How To Stay On Top Of Your Beauty Routine While On The Road

Last updated on : January 04 2021

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Traveling to new places is great and exciting but can have horrible consequences for your skin, especially if you forget about your skincare routine while having fun exploring new places.  

It's all fun and games until you wake up with cracked lips, dry, flaky skin, and under-eye bags the size of Mount Rushmore. Oh, and let's not forget about the breakout on your chin that unfortunately doesn't make you look like a teenager again. 

You can prevent these disasters if you stay on top of your beauty routine while you're traveling. And with our skincare and travel makeup tips, that's going to be a piece of cake.

1. Bring Products From Home 

If you think travel is a great time to leave your old products at home and try out new ones, you are wrong. It takes a while for your skin to adjust to a new product, which is why you tend to break out whenever you introduce a new moisturizer or cleanser into your routine.

Introducing one new product to your skincare routine while you're away is fine, but ditching everything your skin is already used to is a recipe for disaster. 

Additionally, it's important to patch test everything for 24 hours before you put it more entirely on your face. Testing like this means you won't be able to use any of the new products the first day after your flight - when this period is crucial for dealing with the impact of dry cabin air on your skin. 

Also - and I'm going to say this several times throughout this guide - don't forget sunscreen with at least SPF 30!

2. Pack A Sheet Mask In Your Carry On 

Long flights are never a good thing for your skin. The air inside the cabin is dehydrated, and if you're stuck in a plane for 5+ hours, there's a good chance you'll have to deal with a breakout as soon as you land, if not earlier.

So, what can you do to prevent this? 

It's best to avoid wearing makeup entirely on the plane. You can get away with some mascara and lipstick, but for the love of skincare, don't put on any foundation.

Cabin air easily clogs up your pores, and when you have a foundation on your face, it just makes things worse. Also, wearing makeup in the cabin doesn't allow in-flight skincare, and that's the first step of avoiding breakouts and bad skin days on your trip. 

moisturizing sheet mask is probably the easiest way to deal with the dry cabin air. Put one in your carry on, and when you start to feel your skin getting tight, it's time to treat your skin to some hydration.

Keep in mind that you must apply the sheet mask to cleansed skin. So it would be best if you either wash your face or use some cleanser before applying the sheet mask. It won't prevent all the damage, but it will help a lot with future breakouts. 

3. Don't Forget The Emergency Products

Beauty products for travel

If you're prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, remember to pack emergency products that help with irritations. It's better to be over-prepared than to be left with a massive zit on your forehead without any products that contain salicylic acid. 

Packing the essentials is especially important for acne-prone skin. Even if you have great skin days at the moment, dry cabin air and different climates are more than enough to cause a breakout, so don't leave your favorite benzoyl peroxide cleansers at home.

We would also recommend a facial cream or serum with niacinamide since it does wonders at soothing skin and minimizing active acne overnight. 

4. Dealing With Jet Lag 

You can do a few things that can help you avoid jet lag and stay rested on your trip. And that's important for your beauty routine - if you're exhausted and feel horrible, you can't avoid dull skin and massive bags under your eyes.  

First thing's first - do everything in your power to stay awake until it's night local-time. That means don't sleep during your flight, avoid any coffee after 2 PM and maybe do some exercise before bed so you'll be more tired. 

Chances are your first night's sleep will still be horrible, but even that's better than waking up at 3 AM.

It's also a good idea to pack some eye masks and under-eye drops that will help reduce any puffiness and darkness under your eyes. Even if you don't feel well-rested and awake, at least you can trick others with a cold eye mask and some concealer

Additionally, vitamin C serums or sprays are great for dull skin. A small drop makes you glow instantly and helps your skin look more refreshed and awake. 

5. Travel Minis Are Your Best Friend 

Travel minis for makeup

If you're flying somewhere, you have the grueling task of choosing which skincare items to pack and which to leave at home. If any are in a bottle larger than an ounce, you cannot pack them in your carry on bag.

There are two things you can do - either pack all the more oversized items in your checked suitcase and hope that nothing spills. Or buy mini containers for the most critical products.

The downside of the first approach is that there is a risk one of the bottles will break and spill all over your clothes. Plus, if you're packing large bottles of toners and cleansers, you're sacrificing a lot of space in your checked bag. 

And the downside of the second approach is that you're still limited to 3-4 mini bottles in your carry on bag. This limitation means you would have to break down your skincare routine to just the essentials.

But if your skincare routine is already quite simple, transferring your favorite products into mini packages is the best thing you can do. It lets you carry everything you would typically use without taking up any extra space in your bags. 

6. What About Makeup?

Makeup brushes

Packing makeup for a trip is perhaps the least fun part of travel. But, it's also a great excuse to shop for new makeup while you're traveling, so try to see it as an opportunity.

If you haven't packed your favorite red lipstick, then you have to purchase one while you're away.

Stick to palettes when packing makeup for travel. They're your best friends, especially the ones that have great mirrors. And if you have a palette with multiple products like bronzers and blushers, it's even better.

And try to be reasonable when choosing which products you're going to take - a fifth highlighter is not a necessity, and one mascara is undoubtedly enough.

When it comes to packing brushes, try to pack only the essentials. A makeup sponge is great because you can use it to apply your foundation, highlighter, and even setting powder, as well as any other liquid or creamy products (bronzer, blusher, etc.).

You can also do a lot of your makeup with your fingers, especially eyeshadows, highlighters, and lipsticks, and in some cases might get a better result than using actual brushes.

Metallic and glitter shadows apply like a dream with your finger, and blending is effortless. Just remember to wash your hands before you leave the hotel.

7. Think About Where You're Travelling 

Chapstick on lips

You don't necessarily need to change your beauty routine because of your upcoming trip, but you might need to make some adjustments depending on the climate.

If you're traveling to a place that's hotter and more humid than your hometown, you will likely have to deal with excess oil in your skin. If you're going somewhere that's cold and dry - you will need more moisturizer than usual. 

Sunscreen should be at the top of your list as well, especially if you're traveling to a place with a warm climate. Anything below SPF 30 doesn't count, so go as high as you can.

Mineral sunscreens are generally the best option since they contain the least chemical irritants. They feel light on your skin and are usually a decent primer for your favorite foundation.  

Also, don't forget about your eyes and lips. If you're traveling for skiing or just visiting a country with a rather cold climate, you will need lots of chapstick and eye creams.

The skin under your eyes is susceptible and quickly dries out, especially in cold weather. The same goes for your lips - if you have space in your carry on for a lip scrub, it's a great idea to pack one.

Cracked lips are hard to avoid in colder climates, and chapstick doesn't always help with them. 

8. Remember To Stay Hydrated 

Fancy water bottle

Drinking plenty of water is still essential to having clear skin, but it's so easy to forget about that when you're running around foreign cities.

It's best always to have a water bottle in your favorite bag, so that you can stay hydrated while you're out and about without having to purchase nasty plastic water bottles. 

It's not a bad idea to put a reminder on your phone that will remind you to drink something every so often. We tend to forget about those things until we start to get thirsty, but feeling thirst means you're already dehydrated. 

You can even get one of those portable bottles that light up and vibrate to remind you it's time to drink, but unless you generally struggle to remember to drink water, it might be overkill. 


During this pandemic time, we might not have the opportunity to travel as much as we like. However, when the opportunity arises, take our advice to stay on top of your beauty routine while traveling. 

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