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Last updated on : April 27 2022

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Here you will find all articles related to physical fitness and nutrition on The Kewl Blog.

Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being that we'd all like to achieve. It provides us the ability to perform our daily activities, sports, and the other physical aspects of our lives with more ease and without getting out of breath. 

When we're physically fit, we feel better and usually look a lot better because we're leaner and have more muscle definition.   

We can achieve physical fitness through moderate to vigorous physical training, other physical activities like sport, gardening, or walking, and ensuring proper nutrition and rest. 

The following articles will help you understand the importance of nutrition to physical fitness and provide you with practical steps to improve your eating and food habits. 

Pole Fitness: How It Helps Boost Your Confidence And Self Esteem

Pole Fitness

If you feel like you need a confidence boost, or, you are unhappy with your body image. Pole fitness may be the perfect solution for you! Pole fitness is a great way to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.In this article, we will discuss the positive effects that pole fitness can have on women's mental health.

How Exercise Boosts Your Immune System

Woman walking up steps to get exercise

This article looks at both the direct and indirect impact that exercise has on our immune system. It concludes that exercise positively boosts our immune responses, reduces our risk to disease and infection, and improves our mental and emotional health.

Foods And Activities To Include On Your Workout Recovery Days

Breakfast in bed on rest and recovery day

If you regularly work out, you deserve a day off once or twice a week! Your body needs it, no matter how much you want to keep pushing yourself. When you make your recovery days a priority, you will put just as much into them as you do into any high-intensity workout.

Why Drinking Coffee Before Exercise Improves Performance

Glass cup of black coffee

A simple cup of strong coffee an hour before your workout can do wonders during, as well as afterward. Whether your fitness goal is to reduce weight or to build muscle, coffee will aid you in getting faster and longer-lasting results.

15 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy Level

Energetic woman surrounded by flowers

Life can get pretty hectic, leaving you feeling down and drained. And if this kind of feeling seems like an everyday thing, then you’re in dire need of a natural pick-me-up to increase your energy level. Here are natural ways to power yourself up and regain the energy you lost so you can do more and be more.

What Makes Nutrition The Most Important Aspect Of A Fitness Routine

Woman wearing a watch writing fitness & nutrition goal at desk with breakfast croissant and cup of tea.

Exercising and nutrition are not two separate things, and you can't do one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin. Work on both. Develop competent, healthy habits, and understand the importance it has on your performance, and you'll soon see yourself taking off in ways you could never expect.

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