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Last updated on : September 08 2020

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Minimum Requirements

Thank you for your interest in us. We're happy to take a guest contribution from you, just a few things to note.

  • We are not prescriptive on article topics. However, we encourage you to create real value by extensively covering your content with new angles and authority. If you're uncertain that we'll accept a particular topic, please clear it with us first.  
  • Articles need to be minimum 1500 words, unique and evergreen. 
  • We don't accept author bios unless you are an expert on the topic. 
  • Any links provided in articles need to be in context and add value to the reader. They need to be to an appropriate source.  
  • Your submission will need to pass a review and approval process before it can get published. 
  • After publication, all rights to the article become ours. 
  • We do not charge you for this service. It is entirely free. 

Review And Approval Process

You will need to meet the at least requirements below before your article is eligible for publication. In this respect, our decision is final, cannot be appealed, and doesn't need to be supported by us. 


Article content is unique and not plagiarised. We carry out tests for plagiarism on all submitted articles to ensure this is the case.

Completeness, Value, and Relevance 

The content fully covers the topic, adds value, and remains relevant over time.

It's unlikely we'll accept an article that is a subset of or a rehash of an existing topic on the web unless it adds a unique and exciting perspective.

For you to meet this requirement, some article topics will need to be longer than 1500 words. However, all submitted articles need to be a minimum of 1500 words.


The article needs to be of high quality, both in terms of unique content and how you have written and laid it out. We expect submissions to be grammatically correct and of a high standard. We might edit articles to meet these requirements if necessary. 

Support and Links

You must support your article with links to relevant sources that are current, authoritative, and objective. Any claims made in articles need to be referenced appropriately to primary sources, including studies or scientific references. Other primary sources include references from academic research institutions, government agencies, and medical associations.

We do not accept links to secondary or tertiary sources if a primary source exists.  

Commercial Intent

We do not accept any articles (or links in articles) that primarily and over-enthusiastically look to garner commercial interest in products or services. If you recommend a product or service in your submission, it needs to be relevant to the topic and add value to the reader.

Article Topics

We do not accept articles that cover illegal topics, including hate speech, racism, or sexism. We also do not take topics on firearms, gambling, pharmaceutical products, or politics.  

How To Submit an Article for Review and Approval

Send your article to [email protected]

If you're uncertain that we'll accept a particular topic, please, clear it with us first.


Please allow us up to 10 business days to get back to you on your submission. We will either provide a link to the live published article or feedback to edit and resubmit appropriately. 

If you haven't heard from us within ten business days, your article likely doesn't meet the feedback standards. 

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