The Best Dresses For Fashion Over 50

Last updated on : March 14 2019

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Fashion Over 50

Nearing your 50s, or there already? These are the best times of your life, and an exciting one from a fashion perspective too.

We insist that you throw out any rules that say you need to dress a certain way as you age, or to stick with individual designers. Instead, be sensible and have fun with the fashion options out there.

If you need direction, there are plenty of fifty-something women to turn to for advice. Think Salma Hayek, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, and Sarah Jessica Parker who are a fashion inspiration for both older and younger women alike. 

The Best Dress Styles For You

Nowadays fashion designers and magazines agree that being fierce and sexy is ageless. To thrive in today's fashion world as a woman over 50 you have to forget the rules. Plenty of modern dresses fit your lifestyle needs, budget, and figure.

There are only a few things to consider when choosing a dress for an occasion, and in fact, these apply to women of any age.

Does the dress or skirt highlight what you love about your figure?

It is essential to find a flattering fit for any dress you ever put on.

Shapely legs are best shown off in dresses with a shorter hemline – think short above-the-knee dresses or dresses with below the knee tea-length hemlines.

Longer hemlines are more suitable for those legs you'd rather keep tucked away. Longer hemlines draw attention away from your legs and onto other parts of your body such as your face, shoulders or neckline. 

If you've got great hips, show them off in trumpet or pencil skirts, or with bold prints that draw attention to them. Go tighter in the bust area to show off your boobs, accentuate with a fitted waist. Try strapless if you've amazing shoulders and dare yourself with a backless dress if you have the right assets.   

If you have the figure, a bodycon dress that traces your shape is sexy on a woman of any age.  

However, no matter your height, weight, or size, make sure your dress choice fits you properly. If your clothes don't suit, you won't look the part. 

Is the dress appropriate for the occasion and your lifestyle?

You may love long flowing ball gowns but unless you have a formal event to attend chances are the dress ends up in the corner of your closet.

Choose your dress based on the occasion. Opt for versatile numbers such as a little black dress or a pencil dress style.

If you are updating your professional wardrobe, sheath dresses and blouses are valuable additions to your closet because they have a distinctly professional and polished allure.

Does the dress fill you with confidence?

Select a dress that enhances and amplifies your confidence in your own body, one that makes it easier for you to dress fashionably and elegantly to all occasions.

Feeling confident is sexy, it will show. If you don't feel beautiful in your dress, then make the changes needed until you do. 

Flattering Dress Style Choices 

Take a closer look at the following style choices that flatter and turn heads. As we said, being fashionable at 50 doesn't mean you need to be shy and reserved.    

Chic and Elegant Sheath Dresses

Michelle Obama is an excellent example of a woman who is comfortably stylish and fabulous over 50. Like First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy before her, Mrs. Obama wears sheath dresses to perfection.

A classic sheath dress is designed to trace your body, with darts on the front and the back to create a comfortably fitted silhouette without having to opt for an actual cling or body-hugging style.

long sleeve lace sheath dress on model

Within the family of sheath dresses, you'll find plenty of options to satisfy your unique style and preferences.

From loose A-line sheaths to beautiful body-hugging dresses these dress types suit most body-types with ease.

In general, sheath dresses come in fabrics with elasticity or knits. The styling of the dress lends itself to a variety of colors and patterns. Solids, color block dresses, and upbeat retro prints are each feminine and flattering options. 

Bombshell Bandage Dresses

Popularized by well-known designer Hervé Léger, and shown off below by gorgeous Jane Seymour at the age of 61, the bandage dress is a figure-hugging dress designed to fit you like a second skin.

If you are over 50, your first reaction is that this dress style requires the perfect shape or a younger body. But a good quality bandage dress supports and shapes, and defines your feminine assets.

A bandage dress gives you a figure and confidence to wear to parties, events, and even weddings you must attend. From short bandage dresses to midi length versions, these dresses are a must-have for your fashion over 50 wardrobes.

jane seymour in a red bandage dress

Made of quality fabrics such as rayon, spandex, and nylon, a bandage dress is comfortable to wear, doubles as shapewear, and often allows you to go undergarment free.

Many of these dresses are also wrinkle-free and can be hand-washed and laid flat to dry. The styles are available in solid colors, jacquard woven fabrics, and many other fashion-forward styles and designs. If you are a diva over 50, check out our ombré designs.

Classic Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are an evergreen fashion trend introduced in the 1950s - and have stuck around since. These dresses have a top designed to resemble a shirt with pointed collars, buttons, cuffs, and often but not always a clearly defined waistline.

blue shirt dress on a model

The bottom half of the dress is generally slightly flared or pleated; though there are plenty of bodycon options out there too. If you have a semi-formal event to attend or need a dress for the office, shirt dresses are a great option because they are comfortable, free-flowing, and fun.

Ideally, shirt dresses come in comfortable fabrics like poplin and cotton, and you can wear them with sandals, heels, or wedges depending on your mood. 

Feminine Wrap Dresses

This style dress is a closet staple for every woman but particularly women tiptoeing past 50. And are classics amongst fashionistas around the globe regardless of culture.

feminine wrap dress on plus sized model

A wrap dress is a perfect way to clothe yourself in style. The front closure of a wrap dress fits around your side or hips creating a feminine and alluring shape.

Some wrap dresses knot on the sides while others have to be wrapped around and knotted at the back. The cross-over front helps to divert attention from problem areas like the love-handles to your bust line and waist. Wrap dresses flatter almost every type of figure because the bottoms often flare away from the hips.

Most wrap dresses come in light, breezy fabrics like cotton and linen. 

Fashion Over 50 Style Tips

Being 50 and fabulous is not just a matter of picking the right clothing but about being comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear. 

Try these style tips as you push your confidence to the levels you deserve. 

Try color 

Being slightly older doesn't mean you can't show off in color. Add fun color in prints, a statement necklace or other accessories. To balance out your look keep one color bold and tone down everything else.

Color often adds youth to any look, so give it a try.   

Flatter in the right underwear

Just like in your choice of dress, make sure your underwear fits, and you hide it appropriately. Also, consider shapewear, as it can be transformative and often underestimated as a severe confidence booster. We recommend the most famous and trustworthy of all - Spanx

Balance sexy with sensual

If you're uncomfortable with hot, replace it with being sensual. Opt for a luxury look with fabrics like silk and lace, and go for deeper tones in burgundies, violets or emerald greens. 

Complete with shoes

Don't compromise on your heels because they can make or break an outfit. If your dress and the occasion requires heels, then opt for height in heels you can handle.

Get Versatile

If you're not stepping out every day in fashionably inspiring outfits, then invest in a few that you can wear over and over again, with slight styling changes.

A little black dress is a perfect solution, and there is no excuse why you cannot make one rock. 

little black dress user photo on customer  


The real secret to being fabulous and stylish over 50 is to forget about the rules touted by fashion gurus and make your own. Focus on buying dresses that are suitable for your occasion and body type, and those that make you feel beautiful.

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