Sexy Maxi Dresses And How To Wear Them

Last updated on : May 21 2019

sexy long dress in red

About Sexy Long or Maxi Dresses  

The longer the dress, the more elegance it carries. When you think of long dresses, you are likely thinking about formal affairs with men in tuxedos and women pretty like roses. But in a sexy long dress, you find the very opposite.

For this article, our definition of a sexy long dress is a long bandage dress.

These dress types are figure hugging and designed to show off curves. Their very nature is to be sexy. They combine the elements you love about long dresses, elegance, and coverage with those you like about our shorter sexy dresses, showing tons of skin and flattering figure-hugging styles.

How To Style A Maxi Dress

We asked Claudia to put on our White Sexy Cut Out Maxi Bandage Dress so we can run through a few style examples. White is one of those colors that gives us a fresh and crisp perspective, and a look that is transparent, versatile, and easy to wear.

We picked this design from our cut out bandage dress collection because it covers all the traditionally acceptable parts of your body (boobs and legs) but displays the same amount of skin, and teases just as quickly.

model in sexy long dress

What Hairstyle?

To get Claudia’s exact look, make a center part down the middle of your hair and secure your curls with a hair tie at the nape of your neck. There are several other versions of ponytails that work well for this dress.

The critical thing to remember about this hairstyle is that the dress features cut out designs around your abdomen, so you need to keep those areas exposed. If your hair is waist length, we recommend that you pull it up.

For more inspiration, read our article on matching your hairstyle to your dress neckline.

Get inspiration for ponytail styles that are chic, stylish, and trendy here.

long dress and ponytails are sexy

What Makeup?

This dress features straps and seams that are silver with glitter accents, so it’s okay to get fresh and bold with your makeup. Though the overall look offers an elegant style, its design naturally balances heavy eyeliner, bright lipstick, or demanding contours.

To ensure your outfit is in sync play around with your makeup and have a bit of fun. Whether you want to go for a more natural makeup approach or something dramatic and bold - your makeup for this dress is limitless.

Here are some additional resources for make-up decisions. 

Elle magazine shares tips on how to finally master contouring in four easy steps.

YouTube makeup artist Kathleen Lights tells how to get the perfect look with drugstore makeup and brushes.

What Shoes?

Shoes are a bit more involved when it comes to maxi dresses. The fact of the matter is that your clothing covers your feet and so they are not likely to be seen unless you are walking or sitting. Nevertheless, they do require a bit more thought than you may think.

Here are a few reasons why you should never forsake your shoes, particularly with long dress styles:

Confidence and mood - In sexy longer dress it is easy to go for something simple and none impressive like ballet flats. You should banish this thought and opt for a hot pair of heels to give you a diva complex and confidence.

Think we’re crazy? Try it! Strut around your room in a pair of flats or tennis shoes for two minutes. Pay attention to your mood and confidence. Take them off and put on your highest and most comfortable pair of heels to walk in. Wear your heels for two minutes. What mood do you feel? Suddenly you are on a catwalk and calling upon your inner diva.

Height and posture - High heels play a crucial role in your height and stance. Height is a big deal with longer dresses, even if it is just an illusion. Heels lift you off of the ground, demand your body to portray feminine lines, and improve your posture over time. Hunching over is difficult to do in a pair of high heels. 

For this white maxi dress, put on silver strappy shoes if you plan to do a minimal amount of walking. Opt for wider straps if you anticipate stepping a bit longer. Closed toes are always an option. Straps around the ankle of your closed toe shoes provide a timeless elegance.

What Undergarments?

Undergarments for this dress are pretty straightforward. The high neckline and floor-length skirt enable you to keep things pretty simple. For your bra or bust support, try to keep it all seamless. Traditional bras may give you a few lines. However, there are several traditional bra styles made today with smooth fabric.

Read our article on what to wear under a fitted dress for more complex dress types.

Finding A Dress That Suits You  

Check your body type

The key to finding a dress style for you is to understand your body type. For example, a woman with angular limbs and curves needs to wear fabrics that add softness and fluidity to her look, while one with softer curves should add structure with her dress.

Match your complexion

Before you hit the mall or pull up your latest online store, stop to make sure you're buying dresses in your color.

A lot of us stick to colors that are neutral and easy, which is why it's such a breath of fresh air when we see someone playing with really bright, unusual tones. Playing with color is a gamble - you're either going to get it right and look fantastic or get it wrong and look like you're on death row. 

Celebrities in Sexy Maxi

kim K in sexy long dress

Kim Kardashian often wears white. In this look, she chooses a high neck white maxi bandage dress, a hair part down the middle of her free-flowing tresses, and nude or beige strappy heels. The look is sultry, tempting, and full of drama! Kim decides to leave her arms bare, which contributes to a fluid style that is sexy, hot, and breathtakingly elegant.

Jennifer Lopez sexy long dress

Jennifer Lopez sports this look in a similar fashion. She opts for a halter style neckline that covers up her front but leaves her back exposed (the back design is super revealing and dips to her waist). The longer bandage style hugs her curves, which adds to the sultry and sexy look. Jennifer opts for a sweeping updo with split bangs, straight, minimalist earrings, and bare arms.

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