How to Remain Beautiful on A Student Budget

Last updated on : July 17 2020

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Beauty On A Student Budget

Student life is one of the most amazing periods in one's life. You get to know a lot of new people, make friends, find your soulmate, party and go on adventures.

The period is full of positive emotions but also challenges and life lessons. A lack of money is one of them and how to allocate it between fun and necessity. 

With this in mind, how much money should you spend on health and beauty? Taking care of your body is a necessity. Your body is your temple, and taking good care of it ensures a long and happy life.

However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend a lot of money to remain beautiful. You do not need to cut down on your food or student expenses to stay elegant and stylish. Nor should you do this.

Are you curious to find out how to remain beautiful while not spending all your money on it? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you save money and keep your beauty at the same time.

Sign Up to Newsletters

This piece of advice might seem counterintuitive. Who would want to have lots and lots of newsletters piling up in their inbox? No one. However, newsletters can be a great way to save money through the exclusive discounts they often offer. 

Many newsletter offer significant discounts to subscribers only, and these can help you save a lot of money.

There are luxury brands, but also smaller ones that have periodic discounts for their subscribers. Like this, you can buy cosmetic or hair products at half their price.

So the next time you are on your fav website. Sign up for the newsletter, or open an account and see what additional savings come your way. 

Drink Water

Drinking enough water is one of the most famous pieces of advice, but not so many people are aware of its benefits on beauty. It may seem a dull and tasteless liquid, but in fact, it helps your body flush out toxins.

This flushing prevents skin breakouts, acne, and pimples.

What's more, water increases the elasticity of your skin, helps you maintain your skin moisture, and prevents aging of the skin.

So, drinking enough water can save you from spending a lot of money on expensive beauty treatments or products.

During exams, students often don't get enough sleep. This lack of sleep might lead to an accumulation of fluids under the eyes, which makes puffiness around the eyes appear.

Water is the right solution to this problem, as it will lessen dehydration, and your eyes will be bright, sparkly, and transparent.

Find Student Stylists

Most students that become hairstylists have a long road ahead. Yet, they often have the necessary knowledge, and from most people's experience, using them yields good results.

If you want to remain beautiful on a student budget, finding a student hairstylist can help you achieve your goal. Their prices are usually meager, and some of them want to do it for free.

All they need is someone who trusts their skills. If you are willing to do so and give them time, the results are often extraordinary, and at a fraction of the cost of more experienced stylists.

Plus, many beginner hairstylists come with a fresher style perspective and a new sense of style.

Make Your Cosmetics

The trend of cosmetics made from as many natural ingredients as possible is on the rise. And it's true. You do not have to add different chemical compounds to make cosmetics effective, staying original works. 

And most importantly, you do not have to spend a lot of money on branded products, because you can make as good with ingredients that you find in your kitchen.

There are tons of DIY recipes on the internet. You can make your face mask, lotion, scrub, and many more.

You might not have thought about it, but honey has antibacterial properties and can soften your skin.

The same goes for avocado, which is not only for dip or guacamole, but it can be used in a face mask too. Use it for smoothing your skin, and it turns out to be an excellent base for a face mask.

Turmeric is a condiment you usually use when cooking curry. However, it is now a beauty hack many people use for acne. It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can calm your acne and help you keep your beauty on a student budget.

There are many other ingredients you can add to your face masks, such as yogurt, which is also suitable for anti-aging, and lemon, which help you get rid of dark spots.

Who would have thought that it is so easy to do your cosmetics with so little money?

Look for Discounts and Buy Versatile Clothing Pieces

We all know the holiday time when everyone is buying presents for their loved ones. If you can, avoid buying at these times when the prices are high, because you may end up spending all your money on one mascara.

Instead, look for discounts after the holidays or after items are out of the limelight. At this time, vendors trying to sell their remaining products will offer huge discounts.

The same goes for clothes. Every season comes with a new fashion style and massive changes. For retailers, it is challenging to sell clothes out of fashion or stylish some time ago.

Wait, and you might be able to pick up discounts of up to 70% when the season changes. 

Additionally, choose clothes you can wear all year long, and to keep your spending in your budget, make sure they are versatile clothing pieces. Versatile means you can wear them in many combinations, and every one of them is a new outfit.

Find College Beauty Treatments

We all long for a beauty treatment and a massage once in a while. However, as the demand is high, so are the prices. After you see them, you lose your enthusiasm. But here's the trick. Many colleges offer beauty treatments to their students.

For example, the London College of Fashion has a beauty salon run by students. Every year it runs a course on beauty treatments, and final-year students need to practice. So, they have created the space for them to practice and advance in their future career.

Like the London College of Fashion, many other universities take the same approach. You can get a manicure, haircut, eyelash and eyebrows treatment and waxing.

And they have beauty treatments for men too.

Look for reputable beauty courses near you, and you might be surprised by what you find. Also, check if they have group vouchers or 1+1 offers, then grab your best friend and enjoy a beauty treatment.


Meditation, just as drinking water, is one of the most inexpensive tricks to help you remain beautiful on a student budget.

Meditation is an ancient technique developed and practiced by Buddhist monks that enables you to relieve stress, calm, regulate your blood pressure, and stay beautiful.

How, by relaxing your mind.

Let's take stress, for example. Low quantities are reasonable, but when there is too much of it, you may experience acne, pimples, hair loss, and even wrinkles. Shortly put, high amounts of stress put your beauty to test.

Meditation is a cheap and practical technique you can learn to create a bridge between your mind and your body. It strengthens your immunity, oxygenates your body through deep breathing, and acts to release chemicals that counter stress.

You only need 5 to 10 minutes of meditation every day, and you will notice that your skin is glowing, and you will have fewer dark circles or puffiness around the eyes.

You can find online meditation guides for free so that you can keep your beauty on a student budget. Just practice it consistently. 


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Your health is essential, and so you must look after it. 

Remaining beautiful on a student budget is a real challenge. As a student, you can engage in so many activities that you might end up without money for the rest of the week.

However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need a large amount of money to keep your style. You only need to keep an eye on sales, discounts and use cheap opportunities when you can.

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