5 Timeless Interior Design Trends That Never Go Away

Last updated on : November 07 2022

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An extraordinary sense of fulfilment comes with putting your mark on space and truly making it your own. Remember when you moved into your apartment for the first time and saw the empty walls and bare floors? It probably took you a second to realize what was before you - the chance to create the kind of space you like, the kind of space you'd like to come to after a long day. 

The choice of home decor is always challenging. For many people, the ideal home decor should capture their style while managing to be appealing to others. Easy peasy, right? But the reality is rarely so neat or straightforward. 

If you want interior decor that never goes out of style, you must consider classic designs seriously. It's easy to be influenced by current trends and go for fad designs that will become outdated in just a few years. On the other hand, Timeless designs have stood the test of time and retained their elegance and sophistication. They may go out of trend now and then, but you can count on them never to go out of style. 

Below, the home-buying specialists at Property Solvers find five timeless interior design trends that never go away. But before we dive into that, let's find out what the natural appeal of timeless design is. 

The Appeal Of Timeless Design Trends

Any interior design that will never go out of trend is timeless. 

A characteristic feature of timeless design is that they appear consistently and are used repeatedly throughout history. So, even if a timeless design isn't popular today, you can always count on it to make a comeback soon. 

Timeless designs contrast with fad designs that become popular for some time but quickly go out of style. After a few years, a fad design quickly becomes outdated, and people that jumped on it when it was trending soon start to look for another. 

The beautiful thing about timeless designs is that they don't pull from trends. They are as fresh and sophisticated today as they were yesterday and will remain the same way tomorrow and years after that. We created them to last, and last they will. 

Timeless designs are easily adaptable to individual preferences, and that's another huge mark in their favor. A room inspired by timeless designs oozes quiet confidence. It will never be boring or over the top. Instead, the space will be proportioned, perfectly scaled, sophisticated and timelessness personified. 

Some Examples Of Timeless Designs

Below are functional and sensible designs that are guaranteed to be timeless:

1. Plaid And Striped Fabrics

Fabric patterns are ever-changing. A popular design can quickly go out of style in the next few years. But you can always rely on the timeliness of plaid and striped fabrics, which give a somewhat traditional vibe and feel like your favorite warm sweater that goes with every outfit in your wardrobe. 

Plaid and striped patterns can instantly make any space feel cozy, and it's challenging to get them wrong when incorporating them into your interior decor. Start small if you need help integrating these patterns into your design. You could use an accent chair, rug, doormat, throw pillows, or even a blanket for experimentation. 

The color and scale are crucial to getting the best out of plaid and striped fabrics. Plaids are less about the scale and more about color. Stripes are the other way around. Neutral or subtle colors reign supreme as they can significantly impact without appearing too intense. It's also a great idea to mix and match plaids and checks, especially if they are of similar color and scale. 

2. Natural Wood

Remember that saying about wine getting better with age? The same applies to wood, as it never seems to lose its beauty. Despite several modern materials available for interior decor today, wood has a special place, thanks to its delicate and warm appearance.

There are several ways to use natural wood in your home decor, including on your walls. Wood is versatile enough to achieve anything from a sophisticated look to a subtle appearance. And you can be confident of adding a touch of class to your space with wooden walls. 

The aesthetic quality of a wood floor is in a class of its own. It's warm, charming, beautiful, and stylish. If you can use wood as wall decor, another aspect where the material shines is flooring. 

Even if you can't use wood as your flooring or wall treatment, there is yet another opportunity to incorporate the timeless material in the form of accents. Wood furniture, art, and frames can inject life into a space and give it texture. 

Those hard into modern decor can make a room feel more stylish and layered with just one wooden piece. There's always space for wood in any design. 

3. Marble


Marble will always be timeless, thanks to its luxurious look and feel. The natural stone also comes in different varieties, each with unique coloring and styling. 

Marbles with subtle colors and designs are guaranteed to bring elegance and light into any home. A way to incorporate marble into your interior decor is as a flooring and wall treatment. Marble can also easily combine with several types of furniture and decorations. 

If you feel more adventurous, you can take a bold approach to marble by combining different shapes and collections. Marble doesn't always have to be subtle. It can also be bold and made to stand out in a room. Combining different marble shapes and colors is a sophisticated and modern approach to using marble, and the resulting design is timeless. 

Marble tiles can create the impression of a charming, bright, open space. They are an excellent choice for home decor, and you should consider integrating them into your interior decor.

4. Neutral Walls

The worst-kept secret in interior design is the timelessness of neutral colors. You can depend on neutral colors to never go out of style. But not all neutrals are the same, as some are more timeless than others. 

You can consider light gray, off-white, and taupe the best of neural colors, but it's a matter of personal preference. Cream neutral, gray-green neutral, greige neutral, eggshell neutral, and several others are timeless and work well in any space. 

The most apparent benefit of neutral walls is that they go with almost any interior decor. See neutral walls as a fresh canvas waiting to combine with any design you throw at it.

Neutrals get their fair share of criticism, though. Some claim they are boring, lifeless, and are a lazy approach to home decor. But all these couldn't be farther from the truth. It's common to see top-end interior designers using neutrals for walls. Why? Because they know neutrals' soft tones and aesthetics are sophisticated and have a calming effect. 

5. Crown Molding 

You may need crown molding if you crave more flair in your home. There's something elegant about seeing layers of crown molding cascading down the top of ceilings and making their way onto walls and even beneath windows and baseboards. This timeless masterpiece commands universal interest. 

As the name suggests, crown molding is any space's 'crown jewel'. It's what a room needs to feel complete. It's the finishing touch. 

Crown molding dates back thousands of years and has evolved many times to become as we know it today. Not so long before, you only applied crown molding against a wall. Now, your creativity and desire are your limits. You can line cabinets, door frames, windows, and baseboards. You can also pair different patterns for a unique finish. 

Conclusion: The Most Timeless Design Trend

The most timeless interior decoration style is the one YOU like, the one that speaks to YOU and is uniquely YOU. It's all about you. 

Your home is more than just a place to lay your head. It's your safe space, your reprieve from the outside world, where you can relax and be 100% yourself. If you like something and want it in your home, by all means, put it in your home. It doesn't matter whether it's trendy or not. You should never feel bad for liking something many people don't like. 

If your interior design is uniquely you, then it's already timeless. The fantastic thing about the timeless designs discussed above is that you may have unconsciously incorporated some of them into your home decor already. That's how universal some of these designs are. 

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