to give your lashes the TLC they require after taking the false ones off.

    Removal. The best way to remove false lashes is to use an oil-free makeup remover to soften the lash glue. Simply slide the falsies off after that.

    After removal. In most cases, depending on the material and type, your fake lashes have more than a few lives to them. However, you need to ensure that they are taken care of after removal. Clean the lash band with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover after taking off to ensure that all the dried glue is gently removed. Once the eye makeup is removed, allow your falsies to dry thoroughly before your next application.

    Fake eyelashes are simple ways to give your face a lift and polish that is celebrity inspired. Wear them to your wedding, on a hot first date, or to a night out with friends. Remember that learning to apply them takes time and practice. Start with a complete band strip and then explore with various partial strips as you go.

    Bonus Feature - Your Guide To Sultry Eye Lashes (Real or Fake) 

    sultry eyelashes

    If you love long, thick, and luxurious eyelashes, here is a comprehensive guide on how to achieve them.

    Curl your Eyelashes for a Sexy Lift

    Working with your lashes is a big deal. Do not bank on your mascara to get your eyelashes in perfect date night glory. An eyelash curler is a simple, no-nonsense device for ensuring your lashes are ideally lifted.

    Place the curler at the base of your upper lashes and just squeeze and hold for at least 20 seconds. Work your way to the end of your lashes as you pump a few times.

    There is a reason why women all over the world swear by this technique – the effects speak for themselves. A few seconds with a curler leaves you with fuller lashes every single time.

    Use a Primer

    Before you reach for your mascara, treat your lashes to some clear mascara primer.

    Eyelash primer was created to thicken the base of your lashes for more volume and effect. Adding a primer to your makeup routine is particularly important if you have thin or weak lashes. Many women steer clear of mascara because they find that their lashes break during makeup removal, a primer will help prevent this damage.

    It will also help your lashes take on mascara properly. When mascara is applied with a primer it tightly bonds with your individual lashes better and prevents clumping.

    Tightlining is an Eye Makeup Must

    When you want to give your lashes the illusion of being more voluminous and your eyes the appearance of a mysterious pool of desire, then consider tightlining techniques. Stylist and cosmetologist everywhere encourage tightlining to give your eyes lift, pop, and definition.

    Dana Oliver, the executive fashion and beauty editor at The Huffington Post, explains, “made famous by industry luminaries Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Mercier, tightlining is the technique of drawing eyeliner inside the lash line, on the waterline. It provides an imperceptible definition and structure to the face by filling in any gaps in the lash line and creates contrast with the irises, according to celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein.”

    Tightlining involves filling in the spaces between your lashes in the upper lash line with eyeliner. While this technique may sound complicated, it really isn't. Just lift your upper eyelid with a finger, and trace the waterline with a black eye pencil. Jiggle the liner to reach those elusive spots, to completely fill in the space between the lashes. This gives your eyes plenty of definition and depth.

    Use Mascara Properly

    So you know that mascara is the way to getting sultry eyelashes but do you know precisely how to go about applying this miracle-maker? A cardinal sin is to use too much.

    Excess mascara needs to be wiped off the wand before application. Blot the mascara wand gently on a piece of dry tissue or use the rim of the tube to shake off any excess.

    Do not pump the wand into the tube again and again. This drives air into the bottle causing the formula to dry out quickly. Instead, move the brush in circles while it is inside the tube to get all the mascara you need.

    When applying, start at the base of your upper lashes and begin wiggling the brush in a left to right motion. Keep zig-zagging the brush all the way to the top of your lashes. This technique ensures that all the parts of your lashes are evenly covered. 

    Powder Between Layers of Mascara

    You may have heard that applying multiple coats of mascara is a good idea. It is, but only if you do it right as too much mascara causes clumps. If you let the first coat dry before applying the next layer, you will likely end up with spidery lashes.

    Instead, apply a second coat while the first one is still wet. This ensures that your lashes look plush, long, full, and clean. Also, consider dusting some baby powder over your lashes before applying mascara, and between the coats to plump them up even more.

    Comb Your Lashes

    We always run a brush through our hair before we style it, and we should aim to do the same with our lashes. 

    An essential step to getting sultry and flirty lashes is using an eyelash comb. Keep one handy in your makeup kit. The trick is to comb out your eyelashes before you apply mascara. This separates your lashes to avoid clumping. After you have applied dual coats of mascara, run the comb through your eyelashes once more.

    While it is true that combing after applying mascara may take some of the product off, the result is more defined and voluminous lashes.  

    Add an Extra Dimension with “Minking”

    Minking is a mascara technique that involves using two different colors - one after the other. 

    Use one color as the base and mink it with the second color. This adds depth and dimension to your eyelashes and a sultry dreamy look.  

    Another trick to nailing the lash game is to use a mascara that is designed to add volume to your lashes along with one that lengthens them.

    Tips for Conditioning Your Lashes

    We take particular care of the hair on our heads by making sure we shampoo, condition, and deep condition regularly. Your eyelashes should get the same treatment to ensure they do not become dry and damaged and that they look naturally fuller and healthier.

    • Olive oil is a perfect natural remedy that boosts the growth of your lashes while making them stronger. Gently apply a little bit of olive oil to your lashes before you go to sleep as a beauty treatment. Applying a mixture of olive oil and castor oil is also a growth booster.
    • Pure petroleum jelly or vaseline works just as well to make your lashes thicker and stronger.
    • Your diet plays a role in the health of your lashes. Follow a balanced diet, and add a few lash-loving foods such as apples, guavas, eggs, fish, and leafy green vegetables.

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