How to Shop Online for Clothing - A Shopper's Guide

Last updated on : July 02 2021

At The Kewl Shop, we are passionate about building an online clothing shop for real women. Our customers are loyal, engaged, and very kewl. Since 2012, we have worked to be more than just an online clothing store. We aim to be a place to browse, to be entertained, and to discover new ways to style everything from little black dresses to sexy club bandage dresses.

Through hard lessons, our own experience, lots of customer feedback, and engagement, we have learned the best practices for shopping online for clothes.

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How To Spot A Good Online Clothing Store

One of the most important things to look for when browsing an online clothing store is branding. If a company has invested in being different and offers an impressive return and exchange policy alongside free worldwide shipping (like us), you are in the right place.

Other marks of a reliable online clothing store are customer service, support, and product images. Look for a contact page with a recognizable address and telephone number. Check out the store's blog. Are the posts current and up to date?

One thing that makes The Kewl Shop unique is our commitment to reaching real women. We ask influential fashion bloggers from around the globe to try our bandage dresses. We share these Style Reviews throughout the store and via email to give our shoppers a realistic look at our dresses on various body types.

On our blog, we cover more than just fashion. We offer potent insights into the everyday challenges modern women face today, such as how to balance the love in a digital world or what it takes to pull off a white bikini.

How To Decide If A Store Is Right For You

As you browse various online clothing stores, it is essential to pay attention to the small details—Double-check for customer feedback, reputation, and other forms of social proof.

Social proof today is easily obtained and a standard requirement for running any successful online clothing store. For example, does the store have an active and updated Facebook or Instagram page? Are there any valid customer reviews hosted by a third party such as Yelp or Yotpo?

We continually rely on our customer feedback and engagement to help us evolve and learn more about what our customers want and need. We actively listen to each customer and develop relationships to ensure our apparel is not only trendy but made with the best quality available for the most reasonable price.

When our customers asked for some of our best selling dress styles to be available in longer lengths for events that required a bit more cover - we listened and introduced our midi bandage dresses. Our customers asked for XL-sized dresses and a more extensive selection eligible for overnight shipping. We now make just under a dozen XL-sized bandage dresses and offer more than 200 dress styles available for overnight or 2-day delivery.

How To Determine If A Store Is Customer-Centric

Determining if an online clothing store is customer-centric is simple and straightforward. Alongside listening to our customers, we address significant concerns about shopping for clothing online.

One of the biggest concerns women face when shopping online is how the clothing looks on real women, not merely staged for a perfect product image. In response to this concern, we host various photoshoots on location designed to show dresses in a more realistic light. We rarely photoshop these images and leave the fabric folds and other imperfections intact.

We also provide candid shots of dresses on team members and encourage customers to share selfies of themselves. All of this helps to build our Kewl Girl community and makes choosing a dress more straightforward and more realistic.

The overall goal of every online clothing retailer is to deliver exceptional products that customers purchase again and again. At the shop, we provide unique products and provide proof that our dresses will look as good on you as they do our models during a spectacular photo shoot.

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As you browse the online clothing store, check for clues that the store is working to cultivate and build a community among its customers. Are the product reviews easy to find? Do the product images appear to be too perfect and photoshopped or even "borrowed" from other sites? Does the overall feel of the store appear polished, complete, unique, and transparent? Does the store seem to be more concerned about pushing products?

If an online store is customer-centric, the product descriptions and images will be unique and engaging and, the overall feel of the website and social proof will readily defend their reputation.

Aside from ensuring that the store offers a welcoming shopping environment, it is also imperative to determine if the store is up to date, fashionably savvy, and trendy. For example, we base the majority of our bandage dresses initially on celebrity dresses. We look for dresses that are trending and the types of dresses that are selling in the wholesale markets. Then take our cues from there.

We are tap into a broad base of commercial dress markets through personal connections (and simple things like Instagram, Skype, and WhatsApp groups).

Perhaps the most significant part of being customer-centric as an online retailer is a satisfactory inventory that is ready to ship and in stock. At the shop, we work continuously to stock a range of classic styles together with a selection of very sexy styles to meet more popular demands. Customer-centric stores are well stocked and offer you consistent clothing of the same quality to ensure you can dress well.

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How to Identify Online Store Leaders

One of the most important parts of shopping online for clothing is deciding if the dress meets certain expectations. The easiest way to determine if the apparel sold is of high quality is to evaluate if the online store is an influencer or leader in the industry. At The Kewl Shop, we have purposefully reduced the breadth of women's apparel we sell to ensure we know more about our products than anyone else.

The Kewl Blog is full of style guides, information, and even the history of bandage dresses. Through our blog, we demonstrate that we are very knowledgeable about bandage dresses because they are our primary focus. We train our customer service team to advise on a lot more than just size and coloring. Additionally, we have invested vertically in our supply chain. We know all our dressmakers personally by name, and thus they are accountable for what they produce and, therefore, what we sell.

Successful online clothing stores also have various lines of defense to protect the store's reputation. This defense is commonly known as quality control. For example, to protect our reputation, we have staff in our warehouses who personally check every dress before shipping to ensure our customers receive quality dresses every time.

In addition to a successful and proven form of quality control, it is also essential to look for signs that your personal information is safe and secure. Does the online clothing store have a security certificate or purchase guarantee? Aside from our third-party verified customer reviews and Style Reviews, we also protect our customer's personal information with a Norton Shopping Guarantee (our customers love it). The guarantee protects customers against identity fraud and provides a purchase guarantee of up to $10,000.

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Double-check for the online store's payment terms to ensure your purchase is secure and convenient. We accept a wide range of credit cards and Paypal. Paypal, in particular, guarantees the customer's purchase and provides allowances to have proceeds returned if we fail to deliver what we say we are going to give.

This layer of protection gives shoppers peace of mind when shopping with us as well as provides us with a form of accountability to our customers and various partners.

Shopping for clothing online is convenient, fast, and saves you tons of time. To buy online wisely, remember to check for the various things we have provided in this online shopping guide to make your online shopping experience pleasant, safe, and useful. These are general tips and principles that respected online clothing stores employ to make shopping online with them fun and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers ask these questions the most. 

How can I buy clothes that fit online?

It is relatively easy to find your size when buying clothes if you use a tape measure. You will be able to find the measurements that relate to particular sizes on websites and, using your measurements, will be able to judge which size is right for you.

You can also use the reviews from previous customers to judge whether the clothes are true to size. People tend to mention in reviews if items are well-sized, or if they come up bigger or smaller than advertised. This information can help you make the most informed decision regarding sizing.

How can I successfully shop online?

You may have worries about the dangers and risks of shopping online. The best way to alleviate these is to use websites that are secured. Also, you may find it useful to shop at places with good reviews that people can add themselves, rather than a company-written testimonials page. Before you buy anything, make sure you have read the fine print regarding sizing, shipment, and returns.

If you want to buy a name-brand item, it may be worthwhile ordering it from the supplier to ensure you are getting a legitimate product. Some companies will give you information about other trusted sellers of their wares that you might use instead.

Read MoreTry These Essential Tips for Smart and Safe Online Shopping

Why are online clothes cheap?

Online shopping can be cheaper than shopping on the high street. Companies do not need to pay for rent, as physical shops would. They also do not need to worry about physical insurance or employing staff. Sellers may also be able to get discounts on postage or delivery with companies.

Online shopping is not always cheaper. In some cases, you may find that physical stores are more affordable, particularly with large chain shops. This fact may be due to the significant turnover of profits and, therefore, the ability to adapt prices for more sales.

How safe is online shopping?

Shopping online is safer now compared to years ago. You can use websites that offer payment by PayPal or other services such as Verified by Visa. These give you security on your purchases from fraud, as well as against fake stores that may take your money without sending a product.

You can also use websites such as Trustpilot and Companies House to verify that a company is trading legitimately.

A website should also start with https:// if it is secure. You can see an example of this in your address bar right now. At The Kewl Shop, we value your safety and security when shopping online.

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