How To Find (And Behave On) The Best Dating Sites For A Serious Relationship

Last updated on : December 04 2020

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Finding A Long-Term Partner Online

We appreciate internet communication for its lightness and ease. Things that guys and girls usually tell about themselves on the fifth or sixth face to face date are discovered 5-10 minutes after the start of an internet conversation. 

On the other hand, it is easier to lie or exaggerate on the internet. For these reasons, one might question the effectiveness of online dating.

However, there are many happy stories of couples finding each other on the best hookup sites in 2020. And so there is no reason why you cannot find a profound love interest with a well-chosen online dating site today.

To succeed in online dating, you need to find the best dating sites for serious relationships. 

In this article, we outline the minimum requirements for choosing the best dating sites for serious relationships. Make some recommendations for the dating sites we think are among the best and provide insights into how to behave on these sites to maximize your chances of finding a marriage-minded relationship. 

Read on to discover all the details of serious relationship online dating.

1. Choosing The Best Dating Site For A Serious Relationship?

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Where to begin? Today on the internet, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of services offering assistance to find a partner of any choosing. However, if you are looking for a lifetime partner, a real gentleman, you should pay attention to serious relationship sites:

Here are some simple criteria that you need to focus on when choosing a site:

  • The number of members. Everything is clear here; the more people, the richer the choice, and therefore the higher the likelihood of finding the one you desire.
  • The site has free registration and uploading of your photos (at least a couple of them). Initial free access allows you to look at the best dating sites from the inside, to understand what it is. If you have to pay for the photo upload and registration, consider that you are buying a pig in a poke.
  • Search filter. You cannot do without one. Search filters will help you simplify the search for the one.
  • Mobile app. We are sure that this is important for all users; it is a must-have feature for dating on the go. 
  • Additional features. Everything is not so simple here. Some people need games; some want to stand out with their profile design - everyone has their preferences. How important it is to you - decide for yourself.
  • Price and choice of subscription options. These two criteria are critical points. Assess what you get at different subscription levels and whether you are ready to pay for services or continue to use the free version. If you don't want to waste your time and money - give preference to free dating sites and dating sites without registration.
  • International presence. If you dream of a relationship with a foreigner, choose dating sites with a global status.  

2. Recommended Dating Sites For Serious Relationships

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To ensure the best success in finding a soul mate, we suggest you register not on one but two or three sites at once. 

Given this, we recommend the following six dating sites for finding a serious relationship, which we've assessed using the following criteria:

  • number of users
  • availability of a mobile application
  • registration cost
  • description of all functions and services
  • possibility of being scammed
  • other dating site reviews

A. Match

According to the Match statistics, any user can find a partner within six months after registering on the site. 

For the best chances of finding the ideal partner, takes a wide range of details into account. For instance, you can choose a partner according to hobbies, attitudes towards children and family, and even bad habits. 

A notable feature is the unique auto-selection and matching system based on data analysis from the participants' profiles. This smart service invites each visitor to study people suitable for them by profession, religion, character traits, and lots more.

The support service works clearly and efficiently, with profiles effectively moderated to weed out fakes and people misbehaving. 

B. OkCupid

OkCupid is by design a site for the modern youth. 

Although we consider it to be among the best for young people, there are successful reviews on building relationships from any age group, so don't feel you can't use the site if you are older. 

Uniquely, when filling out your profile, you can choose between 12 gender positions from 20 sexual orientations. And as with most platforms, participants have to answer a series of questions about worldview, preferred lifestyle, hobbies, and more. 

If you take time to complete these selections accurately, the site is likely to match you with a partner closely reflecting your desires, so it's worth the effort. 

C. eHarmony

Our third selection, eHarmony, is one of the best dating sites for finding a long-term partner. This platform is most suitable for serious adults who are ready to get married and start a family. Today 58 million people use the site's services. Moreover, about 4% of all marriages in the United States are thanks to this particular internet resource. Many reviews call eHarmony the best dating site for women to find a serious man - making it suitable for both sexes if a serious commitment is what you want. 

D. eDarling

eDarling operates in 25 countries, with over 14 million users. It's seen some negative reviews recently, but if used correctly can enormously help your dating efforts. It has good free services, an extensive and easy to use mobile app, and comes translated into 15 different languages. 

The site matches participant profiles according to psychological test results, which includes 283 questions. The extent of this might surprise you but leaves you with good results in their auto-match system. 

E. EmilyDates

A little less than 1 million users have registered here, but what kind of users. They want a serious relationship, and their top priorities are a luxurious life and an unforgettable vacation: gorgeous women, successful men, and no secrets and omissions.

At EmilyDates, you will find a pleasant interface, ease of use, secure connection, exciting dating. And all this is completed with free registration.

F. OneAmour

OneAmour is, first of all, innovative technologies that make dating around the world safe and take quality to another level. The site works hard to prevent fake accounts, ensuring a good user experience. At the moment, there is no mobile app, but instead a very mobile friendly website design, without advertising. The site matches users through a psychological test to check compatibility.

3. Other - Hookup And Less Long-Term Relationship Friendly Sites 

The most popular of these are Tinder, Bumble, and AdultFriendFinder.

However, these platforms do not guarantee a serious and long-term relationship and are better for shorter-term, less serious relationships.

You will most likely have a few romantic dates and then be faced with silence as your prospect's interest in long-term commitment dwindles.  

4. Best Practices For Online Dating

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Remember the most important rule - no matter how reliable a dating service is, you need to remain vigilant and not rush to get carried away by an unfamiliar person. This behavior will not only save you from meeting scammers and adventure hunters. It will also allow you not to be too disappointed if you and your potential partner are not a good match. 

Here are some detailed tips:

  • Be sure to post photos that show your hobbies and interests. Do not overdo with editing; otherwise, when meeting in person, a potential partner may experience the effect of disappointed expectations.
  • Provide truthful information (age, height, weight) and do not lie about dating goals. If you are looking for a marriage partner, do not hesitate to let them know. It will narrow down your search results, but it will save you time and filter out profiles with mismatched interests.
  • Do not delay with a personal meeting. If a date with a person you like is impossible due to the pandemic, chat on text, Skype or any other video service. An hour of personal communication will say much more than a month of the most active correspondence.
  • Remember to be careful. You should not immediately provide personal information and address, and it is better to make an appointment in a fairly crowded place.

5. Conclusion

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It is quite challenging to answer which dating site is better - and often, the answer will be entirely personal to you. First of all, you need to correctly prioritize and understand whether you are looking for a serious, healthy relationship or light flirting. And know that even the best dating service cannot guarantee a 100% result. 

The best approach is to try out a few on their free service and then decide based on the quality and nature of the matches they offer you. The six sites we recommend above are excellent places to start, remembering to use our tips and best practices to increase your chances of success. 

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