14 Style Tips For Your Going Out Outfits

Last updated on : March 18 2019

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What To Wear Tonight - Sexy Outfit Ideas

Going out outfits - while they are not the easiest to put together, the process of choosing them gives you energy and sets the tone for your entire day or night.

Pulling together the perfect outfit is fun, creative, and rewarding. It stretches your style legs and demands you take a hard look at your wardrobe for a new look without hitting the mall.

Here are 14 style tips to help you create a unique look for every outfit you pull together for the rest of the year.

Confidence And Comfort

The most important thing about any outfit you choose is how confident and comfortable it makes you feel.

You may be wearing the most impressive styles, but if you feel even a bit uncomfortable, restricted, or awkward, the look falls apart. Your discomfort is likely to show and will affect your confidence.

A simple workaround to this is to choose classics and rely on dresses that flatter and support your body - we recommend high-quality bandage or bodycon dresses because they tick all the boxes for a night on the town.  

Your Go-To Dresses

Here are some go-to dresses that are likely already in your closet for you to consider for an effortlessly amazing party or going-out look. 

The LBD (Little Black Dress)

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Yes, there may be others at the party who are wearing LBDs, but there is indeed more than one way to wear this piece of clothing and stand out from the crowd.

little black flared dress on model

Depending on the occasion, style your LBD to look different and appropriate for each venue. Up-styling is a cost-effective and straightforward way to create new looks without having to go to the mall.

For a bold look, opt for chunky accessories such as a choker necklace, bangles, or heels with wide straps. If you are in the mood to experiment, team up your LBD with polka-dot or textured tights or leggings. 

Wear a leather jacket with your dress for an edgy look or choose denim to give you a relaxed yet chic look that is versatile and trendy.

The LWD (Little White Dress)

The little white dress is another go-to outfit that works for various venues and events such as white parties or poolside soirees. 

white bandage dress on model

Whether it is a cocktail party or a lunch with your girls, a little white dress is an excellent choice for an outfit.

Opt for suede booties with your LWD for an instant revamp and fresh style. Amp it up with accessories in metallic hues of gold and silver or choose sexy chic style by adding a colorful scarf, chandelier earrings, and oversized curls to your look.

Rompers & Jumpsuits

Yes, this casual, comfortable piece of clothing makes a great outfit for those who prefer easy-to-wear and low-maintenance styles.

Red bandage jumpsuit on model

Both rompers and jumpsuits are trendy, stylish, and flattering to most body types. They are ideal for partying out because they require minimal planning to pull off a chic and elegant look. Rompers and playsuits are also versatile.

And who said rompers are only for warm weather? If its the fall or winter, add combat boots, a scarf, tights, or a blazer for a look that is edgy and sharp.

For an evening out, all-black or all-white rompers paired with metallic accessories and heels make a stylish and sophisticated statement. 

Add a flower crown, gladiator sandals, and layered jewelry to a loose or floral romper for a flirty, Coachella-inspired look.

Easy Hairstyles

Beauty Fashion Model Girl with Colorful Dyed Hair In Ponytial

How you wear your hair to compliment your outfit is a simple way to pull your style together. 

Keeping your hairstyle basic, straightforward, and easy to achieve is one of the best ways to complete a look without fuss. 

Here are a few hairstyles that are versatile and work well for most looks.

Voluminous Double Ponytail

Need more volume in your hair? This style achieves your goal. 

First, pull your hair into a half-down half-up ponytail above your ears, and leave the hair below your ears loose. With the remaining hair, make a ponytail below the first one. Create fullness by teasing the top ponytail with a comb.

Reversed French Twist Pony

Brush your hair back to make a low ponytail above the nape of your neck. Twist the ponytail to create a chignon and with your other hand place bobby pins every half inch. This look is elegant, fast, and sleek.

Grown Up Half-Down Half-Up

Leaving some face-framing hair, pull the rest into a half-down half-up style and secure it in place with hair-colored or clear elastic. 

Take the bottom of the ponytail and use a finger to create a small hole above the elastic. Loop the ponytail through the hole, and you quickly add movement and shape to your look.

Fanned-Out Bun

Use a boar bristle brush to sweep all your hair into a high ponytail. Next, hold the end of your ponytail in one hand and use the other to separate the hair that is directly under the elastic into two separate portions. Then, pull the ponytail approximately halfway through the hole. Finally, use both your hands to fan out the bun in a gentle manner.

If you have short hair, pin the ends of the ponytail into the bun’s base while leaving a few strands out for a slightly messy "I woke up like this" look.


Simple and chic, this hairstyle never goes out of style. 

First, section out a small piece of hair (about one inch) from one side of your head and twist it while moving away from your face. Use bobby pins placed diagonally and crisscrossed over each other for an X-shape to hold the twist in place.  

Versatile Makeup Tips

top view of makeup cosmetics set

How you do your makeup is an integral part of creating a complete look, so pay attention to the kind you need to compliment your outfit.

Take a look at these versatile makeup products to save you time as well as space in your purse and makeup bag.

Foundation and Concealers

Combination foundation and concealers are probably one of the most versatile makeup products that you own and is ideal for giving you a polished and flawless look in very little time. 

Foundation and concealers solve the problem of having to apply both items separately, as it lets you do both at once. When you need to make your makeup work for you but are running late, this versatile product is sure to come handy. 

Check out our post on the Top 15 Concealers and Makeup Primers for Everyday Wear for some of the best concealers on the market.

Universal Pencil

Using a different pencil each for your lips, eyes, and eyebrows— is a time-consuming and tedious process. Opt for a universal makeup pencil and use one product for all these areas of your face.

Lip and Cheek Tint

Another time and space-saving versatile makeup product, a lip and cheek tint is your go-to beauty product when you do not have time to rummage through your makeup bag for blush and lip colors that go well with each other. 

The simplicity and multi-purpose of the same product does the trick.

Shoes for Going Out

Red and black pump shoes on wooden floor, back view.

Going-out outfits are only extraordinary when you choose the perfect pair of shoes to match. 

Shoes can make or break your outfit so choose wisely and with a bit of planning. There are a handful of styles that are versatile and meet the demands of various venues. 

We’ve compiled the top three below.

Classic Pump

The most versatile shoes ever, you never go wrong with classic pumps and stilettos. Whether you are getting dressed for work, a night out, or a brunch party pumps add a feminine polish to anything you wear.  


Sandals are absolute summer essentials for every closet. The best part about them is that you hardly ever run out of options. From a classy pair of wedges to everyday flats to trendy gladiator styles - most sandals are versatile. 

Pair with dresses, pants, skirts, and shorts. Sandals combine comfort and style beautifully, making them the go-to footwear whenever in doubt.

Ankle Boots

Knee high boots are classics, but over the last few years, ankle boots have grown in popularity. 

Ankle boots or booties are available in various styles, colors, and heel sizes and heights. Choosing the right pair adds a distinctive edge to any outfit. For a reliable option choose neutral colors and textures and a low, wide heel. 

Flat booties are excellent for daytime wear. We recommend ones with stacked heels and a few embellishments for venues that require dressing up.


Going out is something we all love to do. 

However, finding the perfect outfit that flatters and gives you confidence in your look takes some planning and fashion experience. 

Keep these simple style tricks in mind to create outfits that are sexy head-turners every single time. 


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