How To Make A Dry Wedding More Fun In Just 7 Ways

Last updated on : June 30 2021

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These days, many couples are breaking the trend and opting for a dry wedding. And there's no reason why your marriage can't be the same.

Your wedding day is a special day. It's a life-changing event, and a day to look forward to with anticipation. It doesn't need to be alcohol-fueled to be remembered or made memorable.

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How To Make A Dry Wedding Work

1. Excite It Up With Music

2. Serve Some Classic Mocktails

3. Plan An Interesting Wedding Theme

4. Choose The Right Timing & Venue

5. Throw Some Games Into It

6. Have A Large Variety Of Food

7. Make It Kid-Friendly


How To Make A Dry Wedding Work

These days, many couples are breaking the trend and opting for a dry wedding. And there's no reason why your marriage can't be the same.

Your wedding day is a special day. It's a life-changing event, and a day to look forward to with anticipation. It doesn't need to be alcohol-fueled to be remembered or made memorable.

Instead, keep your wedding fresh and in everyone's active memory by leaving the alcohol out of it. You can still have a blast, making it a cherishable memory.

Here are seven reasons how.

1. Excite It Up With Music

classical girl band performs at wedding

If you want to convert your dream wedding into a reality, don't underestimate the role of the right music. 

Music sets the stage for the entire ceremony and keeps the guests engaged and busy. And it's critical if you are planning to have a dry wedding. 

So, instead of picking the right wine, choose the right songs instead

Do your homework seriously and create a mindblowing playlist. Make it a masterpiece. A musical medley that perfectly suits the sea of emotions you’ll be feeling on your wedding day. 

Choose songs from the moment you first saw your significant other, from the first date, your favorite holiday and special moments shared. 

But also make sure your choices have something for everyone. Include everything from heartfelt, tear-jerking, romantic, emotional tracks to upbeat, celebratory tunes setting the dance floor on fire.

Most importantly, hire the right disc jockey.  Preferably someone who has a proven track record keeping guests engaged and who can move the festivities along smoothly. 

Your music selection and the right DJ or band will have your guests entertained, without missing the wine and intruding on the festivities.

2. Serve Some Classic Mocktails

cocktail glasses with strawberries and ice

Okay, so you've decided to have a dry wedding and are afraid that your guests won't be loving it? 

There's no need to worry. Introduce some mocktails and see the magic

In case you are worried that your guests will sulk about the absence of Merica Bourbon, consider making it up with an alcohol-free Pomegranate Mojito.

Take it to another level by hiring a competent bartender. Team up with her to create a signature virgin drink for you and your significant other. A special mocktail will keep the atmosphere royal and celebratory. 

Experiment, your mocktail choices are only limited by your creativity and imagination. Try a blend of flavors symbolic of you and your partner's personalities or something loved dearly by your mutual friends. 

And get creative with names while keeping it classic and trendy. 

Serve in funky glasses, with fresh garnish, and you'll set the tone for a fun and enjoyable evening.

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3. Plan An Interesting Wedding Theme

bride and groom having fun at amusement park

A pro tip for hosting a dry wedding right is to weave it around a theme. 

The theme can be anything on Earth although something that has significance to the occasion works better.   

For fun themes, try something like 'Waffle House' with a buffet of all of your breakfast favorites. Or a fairy-tale like 'Celestial Night' with dreamy, star-studded decorations. 

A theme can be a nostalgic recreation of your journey together. After all, it's an excellent opportunity to relive all those memories right from the day you guys met to your wedding day. 

For depth add events to your idea, like swimming, a barbecue, and a bonfire with s'mores and see the guests enjoying themselves thoroughly. Activities will keep your guests busy and stop them from missing the wine. 

The list of themes though is never-ending so spend some time considering what one will work best. Enjoy being imaginative and don't feel the pressure to include alcohol.

4. Choose The Right Timing & Venue

amazing beach venue for wedding

If you are still worried about your guests reacting negatively to the absence of alcohol, schedule your wedding for the morning or early afternoon.

The idea is to plan it at a time when people do not usually consume alcohol. 

Odds are, guests will be less disappointed by the lack of alcohol early in the day, while still having the evening free to party. 

Additionally, include other drinks on your menu like coffee, juice, smoothies, iced tea, or lemonade along with a delicious brunch. Having a dry wedding doesn't mean guests should sip on water only. 

Moreover, some of the most fun and scenic venues prohibit alcohol. Consider holding the event in a recreational park, nature preserve, lakeside, beach or a public square. 

The best part is that many of these prohibit alcohol, giving you an ultimate venue - enjoyable enough in itself - for a dry wedding.

5. Throw Some Games Into It

magician doing card tricks at wedding

You can add fun and enthusiasm into your dry wedding with a few pre-planned (or even impromptu) wedding games and activities

Team up with your DJ and create a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone.

If you are holding the festivities on a reasonably large scale, adding jugglers or street magicians will keep guests busy and minds off alcohol.

Or invite a good photographer and set up a booth. All you have to do now is sit back holding hands and watch everyone having fun.

Use entertainment to encourage guests to mingle amongst their close friends and social circles. Involving everyone brings them together for opportunities to start conversations and to create moments full of memory.

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6. Have A Large Variety Of Food

meat and cheese buffet at wedding

You don't have to plan a non-traditional wedding to serve up wonderful, unique cuisine. 

There is so much more to a wedding than whiskey cocktails, and the perfect food menu can tip the scales in your favor.  

Your guests may forget how your wedding card looked or how splendid the decoration was after a few days, but how the food was - that's something they'll never forget.

Whether the reviews are positive or negative - it is bound to carve a lasting impression on their minds. You can make your wedding day a forever cherished memory with a well-designed menu.

Yes, a blended whiskey like Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog can instantly boost the menu, but you can make up for its absence by introducing exceptional food instead.

Try personalizing the food menu all the way from appetizers to desserts with your favorite or most memorable foods. Be sure to include dishes relished by your mutual and close friends.

For added effect try some unusual options like tacos or grilled cheese - which often do not make it onto weddings menus. Your choice doesn't have to be complicated to be memorable.  

7. Make It Kid-Friendly

children taking part in a wedding

Adding kids to the equation changes the tone and focus of the wedding, more than often for the better. 

Use this to your advantage to distract from the lack of alcohol in attendance. 

A wedding with kids works exceptionally well if you are a kid-loving couple and have friends with similar attitudes. 

It's easy to increase the fun quotient by making your wedding more kid-friendly. There’s an inner child in each of us, so bring it to life with a focus on the children at your wedding. 

When kids are having fun, the grown-ups are often not far behind, joining in the silliness too. Activities like face painting, karaoke or even twister are some of the examples for you to take inspiration. 

Generally what’s fun for kids will encourage older guests to let their hair down too, and stop sulking about the absence of wine and beer. 


just married african couple

While your wedding ceremony is a unique day in your life, it is also a big occasion for all your near and dear ones. And with some planning doesn't have to be an event based on guests getting carried away with alcohol or getting drunk. 

A dry-wedding can be a memorable occasion for all the right reasons. Correctly done the best of these celebrations incorporates everyone, keeps the guests smiling and talking about it long afterward.

There is no denying the fact that you will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, but it’s often the smallest and unexpected details that will make it a memory worth cherishing forever. 

So, make it a wedding with a difference by incorporating all or some of these seven ideas to get away without any alcohol at all. 

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