35 Awesome Health & Wellness Gift Ideas For Adults

Last updated on : November 05 2020

health and wellness gifts

Figuring out what to get all of your friends and family during the holiday season or on their birthdays might be the most stressful thing on your plate, but you can ease your worries by planning. 

There are plenty of easy gifts to give to anyone this Christmas. You can find something for the health nut in your life, the exercise junky, the meditation guru, and the at-home spa specialist. 

If you know what you're looking for, then finding health and wellness gifts is easy. 

So let's explore some ideas for all the people in your life - Google the ideas and items in bold for shopping advice.

1. Stress Relief Gifts

Girl in relaxing bath

Everyone needs a relaxing moment from time to time, so the first place you can focus your brain for these gift ideas are things to help people unwind. 

Hemp products

Hemp gummies are an excellent start for anyone interested in that industry and need a consistent, measured way to reduce stress. 

Relaxing bath gifts

Maybe you know someone notorious for taking long, luxurious baths or enjoying entire days at the spa.

For them, you can focus on a relaxing bathtub experience by gifting something like bath salts, bubble bath, aromatherapy bath bombs, or an inflatable bath pillow to make that soak extra comfortable. 

A gift that goes well in any room is an essential oil diffuser. Pairing one of these with a set of three or four calming essential oils is a great gift idea for men or women!

Handmade soaps

If you want something with a little more flair, then take a trip over to your local farmer's market and sniff out some homemade soap.

Fresh soap from local artisans will smell great, is usually made with natural ingredients, and has the added benefit of supporting your community. Plus its perfect for smelling seductive on your next date.  

Massage gifts

Other people might always complain about muscle knots in their neck and shoulders—these are hints. For them, keep an eye out for neck massagers, heating pads, or essential oil lotions that reduce tension. 

Also, muscle rollers, massaging balls, and resistant bands are excellent gift idea options. 

Muscle rollers - One of the most popular muscle rollers is a stick with two handles and rolling balls down the middle. This gift is ideal for rolling out muscles all over the body, but particularly for runners with shin splints or tight calves.

Massaging balls can help with muscle pain all over the body, especially in the back. Small lacrosse balls or textured balls with nubs can help to work out knots in the shoulders and neck. 

Resistance bands are great for stretching hamstrings or strengthening muscles. They come in a variety of lengths and resistance levels to work every level of strength and flexibility.

Wellness journals

Last but not least is the organized wellness aficionado. It might seem like these people have everything under control—well-stocked bathroom spa, the fridge full of kale, essential oil diffuser in every room—so try to play to their strengths. 

For people who have it all, give them somewhere to write it down. Wellness journals are all the rage, and they have a variety of decorative covers, formats, stickers, and apps to help people set and track their wellness goals. 

These journals are an easy grab gift idea for women or men.

 2. Healthy Eating Gifts

herbal tea pot

The healthy eater in your family might not be such a fan of your holiday pies and specialty desserts, but there's still gift ideas in the lineup for them. 

Herbal teas

One of the easiest wellness gifts for any picky eater is herbal tea. There are several different brands and flavors out there to choose from, and if you want to make your life easy, keep an eye out for bundled holiday packs that have already done the choosing for you. 

You can easily pair these with a beautiful new tea kettle for a well-thought, well-received gift. 

Smoothie gifts

Another thing seemingly synonymous with healthy eating is smoothies. Instead of putting bags of frozen fruit under the tree, you can buy someone a subscription to a smoothie service.

There are several options to choose from that will deliver monthly smoothie recipes and ingredients straight to their door, so they have a delicious breakfast option every day.

Gift cards

Finally, don't forget the power of gift cards. If you know this person has a favorite natural grocery store or healthy restaurant, stop in and get them a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift cards are a great option if you're unsure about the person's dietary restrictions or preferences.

3. Fitness Gifts

Fitness watch

Every family has that one member who never seems to leave the gym. They only go to work to afford their protein powder and workout clothes because exercising is their passion.

Whether or not you share their excitement, finding fitness gifts has never been easier. 

Gym gifts

Wireless headphones - A great gift idea for any gym enthusiast is a set of wireless headphones. They can wear them while they work out and not be bothered by dangling cords or disconnections. 

Bluetooth headphones have come a long way, so it's easy to find a pair with great sound and unbeatable comfort. 

Fitness trackers - If they like to run through the neighborhood or count steps during the day, then a fitness tracker might be the best bet.

There's a massive market for these trackers, so you can compare brands, features, and price points until you find something you think they'd love (that also loves your wallet). 

GPS watches Some people don't need to know every detail but want to track their runs, especially people who run long distances. You can take a lateral step from the fitness tracker to a GPS watch so they can see where and how far their run took them. 

Running belts - And finally, hardly anyone works out without their phone anymore, so get every fitness junky in your family a running belt to stash their tech. 

These have convenient clips, elastic waistbands, and zipper pouches to put a phone and keys so they can run anywhere without worrying about bringing their whole life with them.

Yoga gifts 

For the yogi in your life, there's no shortage of yoga products to give this season. 

Yoga mats: The first, most obvious gift is a new yoga mat. You can pick one of these up in almost any sporting store, and there's a wide array of styles, colors, and thickness levels. 

The best choice for a gift, unless you know precisely how cushy the recipient likes their mat, is to go with a standard middle thickness so they can adapt it as and if they need. 

Choosing a color or pattern of the mat makes it a personal gift that shows that you know what the person likes. 

Yoga accessories: Another option is to get them a pair of grippy socks to do yoga straight on the floor. These help people keep from falling over during their practice and are used frequently in group classes.

There are also yoga blocks, balls, and straps that help with stretching, or stretchy tops and tights they can wear during their workout.

4. Mental Health Gifts

meditation pillows

Today we more widely accept meditation as a form of mental health treatment than ever, so why not lean into this trend by helping others find their zen? 

Meditation pillows

There are tons of excellent mental health presents, but you could always start by gifting a meditation pillow to the spiritual person in your life. 

Calming CDs

An ideal item to pair with a pillow is a meditation CD with calming music or guided meditations for different scenarios or parts of the day. Maybe you want to go the extra mile for someone to encourage positive mental health or support them on their journey to self-care. 

Self-care subscriptions

Just like with health foods, there are subscription options in the mental health industry too. You can always buy a subscription for someone to a self-care box, so each month, they receive a slew of goodies to help them relax and value their worth. This gift is a simple and easy way to show you care.

Adult coloring books

If you're looking for something simpler, reach for an easy at-home activity that stimulates calm or offers inspiration.

One excellent option is adult coloring books; they relax people and give them something to focus on other than anxiety or worry. 

Mindfulness cards

Even something as simple as a deck of mindfulness cards can go a long way to help people stay focused on the positive in their life. 

These cards can have motivational statements, inspirational quotes, or helpful lessons, but all of them are great for stimulating mental health.


Happy stress free person

There's no reason for the holiday season or birthdays to be stressful. All you have to do is find one aspect of your friends and family that you want to focus on and find a gift that suits their personality. 

There are tons of options for all kinds of people, especially in the health and wellness, fitness, and mental health fields. 

You can opt for healthy foods, bath products, workout gear, or calming items. If you need a cheat sheet for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for men or women, then this list is the one-stop-shop for you.

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