5 Tips On How To Transition Your Style For Fall

Last updated on : March 20 2019

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What To Wear This Fall

As the weather cools, true fashionistas and Kewl Girls face the challenge of keeping it sexy while having to add layers.

So it's fitting that we shed some light on the easiest ways to maintain your style with some simple fall wardrobe adjustments.

In this post, we cover the best ways to prepare for the fall without giving up sex appeal and following the trends we all love.

Layering Is Everything

Layering is one of the most challenging looks to pull off because the extra layers often conceal your feminine curves. 

The key to layering is to embrace fit, textures, and colors.


Under fabrics or the first layer of clothing should be skin tight and body hugging. As you add layers start with light, breezy fabrics then move to heavier ones. 

A sexy crop top, comfortable tailored button-down shirt, or a flattering vest give you a perfect balance of style and femininity for a first layer. 

For overlayers, consider wearing your favorite cotton summer dresses with flattering leggings, booties, and a denim jacket for a stylish look that is flirty and fun. 

Or pair your tiny jean shorts with thick opaque tights, biker boots, a messy ponytail, and flattering button down flannel shirt for a stylish boyish look. Easily soften this look by adding a kiss of color to your lips.


Some of the lighter fabrics we wear in winter are perfect for layering.

For example, cotton is light and breathable, so it makes for an ideal first layer that is comfortable. It also reduces the chances of you sweating or getting hot too quickly. We also recommend rayon and polyester blends.


Bright and vibrant colors are perfect for giving your look depth and dimension. 

Often in colder weather, we turn to more conservative colors such as blacks and browns. However, deep vibrant hues of mustard yellow, burnt orange, and gypsy blue are all excellent colors to layer. 

Vibrant colors add texture just as quickly as the actual fabrics themselves.

Berry Inspired Lipstick Gives You Life

In colder weather, we often turn to our soberer minded styles such as jeans, knee-high boots, and an oversized sweater. 

Balance these looks by giving your lipstick an update with berry inspired tones. Rather than go for apple red tones choose a strawberry red instead. 

The vibrancy of deep tones in the winter provides a powerful punch of sex appeal and style without much effort.

Remember that berry inspired lipstick requires a complimenting liner to keep the color in place and to reduce the chances of “smudging” or “bleeding.” Don’t be afraid to pay a bit more for a quality lipstick that stays in place, and gives you vibrant color that sticks around for a few hours without reapplying.

Some of the best brands for quality berry inspired lipstick are MAC, BITE, and Lancome. These brands are known for their vast and appropriate color selection and formulas that don’t bleed and provide moisture to keep your lips hydrated during wear.

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Tights And Leggings Save The Day

The most exciting thing about fall is the prospect of getting a bit crazy with your legs.

During hot and warm weather we all want them to be free and bare. However, as the weather cools we embrace covering our legs because it is a fun and exciting time of exploration for true fashionistas.

Whether you chose to cover your legs with thick fashionable leggings that feature ladybugs and lips or textured tights that are school girl inspired, selecting the right ones to keep you warm and stylish is sometimes a challenge.

Select quality tights in blends like polyester and spandex to ensure the colors are vibrant and the fit is flattering. The most flattering leggings have a minimum of 5 to 10 percent spandex in the fabric blend to give you the hip and booty-hugging fit you desire.

We also recommend darker colors and prints for concealing cellulite and problem areas. Lighter colors are excellent choices if you need to hit the gym and may sweat a bit. 

Scarves Change Things

Choosing strategic accessories this fall is one of the most essential and effortless ways to transition from hot weather to cooler temperatures.

Embracing a scarf gives you a chic and trendy style and offers a punch of energy and focus to your look. Consider various styles, colors, fabrics, and lengths.

Longer Scarves

Longer scarves in heavier material such as wool or woven cotton are excellent for pairing with your bandage dress, tights, and booties.

Play with how you drape and wrap it - consider a simple knot for more casual outings or a sexy wrap around for more formal affairs. Try wearing it as a shawl or just let it fall as it might around your neck with no drape or wrap at all.

Letting a longer scarf fall loose allows the vertical lines to give your body the illusion of being more slim and long.

Shorter Scarves

Shorter scarves are easy to style because they only require a quick knot or bow around your neck. Try moving the bow to the right, left, or wearing it in the center depending on your look for the day.

Shorter scarfs are excellent when paired with a blazer or breezy blouse and denim.


Wear a scarf to the office or on quick runs to the grocery store and instantly up-style your look without the need for tons of other accessories. When worn with purpose and style scarves also give your look a chic polish that is warm, feminine, and inviting. 

Scarves are the most recommended accessories by stylists for fall because they add sophisticated layers while keeping you warm.

Booties And Boots - Enough Said  

We love booties and boots at the shop because they give your look sassy style that is hard not to appreciate. Every year booties continue to make a comeback, and we’re very thankful for it.

Booties & Knee High Boots

Booties give your feet full coverage and keep you warm. They also expand your wardrobe because they are versatile and pair great with mini and midi skirts, short shorts, and boyfriend jeans.

Booties have a natural way of giving your look a winter approved stamp that communicates warmth, relaxation, and confidence.

Knee-high boots are always sexy and work well for winter because of their functionality, especially in snow. 

With Heels

The challenge with putting on booties or boots with heels in the winter is the possibility of slipping on ice or trouble walking as your body stiffens to keep you warm.

The best way around the challenge of wearing heeled booties or boots is to pay close attention to their soles. We recommend rubber or anti-slip for obvious reasons but also because they are comfortable.

Avoid choosing flat booties or heels. Instead, pick ones that have a lifted heel to ensure that your feminine profile is flattered. A lifted heel will give you better posture and poise as well. 


The most critical aspect of fall-appropriate attire is confidence and color.

This fall, don’t settle for your go-to subtle lipstick instead choose deep vibrant berry inspired lips paired with a flattering scarf. And avoid styles that are too baggy, instead, go for a layered approach that is comfortable, fashionable, and warm.

If you must buy a few fall wardrobe basics, consider adding a few chic booties to your closet. Booties give you flexibility and expand your wardrobe because of their styling versatility. 

Changing your style for fall is an exciting undertaking be sure to keep an open mind and explore with textures, colors, and layers.


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