10 Fun Family Activities For Better Health

Last updated on : October 26 2021

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10 Fun Family Activities for Better Health

Modern families differ from those even a few decades ago, with today's children surrounded by abundant information and content, making it challenging to win their attention. 

As a result, one of the biggest dilemmas for parents is finding things to do with their kids to keep them engaged and eager to participate. 

But you needn't worry because we've got you covered with these ten fun family activities for better health that children and parents will love. Try them all, and see which ones work best for your children. 

1. Head On A Hiking Expedition

According to 2016 research, a sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect the well-being of any individual, no matter their age. 

Since it's an affordable activity, hiking is often recommended as one of the best ways to squeeze in exercise and spend time outdoors. Time in nature brings physical and mental benefits, like lower stress levels, a better immune system, and improved emotional health.   

Regardless of living in a big city, there are probably several hiking trails nearby to make an excellent weekend getaway. To make it more attractive to children, focus on specific aspects of the hike, like bird watching or picnic by the lake. 

Turning your hike into a camping trip will give you more time together and an opportunity for a slew of new activities, like stargazing and mushroom hunting. 

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2. Dance With Your Kids

Dancing is one of those activities many people don't see as exercise but as entertainment — when actually, it's both. 

More importantly, children love to dance, so you won't have to persuade them for long to join you, jumping around to the beats of music. 

The best part is you can do it anywhere in the house, in the backyard, or join a dancing class together. 

Since childhood obesity is widespread, dancing can help your kids stay in shape, burn calories, and lower the risks of type 2 diabetes. 

There are many types of dance, from ballet to capoeira, but simply breaking into moves in front of the TV will improve the mood and serve as cardio. 

To make it more special, come up with some choreography and turn it into a flash mob during family gatherings. 

Dancing will put smiles on everyone's faces and encourage the entire family to join in the fun, getting exercise in the process. 

3. Toss A Frisbee

Tossing Frisbee is a fantastic game to practice hand-eye coordination and add a little cardio to the family picnic. 

This activity can include all family members and dictate a tempo that's comfortable for everyone. 

Besides being good for the musculoskeletal system, heart, and lungs, tossing Frisbee is also a way to teach your kids about teamwork.

Parents often worry that their children play well with others, so they can use this game to show them the importance of group efforts and achievements. 

Like playing with a ball, Frisbee can enhance motor skills, like letting go of an object and catching it. 

It can also teach kids to plan and execute movements, something especially beneficial for toddlers who are just learning to master their motor functions.

4. Play video games

A couple of decades ago, video games were considered inadequate for children, but now that's not the case anymore based on science. 

Video games provide challenges that players need to overcome to move forward. These challenges train the brain to notice details, analyze the situation, find solutions and create strategies to achieve the goal.

According to a 2002 study from the USA, playing video games can improve surgical skills, meaning they can improve reaction time, visualization, and eye-hand coordination. 

But instead of spending time at your couch, opt for fitness video games that will make you move. You can play them on standard gaming consoles, like PS5 and Xbox One, thanks to motion detection controllers and other add-ons.

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5. Take The Kids To Water

Swimming is one of those activities that is good for any age. Even babies love to swim. 

Swimming involves the whole body, helping the posture, muscle development, and motor skills. But swimming is not the only thing you can do in the water, there are many other fun family activities, like playing ball and surfing. 

Having a chicken fight in water is a favorite among young children, and parents get quite the exercise too by hoisting a kid on their shoulders. 

Canoeing and kayaking will have you work out your upper body muscles and get a healthy dose of cardio. Fishing and sailing may not be so physically engaging, but offer fantastic opportunities to talk to your child and focus on what's on their mind. 

6. Play Hopscotch

Going analog in playing games is also an option, especially if you want to spend more time outside with your family. 

Hopscotch is a game that doesn't need much except a small space on the concrete and chalk. Similar to jumping rope, this is a more exciting way for your kids to practice body control, but also for adults to strengthen their muscles.

All that bending and hopping is beneficial for the calf, hip, and back muscles, especially since jumping on one leg. 

And let's not forget mastering early mathematical skills, like teaching your child to count while moving across the squares.  

7. Go On A Family Cycling Trip

Cycling is excellent for strengthening leg and core muscles, joints, and bones in adults and children and coordination, balance, and posture. 

Make sure to choose kids' bikes and cycling equipment appropriate for your child's age and riding experience to fall in love with this activity and avoid injuries. 

Since you can burn as much as 700 calories per hour, cycling is also a great way to maintain a healthy weight or lose pounds. 

Start cycling with your family early to better bond with your children and help them lose that extra energy so common at a young age. 

Going on a cycling trip in nature is always a good idea since it takes you to fresh air, peaceful landscapes, and away from city noise. 

This activity creates a perfect setting to de-stress, encourage creativity, and build confidence in every family member, not just the kids.

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8. Embark On A Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is one of those fun family activities that will have everyone running around, squatting, climbing, and jumping to find the prize. 

Furthermore, it involves problem-solving, teamwork, and orientation in space, so your kids will also gain these particular skills. 

You can draw an elaborate map with checkpoints and secret spots to look for the treasure, or you can look for certain insects and flowers.

Children love to explore and investigate, so this is an opportunity to wake up their inquisitive side and satisfy their sense of adventure. 

However, adults can equally enjoy this game, especially if you let someone else make the treasure map so you can be nothing more than a participant. 

9. Find Family-Friendly Exercise

Exercise can keep the whole family occupied and physically active, especially during colder seasons. 

The key is to find the proper exercise that both you and your children can enjoy.

Try different types of exercises to see which one is right for your family so you will continue doing it. Workouts, like yoga and pilates, can help the posture, relax the muscles, and teach children to assess the situation calmly.

But you can also forget the conventional form of exercising and go for something more casual, like a game of tag. Small children will love this since they are full of energy and a desire to run around, and your body and mind will benefit as well. 

When it comes to adolescents, you can offer to be fitness buddies and be each other's support to stay physically active.  

10. Tend A Garden Together

Gardening can have a lot of physical and mental benefits, other than making your backyard pretty. 

It's a terrific activity to bond with your family members and work on your relationship while tending to plants from seeds to fruits. 

Family gardening inspires kids to eat more vegetables and fruits, teaches them responsibility, and engages all their senses while refining their motor skills.

Since ecological issues are more critical than ever, gardening allows a family to do something good for the environment together and contribute to a healthier planet. 

It gives everyone a sense of purpose and belonging to something more significant, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

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Final Thoughts

As a primary social group, a family affects a child's development and can define their personality as an adult.  

Since kids observe and learn from their parents and guardians, you can make sure they grow up confident and responsible individuals - by providing a framework for them to stay active and maintain proper lifestyles to improve physical health. 

As a result, these ten fun family activities may be just what you need to develop good communication and better health in your children.  

They can lower the risks of behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and other mental issues reduce stress, and boost self-confidence. 

They are also all learning and eye-opening experiences for children, allowing them to discover their full potential. And they are good fun for parents too.  

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