10 Ways to Style Leggings While Lounging At Home Or Casually Meeting Friends

Last updated on : December 09 2020

Lounging at home in printed leggings

Wearing a pair of lovely leggings isn’t tricky. However, you should know what to pair with your leggings to look cute and feel comfortable whether you’re lounging at home or casually meeting friends. 

If you’re struggling with ideas, here are some fabulous ways to style leggings, including what shoes to wear and how to pick a pair of leggings that suit you and the occasion.

A. Tops To Wear With Leggings 

Try these top and legging combinations for comfort and sassy style appeal.

Oversized Sweaters and Cardigans

Pair an over-sized sweater or a longer cardigan with leggings. Wearing an over-sized sweater with leggings is an excellent way to maximize juxtaposition as it contrasts your leggings tightness with an over-sized loose-fitting sweater or cardigan.

Over-Sized Tunic Length Chambray Shirt

If you have an over-sized chambray shirt, there are different leggings like Lululemon models that you can pair with it to look gorgeous. You can also add a neutral cardigan over your leggings and shirt to make the outfit more exciting and give it more dimension. 

Adding boots to this combination works well too. 

With an Unbuttoned Plaid Shirt

Wear your unbuttoned plaid shirt with a longer tunic or white T-shirt underneath to achieve an uneven laid back appearance. For instance, you can add a sweater vest to your plaid shirt for a layered look that looks great with riding boots and casual leggings. 

With a Button Up Plaid Tunic

If your plaid shirt is long enough to cover your backside, then you can wear it with leggings. If you want a laid back look, put on your favorite sneakers to achieve a casual, lovely style. Or finish up with riding boots and a few accessories if you want a fabulous look.

With Longer Tunics and Tees

You can also wear leggings with longer tunics and tees similar to wearing them with an over-sized cardigan or sweater. This method is one of the most popular leggings outfits out there. You can also wear leggings under your dress to look cute. However, this style better suits tall women.

A Denim Jacket and Tunic Length Tee

Wear your tunic tee and a denim jacket for a casual date with friends. You can also add a blanket scarf to your denim jacket to make this casual, laid-back style look interesting. This look is ideal for colder days or when you want to feel a little fabulous.

A Puffer Vest and Cute Hoodie

This outfit is perfect when it’s chilly outside or during a rainy day. Pair your leggings with an over-sized puffer vest and cute hoodie. They make the ideal combination, especially when you don’t feel like dressing up for any occasion and want to stay at home. Put on some boots to take your look outdoors.

A Jacket and Striped Tunic Tee

Pairing your everyday jacket with a striped tunic tee and riding boots makes a stunning combination with leggings. It’s perfect if you want something comfortably familiar yet striking. Try a longer tunic tee for more juxtaposition, mainly if your everyday jacket is short.

A Striped T-Shirt and Fitted Sweatshirt

A fitted sweatshirt is another great outfit you can pair with leggings. You can also layer a striped T-Shirt under the sweatshirt to cover the leggings, provide warmth, and add some dimension to the outfit. 

With a Lovely Crop Sweater

If you like lounging at home, wear your most comfortable leggings with a cozy cropped sweater during your next meeting with family and friends. Add comfy sneakers to the outfit for a cute look. 

B. Types of Shoes to Wear With Leggings

leggings v skinny jeans

Like top and legging combinations, you should be careful with the shoes you choose to wear because not all shoe types pair well with leggings. Let’s takes a look at some of them:

Pair Leggings With Ankle Boots

Some ladies think that it’s not easy to pair leggings with ankle boots. However, pulling off this look is relatively easy. You only need to show a little bit of your ankle to get it right. 

Taller boots also look great since they draw attention to your legs and hide some of the leggings.

Wear Leggings With Sneakers

If you are lounging around, leggings and sneakers make a great combination as they help you achieve a laid-back cool look.  

This combo is also perfect for running around your home or city since leggings have compression panels that do not constrict your movement, which in turn improves your comfort and performance. 

Leggings With Flat Shoes

You can quickly wear different types of flat shoes and make them work well with leggings—for instance, celebrities like wearing leggings with stylish footwear like loafers, making them look fashionable. 

Leggings and Pumps

Wearing your leggings with pumps looks fashionable if you are putting on faux leather leggings. You can also wear tight black pants or skinny jeans instead of leggings and still make some heads turn. 

C. General Rules For Styling The Perfect Look With Leggings

Please try to follow these rules when choosing a pair of leggings to wear. 

● Add layering when putting on leggings to make it look cuter and add more dimension

● Wear an over-sized loose-fitting sweater to balance out tight leggings

● Leggings aren’t pants, so you shouldn’t wear them to substitute pants

● Ensure your leggings are designed using a thick material and are opaque

● Ensure what you wear on top is long enough or covers your backside

● Wear the right underwear; one that doesn’t show panty lines

● Avoid wearing cropped leggings, Instead, wear longer ones

● Pair your leggings outfit with accessories to make it look lovely

● Consider your body type if you like printed leggings 

● Check the style and length of the leggings

● Avoid wearing leggings that are too loose or tight 

● Avoid wearing leggings with crop tops

D. Tips for Choosing the Right Leggings

Leggings are available in different sizes and styles. However, you can only feel comfortable while wearing them if you buy the right one. 

Follow these tips to help you purchase the right ones.

Stitching and Material

Different materials are available to choose from, such as synthetic, spandex, cotton, and wool - leaving you with plenty of choices for all occasions. 

For example, if you want to use your leggings as an everyday outfit or for working out, ask the shop attendant to help you select the perfect pair for your needs.

Synthetic leggings are ideal for exercising because the material is comfortable to wear and keeps your feet dry while providing warmth to your muscles. 

You should also check the leggings stitching. If it’s bulky, it may rub and irritate your skin—instead, select leggings with a lining. 

If you intend to substitute your leggings for pants, pick opaque and designed from thick materials.


Length is the first thing you should consider when selecting your leggings. Here are some styles of leggings you will come across while looking for one:

●     Knee Length: These leggings extend below the knee and offer more coverage. They also provide more breathability compared to their long styles counterparts. 

●     Ankle Length: These leggings look good with jackets, slip dresses, capes, and even tunics. They also pair well with different types of shoes.

●     Full Length: These leggings are perfect for running in colder environments and extend below your leg.

●     3/4 Length: These outfits work well with short tops. While they are ideal for everything else, they aren’t perfect for formal set-ups.  

●     7/8 Length: Generally, these leggings extend above the ankles.

Different waist rises are also available across different lengths, including:

●     High-rise: These leggings are an excellent option for spin class activities and extend above the belly button.

●     Mid-rise: These outfits extend below the belly button.

Printed Leggings

printed leggings

These leggings are worth investing in because they look stylish with any outfit. However, try them on before buying since most printed leggings only look fashionable on the display and unattractive when worn on the body.

This unattractive look can happen due to your body type and size. So, it would be best if you considered how you look in printed leggings before buying any. 

Also, remember to wear a plain top leggings with printed leggings to avoid color and pattern clashes. 


Size is something you can’t overlook since leggings shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. While they should fit your body snugly, they shouldn’t be too loose because you can look sloppy. Although you can get away with such leggings if you wear them with long tops, the sight is unpleasant.

Understand your correct size by taking measurements or hire a professional to do it to avoid size-related issues. Knowing your actual size is crucial since different brands offer different sizes.  

Color And Texture

Apart from the usual white, brown, black, and gray-colored leggings, check whether other colors are available to suit your preference and everyday needs. 

For example, if you have prominent curves, choose black and brown leggings to provide a slimming illusion.

Nowadays, leggings come in different styles, colors, and patterns, including cropped, velvet, glossy, and more.

E. Conclusion

athletic women in galaxy leggings and trainers

Lounging at home is what you enjoy doing when you want to escape from your busy schedules and watch your favorite series to unwind. However, just because you’re chilling indoors or casually catching up with friends, you don’t have to wear something boring or uncomfortable. 

Now you know what to wear with leggings, we hope you will style some combinations yourself and pull off a great look since leggings can be the most comfortable clothes available.

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