Inspired Style Ideas to Wear on Cinco de Mayo

Last updated on : April 23 2018

Cinco de Mayo

Come May 5, 2018; the United States will once again get together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It’s a fun celebration of Mexican culture and heritage that features a riot of colors, food, dancing, and general entertainment. 

At The Kewl Shop, we love occasions that give us the opportunity to wear one of our best selling bandage dresses. These types of festivals give us the flexibility to explore styles we’ve wanted to try and to mingle with friends and strangers alike.

While Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican celebration, there is no need to rely on much-tried sombreros or cowboy boots to pull off a festive look for the day. 

In this guide, we cover a few ideas on what to wear for the festivities and occasion.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated every year to commemorate the victory of an outnumbered Mexican army over France during the Battle of Puebla in 1862

We can trace the celebrations in the United States to the 1960s when Mexican-American activists raised awareness about the day. Successfully marketing, and with the vast Mexican population in the country, it soon caught on. 

Today Cinco de Mayo is a massive, largely-commercialized holiday that celebrates all things Mexican inspired – think margaritas, mole poblano, tacos, and of course, Mexican dancing and music.

Puebla in Mexico, where it all began, is the center stage of the celebrations. But if you are in the United States, cities like Denver, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago are some of the locations to head to for the festivities.

Colorful parades, car shows, Latin American live performances, beautiful floats, pub crawls, green chili cook-offs, and even Chihuahua races are how the United States celebrates this day.

When looking to attend the activities, we recommend that you choose comfortable shoes, light makeup that requires quick retouching, and a sexy dress that supports and shapes your body throughout the day.

What to Wear to Cinco de Mayo Parties this Year

If you are planning to be part of 5 de Mayo celebrations this year, why not do it in style? Dressing up for the day involves a bit of planning if you wish to stick to the festive and bright colors of red, yellow, and orange. 

Here are some outfit ideas to wear or draw inspiration from to help you get started. 

Go Bright And Bold

Colorful is the keyword when it comes to dressing for Mexican inspired festivities. Do not be afraid to pick bold, bright colors for your celebratory look. 

The chances are that someone will be wearing a more colorful piece, so there is no need to worry about standing out too much. To look vibrant and maintain elegance in your look, we suggest going for an outfit in a solid hue.

Consider a Mexican flagged inspired theme that includes the colors red, white, and green. Go for a dress in one of these shades, like a hot green strapless bandage dress strapless bandage dress, for a look that is flattering and festive.

hot green bandage dress

If colorful is not to your liking, but you wish to go beyond a plain-Jane look, try a white bandage dress. Amp it up with bright accessories to keep with the theme.

Think Vintage And Frilly Fun

Full-circle dresses and skirts, thrift-store finds, a ruffled top, and frilly dresses are just some of the ideas you can use to incorporate Mexican folk elements into your festive attire. 

Choose to dress with pompoms and floral embroidery for an added Mexican touch. If you don't want to invest in a complete ensemble, try pinning up the ends of your dress every few inches for a DIY tufted look that is fun and feminine.

For a more contemporary, undeniably cute look, consider something like the red flared dress below. A well-fitted bodice with a short flare gives you a sensuous look while the scalloped finish brings in an element in line with the occasion.

red flared bandage dress

Mix It Up

Most fashionistas love experimenting with clothes. And Cinco de Mayo is just the day to explore various styles because of the forgiving color and pattern mixes. 

However, if you are unsure about going all-vintage with your look, put some thought into mixing Western style with traditional Mexican clothing. 

A blue ruffled blouse with a black skirt (below) or jeans is an excellent alternative. You can relax in this look for a day out in the sun. Amp it up with some silver bling around your neck to bring out the theme. 

blue ruffled top and black bandage skirt

For a last-minute outfit, team any of your colorful cotton sundresses with embroidered cowgirl boots and sunglasses – perfect for a day picnic or lunch. The off-shoulder look is still in, so you can choose a dress with traditional embroidery for a Bohemian yet modern look.

Or try a lovely ombre-print dress in colorful shades and you are sure to get heads turning. Ombre tones are Mexican inspired and a perfect choice for the day. 

ombre bandage dress

The possibilities are endless, all you need is a little time and creativity.

Bring On The Sexy

There are times when you want to dress to kill and slay all day, especially if it is a party with your close friends and loved ones. And what better outfit than a timeless bandage or bodycon dress to show off your toned figure? 

To make your look occasion-appropriate, choose the right accessories and colors, and you are all set to rock any party on the day.

For the ladies who love wearing clothes with a twist, this stunning red bandage jumpsuit is an excellent pick. 

red bandage jumpsuit

Its figure-hugging silhouette gives you the feminine, stylish look of a regular bandage dress, while the jumpsuit style brings in the right amount of playful, flirty vibes. It's good for attending multiple events without having to change. And it's perfect for when you want to dance your heart out and not worry about outfit malfunctions.

Be Who You Are

What do all festivities have in common? Fun and style. And how can you have fun if you are not comfortable with your outfit? That is why we suggest picking a dress that you know you will feel right in.

Remember that being well-dressed and sexy has nothing to do with overt skin exposure, so go for modest clothing if you feel like it.

Consider long-sleeved dresses if you want to keep your arms covered. Even maxi dresses are perfect; pick colors in keeping with the day’s theme and let your confidence shine through. 

These options are also great for when you need to attend family gatherings with children and relatives around.

Go All Out With Accessories

When it comes to dressing up for this occasion, go as wild and loud with your accessories as you possibly can in good taste. 

Ornate hair accessories, laces and ribbons, noticeably chunky bangles, and floral-themed items are the order of the day. Use a bloom necklace or flower garland in red or green to embellish a white top or dress.

Both Mexico and the United States share a love for handcrafted leather, so leather accessories are another great idea to wear on Cinco de Mayo.

Aim For Comfortable Footwear

Get this right – Cinco de Mayo is not complete without lots of dancing, drinking, and partying

When something involves this much movement, it makes sense to choose comfort over sexiness in footwear. 

Clogs are the preferred shoes at this event, but you can also go for lovely wedge heels, gladiator sandals, fringed shoes with a short heel, and boots featuring appealing Mexican embroidery patterns. 

A white dress will look stunning paired with red wedges and green jewelry. If you do not have theme-appropriate footwear, just dress up any of your old flats with tiny, colorful pom-poms or tassels.

Plan Your Makeup.

Since you are going to be spending time outdoors and dancing around, it is wise to keep your makeup light and waterproof (who wants sweat marks streaked across their face, right?) 

To add a pop of color without being overbearing, consider using multi-hued eyeshadow with white pencil liner as the base. However, go easy on the lipstick if you are choosing to do up your eyes.


With so many outfit ideas to choose from, you have every reason to be scintillating at all the parties you attend.  

Complete your look with a smile, and get ready for all eyes turning admiringly towards you. 

Raise your margarita glass tall in celebration of Cinco de Mayo this year. Viva Mexico!

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